1. says

    Buck is going down anyway; the revelation of his refusal to prosecute a rape case where the perpetrator admitted he raped the girl is causing Busk problems

    His being against abortion even in cases of rape are hurting him and his poll numbers r dropping fast (flawed poll numbers anyway that do not take into account non landline residents and are factoring AA vote equivalent to past midterms when there wasn’t an AA president)

    Like 2 weeks to go and Buck is dropping fast

  2. X says

    Just because he, himself, could choose between living straight or gay doesn’t mean everyone else does! He must assume that everyone has bisexual tendencies like him. And even if people choose, that’s irrelevant — the question is if being gay/bi is fine or not, and yes, it is just fine. I hate when people like him, especially politicians, make remarks based on their own assumptions about themselves rather than to talking to other people and looking at research.

  3. David says

    I am getting really tired of straight people telling me that being gay is a choice. I’m gay, you’re straight. Guess who already has more authority on the subject?!

  4. Bart says

    My first thought was “So he’s wants to get my pants but chooses not to?”

    Being ignorant on issues is a choice. Opening your mouth when you’re ignorant on issues is a choice. Running for office is a choice. Sexuality – straight, gay, or somehwere inbetween is a biological, psychological, physiological determination of fact.

    And as far as “outside the mainstream on his views,” who gives a rat’s ass what someone’s views on this are. Facts are facts. We need to stop acting like facts are up for debate.

  5. says

    “When did you choose to be straight” you tube video

    make it viral people. The best way to deal with “its a choice” is not confrontationaly but friendly “when did u choose to be straight” it really gets people to think and come more to our side/reality

  6. Joe says

    Doing some research into this race, I discovered that while Bennett believes that being gay isn’t a choice (or that it is mainstream, which for a politicain means it is what they believe), he still doesn’t support full equality. Instead, he has publicly stated that while he supports the repeal of DOMA, he believes that marriage should be decided on a state by state basis and that he would support it if it is on the ballot in Colorado. This indicates that he does NOT think it is a federal right.

    Of course he is miles better than his opponent, but it is just another case of how screwed we are.

  7. gr8guyca says

    At first, I was appalled by this comment. But then I reconsidered a bit, if you take out the fact that alcoholism is a pejorative and considered an illness. If you think about it, alcoholism is not a choice either.

    What he is saying is that homosexuality is, in fact, genetic. And that if one is an alcoholic, one is always an alcoholic, even if one chooses not to drink. Which is like saying that a man remains gay, even if he is married to a woman.

    So, in that sense, we do have a choice. We can overcome our genetic make-up and never have sex. But that still will not make us straight.

    Yes, yes. This is still a stupid analogy. But what if he had said that homosexuality is like having red hair. One is born with that naturally and it’s not a choice. One has a choice to dye one’s hair – hide your true nature – but one still has red hair.

  8. Matt26 says

    @David well put.
    If all those candidates actually get to the Congress, what a chaos it will be!

  9. Mike in the Tundra says

    I know I had a choice. I could be a lonely, bitter, celibate man, or I could be happy. I made the right choice.

  10. toasterhedgehog says

    I have to take issue with Sen. Bennett:

    “absolutely believes (Buck) is outside the mainstream of views on this.”

    Outside the mainstream doesn’t mean Bennett thinks he’s wrong. It means that what Buck said isn’t popular. It’s the most wishy-washy weak or at the worst traitorous thing he could have said.

    Does Bennett think being gay is a choice, or was he just commenting that he’s too politically savvy to say it out loud?

    Is he hoping that all the homophobes out there won’t get mad at him if he says Buck is wrong?

  11. B says

    gr8guyca: You do know that what you stated contradicts your point? Actions are the choice, sexuality is not, given both statements of it being genetic. You wrote that a man is still gay even though he chooses to be with a woman. That would mean, his sexuality, being gay, is not a choice. Therefor, being gay, the initial question asked,is not a choice. And you both proved that point, though I don’t think either of you noticed. (well u started off saying he could be right, but you contradict his point with your explaination, then seemed to forget that he was trying to say it was a choice, but then you got lost somewhere in your explaination)

    Although he’s an idiot and should have said genetics, which many would not have thought of ailments as a comparison. But you know he was up all night for weeks working on that brilliant analogy and patted himself on the back afterwards. lol

  12. says

    Pointing out the obvious again: if a straight man thinks it’s a choice, then he has deeper issues to work out. However, I know several women who appear to be able to choose. They seem totally straight but then switch to a homosexual relationship — or vica versa. That ability itself is an inborn trait, but it does confuse the issue. The anti-gay person can point to these cases as proof that it’s just a lifestyle choice.

  13. Robert In WeHo says

    This guy can go fuck himself. Actually, given the history of homophobes like him, he probably does…

  14. says

    @Robert: it’s pretty clear that lesbians and gay men do not experience their sexualities the same way. MOST women (80%?) will answer that it’s a choice for them, while most men (90% or more) will answer that it is not.

  15. MickkW says

    Does anybody think gays will protest his next rally like they did President Obama when he was in Boston?

  16. nic says


    where do you get those figures? nothing is more off-putting than unsubstantiated claims.

  17. says

    Oh my giddy aunt. By Ken Buck’s logic, I had a choice of being either republican or intelligent and compassionate. Oh wait, it wasn’t a choice. I have something between my ears functioning at a higher capacity than “look at them titties.”

  18. TANK says

    Scum. No way around it…he’s just a bigoted puddle of slop. Useless person. can’t wait for the day when they don’t get a platform…it’s coming…they’ll be just as reviled as the triple K.

  19. brent says

    Right on Mickkw. I was three feet away from them in Boston and I was so angry I yelled “4 more years”

  20. B says

    Mick/Brent: I think ur missing the point of the protest. They did not elect Paladino, nor did he promise them anything. However, the Obama administration did. Sure, some things weren’t given a definitive due date, but that doesn’t mean voices do not need to be heard.
    Im sure if paladino was elected and he switched his stance for marriage equality, his initial base supporters would protests that he had not kept his promise.

  21. anon says

    He’s not “saying” that being gay is like alcoholism, he’s just implying it and hope like minded people appreciate his efforts.

  22. GregV says

    Of course, we all know that we choose our partners. But the way he is speaking demonstrates that he has no idea what the words “gay” and “homosexuality” and “sexual orientation” refer to when used according to their accepted definitions in the social sciences.

    The equivalent would be to say that “left handedness is a choice, and to prove it I’ll pick this book up with my left hand.” You’re still oriented toward left- or right-handedness no matter what you choose to do with your hands…

    …unless you’re ambidextrious. And that is where, I think, some of this confusion comes from. He probably finds himself sexually attracted to both men and to women and is oblivious to the fact that most people in society do NOT share the trait of bisexuality.

    To sum it up, he’s uneducated and his “opinions” reflect that fact.

  23. TANK says

    You give him too much credit when you call him or those who rely on this meme “ignorant”. It suggests that the remedy is education…when that couldn’t further from the truth. This is much more cynical than that. These people often know the difference, but reject science and rationality to score political points amongst their unwashed illiterate base.

  24. Jason says

    It always annoys me how mucked up the media allow this question to become. What do you mean by “homosexuality”? Do you mean sexual behavior or sexual attractions? Do you include the notion of romantic attractions? What do you mean by choice? What is “being gay”?

    Sexual behavior is a choice, sexual attraction clearly is not. Any interviewer that fails to make that distinction is a failure.

  25. ratbastard says

    Why this OBSESSION some allegedly str8 politicians have? Colorado has a large evangelical vote? Of all the very important subjects voters and politicians should be thinking of, where does sex and homosexuality rank? I don’t get it. Sex and sexuality really pushes humans buttons unlike almost anything else.

  26. B says

    Mic: como? I was using the example of marriage equality for paladino.???

    The Obama protestors were voicing their upset regarding the lax push on certain issues, mostly gay rights. Obama said he would be a fierce advocate for the gay community, but that hasn’t been shown, I believe, so they are making noise.

  27. Dawnell_do says

    once again I ask why are there still any gay republicans, when there party keeps calling homosexuality a choice and trying to stop marriage equality?

  28. Curt says

    If he thinks it’s truly a choice I guess that means he’s coming out as a bisexual. Apparently he just hasn’t met the right man yet.

  29. wimsy says

    Middle-aged straight politicians simply don’t know how to answer this question, so they temporize and try to have it both ways – yes, it’s a choice, but it’s influenced by birth and genetics, and blah, blah, blah. That idiot Bill Richardson answered much the same way when he ran as a Dem for president, then issued backpeddling disclaimers once his managers pointed out that only a fool would choose to be hated and ostractized. But there are fewer clueless bigots each election season, and even most Repubs are steering clear of the whole issue this year.

  30. PupDog says

    I love it when jerks like that open their mouths. They should do it more often. It only hurts them as the majority of citizens support gay marriage now. Keep it up Buck, let people really know how you feel and see if you get elected.