Rick Grimes Versus Andrew Lincoln, A Battle Between Real And Imagined Zombie-Related Ruggedness


In anticipation of AMC's new series, The Walking Dead, I spent a good chunk of my weekend reading the Robert Kirkman-written Image Comics graphic version, which follows police officer Rick Grimes' journey through a Zombie-ridden world.

As I look forward to the show, and more installments of the comic, I'm wondering if any one out there's pondering what I am: Is real life actor Andrew Lincoln as attractive as artist Tony Moore's original rendition of the fictional character? Follow-up question: Am I strange for finding an imaginary comic book character attractive?

And, finally, a recommendation: read The Walking Dead. Sure, there are some zombie cliches, but it's actually a truly compelling book. So, too, is DC's Scalped, which also deserves to be made into a series, although would need the adult-ready ratings available at HBO or Showtime.

UPDATE: I just read issue #36 of Scalped and see it's getting into gay territory. How will [censored] survive on the reservation as a gay man?


  1. Tom says

    I have thought Andrew Lincoln was hot from the first time I noticed him on the BBC series Afterlife. Give me real life any day!

  2. Antonio says

    Wow thats crazy that you posted this. I downloaded issues 1-68 last week in anticipation of this show and I have been reading them voraciously since. But to answer your query, based on trailers I don’t find him to be as attractive or to even to have the presence that Rick has in the comics. I’m worried if he’ll do the role justice but I would be more than happy to be proven wrong.

  3. JohnnyP says

    Yes, you are weird for objectifying a comic book character. But so am I. I used to drool over Jim Lee’s drawings of shirtless Gambit playing basketball. Boing.

  4. SKOC211 says

    So excited for this series. I just finished reading “World War Z” and it was absolutely spectacular. I’m so ready for the zombie apocalypse.

  5. Urmensch says

    Glad to hear I’m not the only weirdo.
    I have a thing for Sterling Archer. In real life I’d never go for a guy who wears turtlenecks.

  6. GL says

    Wow! Thanks for bringing up “Scalped”, I had never heard of it until now. As a gay Native American, its nice to know that we can at least get some recognition even if it manages to be in a comic book.

  7. Jeremy says

    I think the actor is mediocre looking at best. So no, not even close to being as attractive.

  8. Casey says

    Agreed. Comic Rick is way hotter. Same with Shane Walsh.

    Thanks for giving us gay nerds something to obsess over :)

  9. says

    If people weren’t turned on by imaginary men in comic books, I would be out of a job!

    Dale Lazarov
    writer/editor of chic hardcovers of gay erotic comics published by Bruno Gmünder Verlag

  10. ravewulf says

    “Am I strange for finding an imaginary comic book character attractive?”

    No. Infact from my observations it seems to be very common if not completely normal.

    If you have a deviantART account (or don’t mind getting one) I highly recommend looking at this image

    Otherwise you can see the image here

    Image (C) dronio @deviantART

  11. lazlo says

    Love that you posted something about comics! I think this is like the 3rd or 4th post concerning comics on towleroad(recently). YAY! I would also recommend reading Y:The Last Man and if you can find it Peter David’s run on Supergirl. Super excited for The Walking Dead series on AMC!

  12. says

    Are you weird for thinking cartoon characters are hot? No, of course not — they’re meant to be. Take a look at Gail Simone’s “Secret Six” series — some seriously toothsome male flesh there. Or go back to Barry Windsor Smith’s Conan from the early ’70s — prettiest Conan ever.

    And there are some major foxes in manga, too.

  13. says

    Hooray for gay comic nerds! I also recently read the comics, it’s super fun stuff. I’ll have to see this actor in action to decide if he’s a cutie.

  14. says

    I’ve read the first 50 issues of “Living Dead” and can’t wait for the series premiere!
    As a comic artist/writer I love reading stuff like this on Towleroad! As for my work, you can go to CampusGhostStory.com