Towleroad Guide to the Tube #766

MILWAUKEE: FOX News reporter gets unexpected "welcome" at Democrats 'get out the vote' campaign meeting.

HALLOWEEN: World of Wonder's Damiana Garcia gets some pointers from Kelly of Shoez.

ELVIRA: Mistress of the facepaint.

BEAR SCRATCH: The father of Balloon Boy, Richard Heene, is selling this on the internet.

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  1. jpeckjr says

    Years ago, at a public meeting with elected officials, a reporter from an Atlanta TV station recorded his report while standing in the room. I was among the people standing nearby and observing him. We felt he misrepresented the tone and substance of the event in a way that made the audience look bad. We surrounded him and his cameraman, objected to his report, and told him if he did not change it, we would prevent him from leaving to file the story! He stood by his original report. And we we stood between him and the door. He changed his report and they ran the revised one. Citizens must hold journalists accountable just as we must hold elected officials accountable.

  2. Brad says

    It would be nice if President Obama showed some balls and banished Fox news from the White House press room. They shouldn’t have the propaganda arm of the Repubs reporting from the WH.