LGBT Group Want Valerie Jarrett To Meet With DADT Vets

White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett will make an appearance at a party put together by the Human Rights Campaign tonight and this has sparked Servicemembers United to issue a terse statement asking her to meet with LGBT war vets beforehand.

Vj From the statement:

“We certainly do not feel like the White House is a ‘strong supporter’ of gay and lesbian troops and veterans right now,” said Alexander Nicholson, Executive Director of Servicemembers United and a former U.S. Army human intelligence collector who was also discharged under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” “Before she appears at a black-tie fundraiser to tout the administration’s ‘strong support,’ Jarrett should meet and talk with those who have actually been impacted by this discriminatory law and who continue to fight this uphill battle for the lives and livelihoods of gay and lesbian troops. To ignore the reality of the administration’s choices, a reality manifested in our daily lives, while appearing at a party hosted by an organization that has given cover to this administration would be incredibly insulting.”

Nicholson expands on his call in a blog item in today's Huffington Post: "As for Valerie Jarrett, the audience she owes a real speech to is not the one she will stand in front of tonight. It is those who sweat and toil around the clock to make sure that she continues to enjoy the freedom to snub them with another hollow appeasement attempt, as well as the committed veterans who are actually working and sacrificing day in and day out to ensure that the interests of their active duty brethren are looked out for. That audience, it is certain, will not be in attendance tonight."

Kevin Naff of the Washington Blade reacts: "Don’t hold your breath, Alex. The Democrats are big on words, not so much on action. And why not? They know the gays will line up to support them no matter what they do, so inaction makes perfect sense."


  1. Michael @ says

    Are they going to ask to sit on her lap and tell her what they want for Xmas, too? Begging Jarrett to meet with SU is SO LAST YEAR given there isn’t any sense under the sun in imagining that she would respond any differently than she did to Dan Choi’s personal entreaty or at Netroots Nation a year ago [see link below]….OR ANY DIFFERENTLY THAN WHATEVER WHITE HOUSE SHILL SU MET WITH IN MAY when Alex was kowtowing to HRC’s insistence that no one call out the President’s betrayal….that the hundreds of gay vets brought to DC not go near the White House except to kiss ass….going into smile fucking Obama Mafia talking points auto pilot.

    They MEAN well, but is THIS the best SU has to offer? Instead of issuing yet another impotent press release they COULD have organized a protest of her appearance at the Hilary Rosen Champagne fund dinner.

  2. FunMe says

    Shame. on HRC. On the Democrats. On the homophobic Obama.

    And truly pathetic, too!

    In years to come when we achieve true GLBT equality, which I believe will happen in our life time, we will know those who BETRAYED us like the Democrats, Jarett, Obama, were part of the reason there was a delay.

    Trust me, they’ll get their KARMA for their blah, blah, blah inaction.

  3. Evan says

    @ FUNME you’re so right they’ll get their KARMA we all know that the majority of our community did not want Obama anyway. So he knows as well we all do that the gays are going in droves in 2012 and vote against him even if he does pass LAWS THAT TOOK 16 YEARS TO BE ENACTED you know your beloved Bill and the bastard George W.

    We gays are mad because you didn’t go in with a shot gun and threatened those white congressman to do what’s right in your 20 months as President WOW A REAL MAGIC NEGRO they were really expecting!

    Ok so Karma will be that he will lose in 2012………BONK…WRONG. He wins either way you vote him out he and his family can move one do lectures, appearances world wide, etc and make $$$$$$$ and not give a FUCK what is being said by the bitter ones. While us gays will have a white guy as President more likely a Tea Bagging Republican with a Congress that will make life just GODLY AWFUL for us!!!

    WOW..That will be some fierce KARMA and if your ass think Obama is Homophobic watch your own kind show you really what it’s like!!!

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