Romney Attempts To Avoid Question About Anti-Gay Mormon Leader Packer, Raises Obvious Contradiction

Mitt_romney_for_president1-1 Republican leader and practicing Mormon Mitt Romney tried to skirt gay scandal yesterday by avoiding a question about Mormon Leader Boyd Packer's recent remarks that gays choose to be "immoral." According to Romney, he can't get involved because his public and pious identities remain distinct and separate.

"I still consider myself in the public arena, and as such I just don’t delve into matters of faith and my religion and doctrines of my church, whether it’s to try to explain it to other people or ascribe my own personal beliefs," said Romney after being asked to respond to Boyd's comment.

It's strange that Romney would say such a thing, because during his 2008 Presidential campaign, the former Massachusetts Governor bent over backward trying to convince conservative religious voters he was on their side. Now Romney, who many suspect will try for the White House again in 2012, wants to play coy about where his personal politics fit in relation to his fellow right-wing Mormons?

One thing Romney did make clear, however: he's still against marriage equality. “I fully support the rights of gay individuals to choose their course in life, their careers in life, to have civil rights that are consistent with other citizens of the nation,” said the politico. “[But] as you know, I support traditional marriage. I believe that it is in the best interest of society, and at the same time I fully support the rights of gay individuals and homosexuals.”

Hmmm, for someone who doesn't want to discuss his religion, he sounds a lot like Packer…


  1. David in Houston says

    I’d love for him to explain why it’s “better for society” to allow Rush Limbaugh to get married 4 times (spitting on the sanctity of marriage), but not allow a gay couple that have been together for decades the same privilege.

  2. Bart says

    Got a huge laugh out of the photo with Mitt putting on well, a latex Mitt and the word Fudge associated with Packer in the article. Nicely played.

  3. Disgusted American says

    Hey Romney GO FUCK Yourself in your magic underpants…stick your mormon religious crap where the sun dont shine.

  4. Name: says

    Doesn’t Harry Reid along with 15 other members of the U.S. Congress belong to the same Mormon Church as Romney?

  5. johnny says

    I truly hope he DOES run for POTUS. It will be a fantastic way to expose the idiocy of the Mormon church and their silly belief system.

    He can’t skirt his own church’s religion once he’s on the national stage of a presidential campaign.

    Not many people really know what the Mormons believe to any extent, but it will all come out and then the unexposed will see what his freaky church is all about. His campaign will be an epic fail.

  6. Rad says

    Yet more circus from an irrelevant figurehead.

    The sad part is; compared to the absolute freakshow that is the GOP, he’s actually looking pretty moderate…

  7. TampaZeke says

    So, let me get this straight, gay people should receive ALL the civil rights that their fellow citizens receive EXCEPT FOR the rights that Romney believes should not be given to them?

    It’s really hard to contradict oneself in the span of two sentences but Romney seems to be a master at it.

    A walking oxymoron. Mostly moron.

  8. Patric says

    I read within the past year about how the Flip-Flopper in Chief and his strategists have determined to approach his 2012 run in a different manner than his ill-fated 2008 run. Heading into 2008, he saw his biggest vulnerability in the Republican primaries as being the lack of enthusiasm for him among cultural conservatives (figuring that the Wall Street wing of the party would be more than comfortable with him). As such, his efforts focused predominantly on wooing social conservatives in South Carolina, an early voting state, and elsewhere, principally by emphasizing his opposition to marriage equality and even civil unions even more than his rivals were. Well, the strategy failed. In what can only be described as delicious irony, he learned that sometimes when you lie down with dogs, you get bit or, in this case, sometimes when you pander to bigots, they end up turning their bigotry against you (in this case because he is Mormon and the evangelicals don’t like that). As such, now he is prepared to run in 2012 as the guy who supposedly can fix the economy and keep the country safe, with a decidedly lesser emphasis on social issues (hoping that the social conservatives will split their votes between Palin and Huckabee). As always, it’s all about strategy and poll-testing with Romney. There is absolutely nothing sincere about the guy who in 1994 ridiculously claimed that he would do more for gay rights than the great Senator Kennedy had ever done. Anyway, this new strategy sheds some additional light on his lack of enthusiasm for answering the question he was asked. I suspect that, had this been 2007 and he thought that it would have served him politically, he would have jumped right in and enthusiastically endorsed his church elder’s statements.

  9. DN says

    “gay individuals and homosexuals…”

    I wonder if that was a verbal statement and he was just using an unfortunate choice of words. If it was a written statement, it’s time to fire someone in the communications department.

  10. rascal says

    The messaging around marriage equality really must start to address the presumption that being FOR marriage equality is somehow the same as being AGAINST traditional marriage. When I hear someone like Romney say, “I am for traditional marriage,” I think to myself, “well, so am I.” I am all for “traditional” marriage AND I am all for “gay” marriage. They are not opposing ideas.

  11. esther blodgett says

    I have always thought Mitt Romney was running for President because he needed a job–you know, something to do. He didn’t run for a second term as Mass Governor because he probably would have lost.

    He is the quintessential political empty suit.

  12. JTlvr says

    Mitt Romney should take heat for his church leader’s views just as Obama did for being a member of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church. Put Mormonism under a microscope! It’s time the nation got a good look at what they believe, and where their goes.

  13. justiceontherocks says

    The temple garments have patches over the nipples because that is where sin enters the body.

  14. ravewulf says

    By not supporting equal marriage, Mr Romney, you are not “fully support[ing] the rights of gay individuals and homosexuals.” Equal marriage is a part of equal rights.

  15. JOE 2 says

    Dear Mitt,

    When you say “traditional marriage,” do you mean the traditional kind from the Bible (polygamy)? Or do you mean the centuries-old traditions of some indigenous societies, where marriage is permitted only between members of the same sex? Or do you mean the traditional kind here in the U.S., where wives were the property of their husbands? Or the more recent traditional kind, where partners of different races were not allowed to marry? Thanks in advance for your clarification, and Happy Fudge-Packing.

  16. BobN says

    “It’s really hard to contradict oneself in the span of two sentences but Romney seems to be a master at it.”

    We need a new term to describe the simultaneous pronouncement of contradictory positions. Fliopping? Floipping? Or maybe, taking a cue from Savage, this brazen lying should just be reffed to as romneying.

  17. jaragon says

    The photo makes him looks like he is about to take part in some fisting video…he is one creepy Mormon

  18. mad1026 says

    Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney, an alcoholic drug addict and a failed politician, follow the cult of mormon. mormonism can’t be a religion because a religion loses its tax exempt status if it is involved with political causes, right? Packer demanded mormons all over the country pledge 10% of their income to defeat gay marriage in California. Romney is a chickenshit who refuses to say what he believes in order to get votes.