Rutgers President Defends School’s Handling Of Clementi Case

6a00d8341c730253ef0133f4e8cffa970b-800wi-1 Rutgers University President Richard McCormick last night spoke out for the first time about Tyler Clementi's suicide.

McCormick maintained that he has looked into what happened and that officials did everything they could to help the freshman. "I have studied the record carefully and I can’t say very much about it," he said. "But I believe Rutgers responded appropriately to the information that we had."

He repeated, "Based on everything I know, I believe that we did all we could and we did the right thing."

Despite his assurances McCormick says the school will not release records of Clementic complaints against roommate Dharun Ravi and peer Molly Wei, who are accused of streaming his sexual encounter on the internet. Soon after, Clementi jumped from the George Washington Bridge.

Lawyers for both students proclaimed their innocence this week.


  1. rjp3 says

    Innocence from what ?

    We have to start judging online behavior the same we judge behavior in a town square.

    If this punks have videotaped and then played the footage of this person having sex on a big screen HDTV in a town common…. they certainly would be going to jail for some time.

    Illegal Surveillance
    Ect Ect Ect …..

    Try this to Donald Trump or Michelle Obama and see how quick you end up in JAIL for a long time.

  2. Bart says

    “I’ve studied the record and can’t say very much about it…” Of course you can’t. Your lawyers are preparing for multiple lawsuits that will befall your University because of this. They want all complaints sealed, all conversation about this young man’s death stopped. That’s what lawyers do, and that’s what presidents’ of universities do when faced with what could be a multi-million dollar payout.

    And as far as the two vile douches who just pleaded not guilty to invasion of privacy… Really? Uhm, I know what your lawyer is telling you but do you really have to be even more disgusting by trying to defend what you did? You did it. Pay the consequences for your cheap and repulsive behavior.

  3. Ted says

    As a Rutgers alum, I would be very interested in starting a letter or petition demanding the students be expelled. Anyone have a clue as to how to get that started?

  4. walter says

    if the university did everything prove it release the information. can’t hurt tyler anymore. what will it prove those 2 aren’t the sweet loveable innocent children their lawyers and family say they are? too bad show them for what they really are two hateful shits

  5. Chris Dean says

    The douche male roommate used iChat to perpetrate this despicable act, and I was wondering – isn’t that a violation of the terms of service for Apple? I’m not sure how satisfied decent folk would be with any product of the “justice system” on this case, now, but how about a lifelong ban on “” accounts and services for both these lovely young’uns? No apps or support for any iPhone or iPad for you, ever ever ever. That would hit ’em where it hurts.

  6. Dagoril says

    McCormick should step down or be forced to resign. Anyone who will defend the sequence of events that led to the death of a student, while their own school paper keeps blasting out the homophobia, doesn’t deserve a job there. Or membership in the human race for that matter.

  7. Anti-Tank Rocket says

    @Bart. You should have stopped at paragraph one which was accurate and insightful. Accused suspects are entitled to counsel in this country at least since the SCOTUS spoke on that subject in the 1970’s. Have a problem with the Bill of Rights? Innocent until proven guilty? Right to trial by jury? Thank heaven, and the founding fathers that we all benefit from access to counsel and due process. It’s also trite (and oh so predictable) for some of you to smear the legal profession.

  8. David Jarrett says

    I am appalled that Rutgers and Rutgers’ president McCormick refuse to release the records of Clementi’s multiple complaints to the university. ……..Typical bureaucratic cover-up for incompetance!!!!!!! McCormick should be fired. Hopefully, Rutgers’ failure to act — after repeated complaints — will come out in a lawsuit.

  9. ThomT says

    Now certainly no one really expected him to accept any responsibility or blame did they? The university lawyers would have all had heart attacks and the McCormick would have been removed from his position before such an acknowledgement hit the media.

  10. Ryan says

    @anti-tank rocket: don’t get why you thought Bart made any attack on lawyers (predictable or otherwise). I don’t know a single lawyer who would have advised these two to plead anything but not guilty this early on. You absolutely can’t win a case if you admit guilt – it is up to the prosecution to prove their case (and guilt). While a plea bargain might be forthcoming it is virtually unheard of for an attorney to advise a client to plead guilty before all the fact have been gathered.

    However, I personally think they are responsible and it would be great to see them “man up” but I’m neither judge or jury nor do I have all the facts.

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