1. Mark says

    That FCKH8 ad is loathsome. There is nothing positive about children using “fuck”. Well, that should set gay marriage back about to 1953 levels of support once it goes mainstream.

  2. says

    That FckH8 ad is going to set gay equality back about 15 years. Teaching young children to shout “FUCK YOU” at an audience is probably the worst parenting skills on display since Britney locked herself in the bathroom.

    And it turns out the whole thing is just a big marketing idea by the guy who renamed himself “Luke Sissyfag” back in the 90s. Another idea that set us back.

    Don’t believe the crap about how those tens of thousands of dollars in T-shirt sales are all going to gay equality… the majority of the money stays right in Mr. Sissyfag’s pocketbook.

    Seems that gay fools and their money are soon parted.

  3. Acronym Jim says

    Banksy’s opening sequence for The Simpsons was awesome, but it’s going to set the Chinese manufacturing industry back 15 years, or worse, to 1953 levels.


  4. ericb says

    The FCKH8 campaign appears to be oh-so-opportunistic.

    Very important point: it appears that the $5.00 donation is applicable only to the $13.00 base t-shirt (“Get the $13 T-Shirt: Help Fund The Fight For Equal Rights”). So, I suspect that they take 100% of the profit for the other items ($2.00 – $29.00) they offer and don’t pass on a $5.00 donation for each of those sold.

    Ching, ching, indeed!

    “Sorry, but as a longtime resident of Seattle who remembers him from the days of Luke Sissyfag, I have to seriously question anything Mr. Montgomery is involved in. He is a relentless self-promoter who will do anything to claim the spotlight. Luke started out as a self-proclaimed AIDS activist, best known for attacking openly Gay and supportive officials who disagreed with him about AIDS policies. When we stopped paying attention to him in Seattle, he suddenly rejected the Gay lifestyle (sic) and began appearing on fundamentalist radio and TV, decrying Gay people … now he’s Gay again, and jumping on whatever cause of the moment gets him on camera for a minute or two. Before this, he was collecting money for Haiti and flying himself and his boyfriend there to distribute medicine without any medical training … I really can’t encourage GLBT people to give this media whore a penny of our money … part of me feels sorry for the guy because he’s a mess, but generally I find his actions to be somewhere between counter-productive and unforgiveable.” —
    Check out the discussion at:

  5. ericb says

    “You may remember Luke Sissyfag, the former ACT-UP activist who once distributed graphically illustrated condom packages to schoolchildren, regularly pranced before cameras in lipstick, eyeliner, and pink plastic hair barrettes, and championed the idea of a natural gay ‘queerness.’ He now calls himself Luke Montgomery and appears on fundamentalist radio programs to decry the ‘gay lifestyle’ as ‘totally devoid of any moral character’ and consisting of nothing but rampant sex and continual drug use. He says anti-discrimination laws are ‘fascistic,’ promoted by a gay community that doesn’t feel good about itself.” —
    Andrew Sullivan (May 2009): “Luke Sissyfag: The best named activist of the 1990s – ‘queer’ turned ‘Christianist’ – has emerged again. Yes, he’s now a bear.” —