Trevor Donovan: Gay Storyline ‘True To Life’

6a00d8341c730253ef0134865dd60a970c-800wi Cynics may see 90210's recent foray into the realm of gay programming as nothing more than a ratings grab. Having watched the show, though, I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with how they're handling it: broken tennis pro Teddy, played by Trevor Donovan, grappling with a gay hook-up, and lashing out at the man he kissed.

Donovan also appreciates the plot line, telling TV Guide, "It's true to real life, it's happening at a pace I think it would actually happen and it's going to unfold very realistically, very heartfelt." And there's more to come: "He's battling with himself. He's creating his own problems and... there's going to be a lot of external struggles from other people mostly caused by his frustration, his anger, his denial and confusion."

Sure, it's easy to dismiss this show as nothing but a soap with bad acting and contrived plot lines, but it's also a guilty pleasure with a conscience. They're also doing an HIV-related story line and, shocker, it doesn't involve the gay man: it involves an black woman who was recently infected.

Watch Teddy blow up at and then beat up his gay love, AFTER THE JUMP...