Towleroad Guide to the Tube #754

LEVI JOHNSTON: Faces off against Barbara Walters on The View.

FRED KARGER: Has a supporter in The Real World: D.C.'s Mike Manning.

I'M NOT A WITCH: Christine O'Donnell, auto-tuned.

CRAIGERY: "Surprise Party" boy's many personalities.

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  1. BobN says

    He’s about as qualified as Palin was, and she was a lot older when she ran for mayor.

    And what’s with Barbara Walters? She, more than almost anyone, is responsible for the celebrity culture we’re stuck in, so she’s going to dump on a kid who has earned a fortune by age 20?

  2. Mike says

    Tyn, you’re not being a hater, and no, they wouldn’t. I thought the Surprise Party video was very funny. The rest of the stuff, not so much. As a matter of fact I cringe at the video posted about. Craigery comes from a very wealthy, conservative family. The “ignorant” black characters and the “airhead” Planned Parenthood characters peel back the paper a bit.

  3. says

    Fred Karger is, apparently, a Republican. I could never support a Republican for anything. There are offices I’ll leave blank because there’s no good Democrat running in the race, but there’s never a good Republican option — simply put, “good” Republicans enable the bad ones, and there aren’t very many good ones.

    My question: Does HRC support what Mike Manning’s doing? Manning was certainly using the organization as a prop. My bet is probably… HRC has always been Log-Cabin-esque and no where near representative of the GLBT community.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    Wassillia Alaska is the last place most people would want to run for mayor. As those that live there say, Palin got the job because no one else wanted it. Same for Levi. Qualifications for public office are the desire to serve. Christ is such a stupid question to ask. Just like the presidency of America, you either are a sitting president with the experience or you don’t have the experience.

  5. Bryan says

    Fascinating how “impregnating” is an active choice, but “being impregnated” somehow implies passive victimhood, not unlike “being mugged.” Johnston’s running for mayor is treated similarly: an act of aggression against the sad, helpless people of Wasilla.

    The View’s all-female hosts are the embodiment of the victim worldview, where everyone is a rabbit in the jaws of one coyote or another. In fact, if we removed all the stupid, inadequately educated, profoundly ignorant, self serving narcissists from government, our country’s assorted capitols would become ghost towns. Johnston is at least as qualified as his beauty queen not-mother-inlaw.

    And has anyone else noticed that Barbara Walters freakishly surgeried face is as expressive as the kneaded, stretched bread dough it resembles? And God, what ugly roses.

  6. sparks says

    I think Craigery is adorable and talented. Having watched his other videos I can tell you he’s very good at doing character voices and loves entertaining his mom. Apparently other people find him entertaining too.

    Would his talent get so much attention if he wasn’t cute as a button? Maybe not.. but Hollywood is filled with people about whom the same thing could be said. That’s part of the business.

    P.S. He’s also in phenomenal shape, for those who might want to dig a little further…

  7. says

    The ladies of the View (esp. those on the right) act like Johnston is committing some kind of a crime against the people by running. WTF? If he genuinely wants to be of help, let him.

    Also, stop being so prudish girls. Nudity is nothing to be ashamed of. Would you ask the same of a soldier who has killed the enemy? Violence in the past is preferable to posing nude for Playgirl?

    And another candidate being more ‘experienced’?
    Only if the other guy has been mayor of Wasilla or some other town.

  8. Bart says

    I can’t believe I’m going to defend this Levi kid, but after Barbara got her panties in a bunch when the two women walked out on O’Reilly because they had enough of his blatant racism, why invite someone on the show to ridicule him, especially some kid who (like Elizabeth) just wants to be famous. He didn’t “impregnate a 17 year old girl,” which sounds incredibly predatory. They had sex, Barbara. He didn’t do it to her magically or when she was asleep. And does anyone think she got pregnant the first time? Seriously? And yet they would never have said to Bristol Palin, “At 16, you seduced a high school boy into having sex with you and got pregnant.”

    And for that ridiculous blonde girl to look at him and harp, “You owe Barbara an answer!” He should have looked her right in the eyes and say, “Hey Survivor loser, I don’t owe anybody here anything. I’m a guest, maybe you should treat me like one or walk out.” She’s obnoxious and strident.

    You know, the kid brings in ratings or they wouldn’t have had him on. And in spite of the obvious obnoxiousness he faced, I think he handled himself well. If Palin can be mayor, this kid couldn’t be any worse. And he might not quit his job when he gets it.

  9. Justanotherguy says

    Dear god if I see another posting of this Craigery guy I’ll go crazy. So he can memorize Kristen Wiig’s ( who IS funny) lines from a SNL skit…..WOW what talent. His characters are decent but lack any wit or originality. Yes, obviously being cookie-cutter-cute is the reason why people find this crap amusing. Predictable shallow gays.

  10. zt says

    wow craigery is amazing! usually pretty people arent funny but if youve ever seen summer heights high, he is an exact copy. pretty amazing.

  11. gr8guyca says

    Levi should hace said:

    Posing for Playgirl: It didn’t seem to stop Scott Brown from becoming Senator.

    Pregnancy: Bristol and I were in love and we had a child. It happens
    to many people. We are both trying to be responsible parents.

    About Wasilla: Look, it’s a small town with only 5,000 people. The biggest
    issue is where to put a stop sign. I’m not talking about being Mayor of New York.

    Celebrity: Yes, I am using my celebrity to get a start in politics. So, did
    Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    In general: What’s wrong with having some ambition? I want to get my start
    in a career and I’ll work hard to do the best I can.

    I am not a fan of Levi – although he’s cute – but he shouldn’t have been
    pounced on.

  12. says

    Was that Christine O’Donnell autotune a sympethic ‘pro christine’ spot? Or am I just confused by the contemplative young people ‘watching’…….smacks of subversiveness to me.