Report: Gay Emory Student Dragged from Frat Party by Neck

Other reports vary, but not greatly:

College junior Sabrina Bernstein, who attended the party with the student, echoed the student's account of the altercation and of the approving reaction of those who realized what was going on. 

“[Someone] said something along the lines of ‘Good, now we got that taken care of,’” Bernstein said.

The Sigma-Nu chapter president told the paper that they are taking the incident seriously:

“We’d like the Emory community to know that we are taking this allegation very seriously. We have reviewed the limited information made available to us in an effort to learn as much as we can.”

The statement refers to the alleged victim as “an uninvited Emory student [who] was not known by anyone who lived in the residence.” The statement continues on to say that Smith was asked to leave as a direct result of the altercation.

“At this point,” the statement concludes, “we believe this to be an issue of personal, not fraternity, conduct.”

A commenter claiming to be Adam Smith, the alum responsible for the ejection, left a comment defending his actions on the Emory Wheel site:

"Further there was not any 'approving reaction' from the crowd at the party for me putting this kid in a headlock and throwing him out, nor was I walking around bragging to other people that I just kicked 'this faggot kid' out of the party, high five bro…Really?? This whole dumb event occurred because I was drunk and thought it would be funny to throw someone out to the wrath of the huge security guard at the door, and the most ridiculous person that naturally stood out to me was this Wizard dressed kid. I purposely egged him on a little bit, he snapped back at me, and I threw him out. 
So chalk this up as me being a drunk asshole, a frat guy with too much testosterone, or whatever you want to call me I really don't care. I just want everyone to know that that's literally all it was, that's the honest truth. I'm not some ignorant bigot looking to bash homosexuals, so please don't think that."

Correction: A photo published here earlier was of the wrong Adam Smith. We apologize for the mistake, and want to note that the Adam Smith depicted in the earlier photo contacted us, and says he supports gay rights.


  1. Ricco says

    We are told hate and recrimination is not the answer, but we are being humiliated, bashed, and worst of all tortured and murdered.

    At some point we have got to start fighting back and putting a few gay bashing a**holes down.

    I don”t like being filled with hate, and violent feelings, but how long are we supposed to allow people in our community to be bullied and murdered?

  2. rovex says

    So being a drunk asshole is ok, but being a bigot isnt? Wow way to justify it dickhead.

    He could have seriously injured the guy. What this demonstrates really is he is a complete jerk and was looking for any reason to behave like that. Someone was going to get it that night whatever happened, he just happened to pick on the ‘faggot’. I guess all is forgiven then!

  3. pete says

    I’ll bet this guy actually believes that he didn’t single out this guy b/c he’s gay, but subconsciously, he chose this guy b/c he perceived him to be weaker and an easy target… that’s often what gay people represent to straight-toughs at large- the same reason that male on female violence occurs; a perceived weakness. Ultimately, the absence of repercussions becomes an endorsement/reinforcement of the negative actions.

    His personal dismissal reeks of that ‘boys will be boys’ baloney- Are we to be fully be a nation of apes???

  4. Name2 says

    You know that guy who continues to go to frat parties after he’s graduated, can’t hold his liquor, and puts faggots in headlocks?

    Yyyyeah. Don’t be that guy.

  5. Joe says

    So even though he doesn’t think he’s a bigot (which he is) he thinks it is fine to be a drunk asshole. Way to not only fulfill, but embrace the stereotype there.

    Color me surprised that this happened at a private school in Georgia. Not.

  6. Gregoire says

    “So chalk this up as me being a drunk asshole, a frat guy with too much testosterone, or whatever you want to call me I really don’t care.”

    Ha ha, that’s a quote I’d want floating around following me forever. He sounds like a perfectly charming douchebag. At very, very least, he should be ridiculed mercilessly to the point of physical and mental breakdown.

  7. Jon B says

    As an alumni of Emory, this is really upsetting. When I was there, 4 years ago, Emory was a very accepting place. I actually couldn’t really see this happening. I was friends with several Sig Nu’s, in fact, one of the more popular kids in Sig Nu is gay. I’m going to be calling the administration, and asking my friends to call as well, to ask that the fraternity be made an example of.

  8. says

    What a pathetic excuse…deflect, avoid and blame something else for your own complete absence of socially accepted behavior.

    Oh “don’t blame me…I’m just and alcoholic moron…a dude with too much testosterone,” duh??

    Mr Smith you drank that alcohol, you know this is what happens when you consume alcohol like a sponge sucks h2o…so why would you expect a different outcome?

    Pathetic young man, thoroughly pathetic…

    New rule: “Before opening mouth to enunciate (that is if you can in your drunken stupor)make sure that brain and tongue are connected…otherwise, there will be consequences!”

  9. Bart says

    Mr. Smith, I’d like the chalk you up as a douchebag with an assault arrest and criminal record. You don’t have too much testosterone, you’re too big of a pussy for that.

    Time to pull the charter for this frat house.

  10. Troy says

    I’m always curious about what “fighting back” would look like for the gay kid in this situation. He was attacked by a drunk bigot and surrounded by a crowd of presumably other drunk bigots. There are smarter ways to fight back in a case like this, less obvious ways and perhaps more painful ways than a quick bash. I’m not suggesting anything illegal, but I mean, the attacker’s name is well known. We’re a smart bunch. How hard would it be, I wonder, to make it so that this Smith guy feels the need to watch over his shoulder?

  11. ratbastard says

    No surprise here. And why do human beings torture themselves by wanting to go to places,parties ,clubs, whatever, where they aren’t wanted or appreciated? If you know you’re going to be mocked and ridiculed at that frat party, or if you know you aren’t going to get into that club, why the fuck do you allow yourself to be humiliated and feel bad? I know there are places, events, whatever, where I’m not wanted, and I have no problem not going. I can usually think of a million better things to do anyway.

  12. Wayne says

    So the kid was uninvited and in a costume. Gay or not, he was asking for trouble. I don’t agree with what happend to him at all, it’s tragic and shameful, but seriously, why would you attend a frat party (that you weren’t invited to) dressed as a gay wizard? You might as well attend an NAACP meeting wearing a KKK costume.

    I’m all for anti-discrimination but we can’t continue to blame everyone else for our mistakes. How many of you would have attended a party that you weren’t invited to and dressed as this person was?

    Go ahead, tell me how wrong and stupid I am, but personally, I take responsibility for my own actions and would never place myself (knowingly) in a situation where trouble was already brewing. Shame on them both.

  13. crispy says

    This douche is from Virginia, not Georgia, just to be clear. He probably has rich parents who could afford to send him to Emory. And maybe saddest of all, he’s not even an undergrad… he appears to have graduated this year with a law degree from Emory School of Law.

    I’m sure a hate crime allegation will look fabulous on his resume when he’s applying at law firms.

  14. says

    In my experience as an undergraduate, there was more anal penetration at the Sigma Nu house than in a proctology clinic. Glass houses, bitches. Glass houses.

  15. arch says

    Every time an american friend attempts to explain your fraternity house system I become as confussed as when i try to understand the rules of American football.

    There always seems to be a strong undertone of exclusion about these “frat houses”, even the films about them seem to be more about exclusion and suffering than about support and friendship.

    Perhaps your universities should reform the fraternity house system which seems to underpin so much prejudice and snobbery – not to say latent homophobia – or am I just missing the point of all this sigma pui alpha stuff ?

  16. crispy says

    “I know there are places, events, whatever, where I’m not wanted, and I have no problem not going.”

    And yet you continue coming back to Towleroad. Strange.

  17. Troy says

    Ummm, Wayne, do you really think everyone at a frat party is invited?

    It was a freakin’ wizard hat. When did THAT become a gay symbol? But I don’t care if the kid was in full on Liza Minelli drag, it was a costume party. And he may have been under the mistaken impression that students at a high profile and well-respected private educational institution would be above the need to make someone at a party “less than” everyone else by throwing them out. So much for Southern hospitality. Not sure how Smith wasn’t blackballed during rush years ago. It’s always the ones who should have been who are the hangers on after they graduate.

  18. Joel says

    So this guy has a law degree? I wonder what a conviction for drunk and disorderly will do for his career.

    Let’s find out.

  19. ratbastard says

    You want me to stop posting on Towleroad,Crispy? Better still, you want me to stop reading Towleroad also?

    If you can get a crew together and make a petition or something, I will.

  20. rjp3 says

    everything about Atlanta seems disgusting

    1) It is in Georgia

    2) It is in the deep South

    3) If you hold an Olympics there a Christianist Terrorist will blow people up

    4)It is surrounded by cheap ugly suburban sprawl hyper built in the last decade that will turn ghettos of white and black low end scum.

    Good luck to anyone living there.

  21. bob says

    Get your facts straight: this Adam Smith graduated with a business degree in 2010. Don’t saddle the law grad Adam Smith with a bad reputation just because he has the misfortune of sharing this guy’s name.

  22. Dave says

    Agree with The Milkman. The greek system in general is overflowing with latent homoeroticism. Sigma Nu was, back in the day, the gayest house on my university’s campus. Covertly, of course. It’s amazing, looking back, at all of my frat brothers and neighboring Sigma Nus who turned out to be raging queens (like me!). Some, of course, you knew about, even though it was never discussed. Others — no clue.

    Maybe we should cut this guy some slack — perhaps he, like many anti-gay bullies, is struggling with his own latent urges. (I say that in half-seriousness.)

  23. MajorTom says

    The guy should be arrested for assault. He admits putting the student in a chokehold and physically throwing him out the door. He even admits provoking the altercation. The chapter should be put on suspension for a few years as well — “not becauses Emory doesn’t tolerate a little fratboy violence against homos, dude, they’re just drunk and being uber-cautious assholes trying to limit their liability. Surely you’re cool with that, right?”

  24. TomJ says

    “I’m not some ignorant bigot looking to bash homosexuals, so please don’t think that.”

    Really? Then why do you talk and act like one? Are we supposed to think you’re really not a hateful homophobic bully because you say you have “too much testosterone?”

    Are you “stoopid?”

  25. ratbastard says

    You fratboys, str8 or gay, all suck [figuratively] and you know it. And no, assholes, I’m not jealous. But it’s a free country, so whatever.

  26. Tony says

    Hey, the picture you have up is of the wrong Adam Smith. The picture you have up is of an Emory Grad student and alumni who went to Richmond for undergrad and is not Sig Nu; he is not the undergrad Alumni who is referenced in the Wheel article. Get this guy’s photo off of here and do your homework next time before you throw photos online. You might want to apologize to this Adam as well, seeing as you’ve already obviously checked his facebook (seeing as this is his profile picture) and know how to reach him.

  27. Rowan says


    As someone on the centre left who seeks progression, liberal ideas and support in society, I am the absolute opposite to Rat but that is just bullying. Which isn’t right.

  28. TANK says

    The greek system…bwahaha…fratboys are pretty much the same. And yes, when are gays going to bash back? I don’t get it…if anyone “laid hands on me” as described, they’d be toe tagged and bagged.

  29. Rovex says

    Basically the guy wanted the ‘faggot’ out before he got really drunk and let him blow him. We all that type.

  30. Mr. West says

    Hey Adam- Everyone knows many drunk guys who are closeted first react to their overwhelmingly strong desires for man on man contact through rough housing. I give you less than 5 years to answer your first men seeking men ad on Craigslist (if you haven’t already!)But remember- assault is assault- so you may have your first encounter in the klink by Bubba. Bubba doesn’t use lube either.

  31. Daniel says

    Whatever the reasons were– as an openly gay Sigma Nu, I’d like to say that not all Sigma Nu brothers and not all chapters are like this one, and such behavior isn’t in line with our core values.

  32. Vance West says

    As an Emory Alum, I am appalled and saddened by the caliber of response by the so called “responsible” person involved. Emory better be on this like crazy.

  33. Dan E says

    @JC: No, that’s not his profile. Wrong Adam Smith. You may note: it’s a common name. The right Adam Smith was an undergrad student, not a law student.

  34. Contrarian says

    Mr. Towle, or whomever is the sit-in blogmaster this week had better take down that photo or link unless you are absolutely sure you have the right Adam Smith. Emory tends to attract an affluent mover and shaker crowd who’d love to sue you for libel if you got it wrong.

    Now kids, prepare to get your knickers in a twist. “Wayne” and others on here who question the advisability of gay college students going uninvited to a sea of horny drunk testosterone fueled str8s and their libidinous tarts has it right. Who goes to a Teabagger or KKK rally (is there a substantive difference?)wearing an I support Obama and the healthcare law? Do black brothers go to David Duke lectures (well maybe Clarence Thomas)? Of course assault and battery is a crime which must and should be prosecuted, and if hate was involved a higher degree of criminal culpability attaches. But bigots have existed in one form or another (ask the Jews) for centuries. Would you walk into a Syrian or Iraqi village unarmed wearing a star of David or even a crucifix?

    It has long been obvious that a certain form of activist orthodoxy exists on this blog comparable to the old Red Guard waving their little red Maoist books. Dare to suggest that either flaunting or just disclosing your sexuality in unfriendly venues may be unwise and you are labeled a self-hating ‘Mo. No, it’s just common sense.

  35. Chance says

    I’m gay and just recently, I went to a concealed carry class and now I have a pistol in my truck.

    I’ll be damned if I let some homophobic bigot beat up on me. Not going to happen.

    And I’m definitely not going to let those same assholes get me to the point that I’m going to end my life. I have too many goals to accomplish still.

    I just wish more kids would feel the same way.

  36. Don says

    Sorry but this story has a number of inaccuracies

    First this did not occur at a fraternity party, it happened at an off campus private residence. Adding a picture of a Sigma Nu fraternity house is sensationalism.

    Second adding a picture and a link to the facebook account of “an” Adam Smith is reckless journalism. This is clearly not the same person and Towleroad owes this Adam Smith an apology.

    This is not to condone the actions of the A-Hole Adam Smith who clearly is a complete and utter buffoon. I just believe that several corrections should be made to this story.

  37. R U 1 2 ? says

    Everyone seems to be overlooking the key element in the story: “I said that I like the hat, just as you like your pink shirt. He then asked me if I was gay,…”

    So the wizard guy was calling out the frat guy for his pink shirt. Having been outed the frat guy then went for some rough foreplay. In effect: “I’ll show you and everyone else how not gay I am, bitch!” (and put my hands all over you while I’m at it).

    The frat guy sounds apologetic enough to offer the wizard a bj, but not in a gay way. The wizard sounds like he would settle for a personal hands on apology.

    Sigh, drunken frat boys! Look how may comments!

  38. You're all dumb says

    hey just wanted to let you guys know that I know the Adam Smith in that picture in real life, and he is not the same Adam Smith as posted in the article…

    10L is not the same as 10C; he’s actually pretty frustrated right now getting tons of hate mail from idiots who can’t understand the difference.

    I’ve been laughing at the mix up all day but it’s time to set things straight (no pun intended).

  39. emory student says

    That is the WRONG Adam Smith! The picture you have is a current Emory graduate student and Richmond alumnus, and he is NOT affiliated with SigNu NOR this incident. He is NOT the Emory undergraduate alumnus that is referenced in the Emory Wheel article! Take that photo down IMMEDIATELY

  40. kimmer says

    If Mr. Smith really is a recent grad of Emory’s law school, I would presume he recently took the bar exam and may have even received a passing score. If so, he sounds like a prime candidate for the Georgia State Bar’s Alcohol Abuse Program. Yes, it exists.

  41. darkmoonman says

    There’s a reason that students attending Emory have been called “emorrhoids” for the past 30+ years.

  42. Gabriel says

    I am a gay activist and really good friend with the wrong Adam Smith. Due to the negligence of this blog, he is the recipient of hate mail and harrassment. Given that the (wrong) Adam Smith is a nice guy, he is trying to take the high road. However, if you think about it, the Adam that was wrongfully posted is a lawyer and your initial accusations are libelous….so put two and two together. More corrective action than a footnote is due…