School Thwarts Westboro Protest With Early Dismissal


Students from Pennsylvania's Trinity High School School are probably pretty thankful for the Westboro Baptist Church right about now, because school officials approved an early dismissal ahead of the fundamentalist church's planned protest today.

Superintendent Paul Kasunich wasn't quite sure why the Topeka-based church would come after their school, other than the fact that it could be perceived as Catholic, when in fact it's quite nondenominational.

The WBC's website doesn't offer very many clues, other than their belief that, "The parents and teachers across this doomed nation raise their children…for the devil himself. The so-called adults teach the students to be vain, selfish, sinful, violent, lusty, God-hating, brats who turn the grace of our God into lasciviousness."

Officials closed the school to "keep students safe," WPXI reports. Westboro, meanwhile, however, has five other protests in four different states planned for today. And they're appearing at the Supreme Court. That congregation sure gets around…

Now, the question: should students be given a shortened day because of these protesters, thus robbing Westboro's actions of an audience and impact, or should pupils be encouraged to evaluate the church's tactics and messages on their own?


  1. Joey Y says

    2 things:

    1. The image of that smiling child holding that sign is just sickening, and should be used as a symbol against all anti-LGBT people.

    2. I wonder if, by doing this, the WBC is now opened up to lawsuits by the parents of these children, whose education is being affected by their actions? Perhaps a savvy parent can sue them for interfering with their child’s right to go to school by creating a safety hazard?

  2. androjai says

    I am a Trinty High graduate. I have no idea why these hatemongering bigots would protest our school! They need to take their caravan of hatred and go back to effing Kansas where they belong. Seriously, Western PA has very little tolerance for this crap, at least the southwestern part…

  3. Paul R says

    WTF is up with the God Hates Signs sign? I always knew these people were nuts, but really.

    As for the early dismissal, good on them. Kids today know enough about this kind of crap. Why expose them to more hate? Do we want more suicides?

  4. says

    Images like this of WBBC always make me want to laugh at the chutzpah of the guy with God Hates Signs and then shake my head at the sadness of this so called church. They are a sickening bunch of people.

  5. patrick nyc says

    The ‘GOD HATES SIGNS’ was brilliant, and is clearly mocking the Westboro bigots. I’m just glad they are not targeting the parents of the kids who committed suicide last week, it’s not beneath them.

  6. jerry says

    Paul R, the “God Hates Signs” sign is a parody of the other signs, the individual holding that sign is showing how absurd the Westboro people are.

  7. Matt26 says

    So the church is worried about education and yet parents going that church bring their children to the protests. Then they give their kids signs about issues they don’t understand (the child in that pic is way too young to understand sexuality, identity and really should be some place else).
    Shouldn’t the issue be other way around? The society should be worried about those kids living in the families of the WBC goers.

  8. says

    I remember my fundamentalist church specifically preaching how the Bible says a woman shouldn’t wear that which “pertainth to a man.” Why is the Roper woman in pants? She is an abomination to God. I bet she eats shrimp.

  9. Joe says

    The fact that people are bringing young children to these events is horrifying. These are the children that grow up to gay bash and go to the gay areas of cities and start shooting wildly.

    There has to be some legal way we can get those children out of those homes. Certainly those kids aren’t attending school when they go these protest. Or, if they’re home schooled they likely aren’t meeting the very minimal standards required. Possible child endangerment as the WBC group has been sprayed down with mace before? Something has to be done, because ti hurts too much for me to see kids holding those signs when they don’t have a clue what they’re doing.

  10. Hawthorne says

    If the membership of WBC is small, and mostly members of the same family, if there are 5 protests going on in one day one could infer, then, that the kids in the protests are not receiving a proper education, even if they are home schooled. Does anyone know if the Phelps kids are home schooled? If WBC’s hate-speech can’t be squelched because of First Amendment rights, can the Phelps family be brought up on charges of preventing their kids from getting an education?? Does anyone know this angle of the law?? Also, do they risk losing WBC’s tax exempt status with all these political protests? Can someone comment on that? Thanks.

  11. kansastock says

    Out in ‘effing Kansas’ the high school kids up the street from me turned this into a civics lesson. They left school early and counter-picked this bunch for four hours. WBC was there for about 15 minutes.

  12. Charlie says

    When you said that they were at the Supreme Court today, I thought you meant protesting. They are supposed to be protesting a multiple occasions around DC tomorrow and at the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

    They typically protest at more than one location each day. Today it mentions them being in Silver Spring, MD and at Arlington National Cemetery. Tomorrow they will be at several spots around DC and back at the cemetery. Wednesday they will be at the Supreme Court and also at the cemetery.

    Every time WBC holds a protest and bring out hundreds of people in a counter protest they strengthen our side. They were at the college I attended last year and brought out 500 counter protesters. That is 500 people who have taken a positive action to support LGBT rights. That is kind of extraordinary for southwest Virginia.

    They should should have a children’s choir sing “Jesus hates you this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” THAT would get a rise out of people.

  13. Wren says

    I agree w/ Charlie that this wackadoodles actually help our cause. They are so wacked out that I suspect that they garner the attention of fence-sitters who then sympathize with us. And unlike school bullying, the fact that nowadays the counter protesters outnumber the protesters, I don’t see how this particular band of loons harms gay kids or their self esteem. Of course, the emotional pain they inflict on the families of dead servicemen and women is beyond the pale.

  14. mad1026 says

    The little boy in the photo can’t help the fact that his parents are brother and sister; how else to explain everyone at wbc (they don’t deserve caps) looking alike? 5 suicides of gay teens and 5 protests? Do they have a point? And tell me again, why are churches that preach hatred allowed tax exemptions by my government – Mormon, Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal?

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