Ugandan Tabloid Outs 100 ‘Top Homos’, Calls for Their Hanging


The Ugandan tabloid Rolling Stone this week published the names and addresses of 100 "top homos" and called for them to be hanged, in a front page story, the AP reports:

"In the days since it was published, at least four gay Ugandans on the list have been attacked and many others are in hiding, according to rights activist Julian Onziema. One person named in the story had stones thrown at his house by neighbors.


The Oct. 9 article in a Ugandan newspaper called Rolling Stone – not the American magazine – came out five days before the one-year anniversary of the controversial ("kill the gays") legislation. The article claimed that an unknown but deadly disease was attacking homosexuals in Uganda, and said that gays were recruiting 1 million children by raiding schools, a common smear used in Uganda.

After the newspaper hit the streets, the government Media Council ordered the newspaper to cease publishing – not because of the newspaper's content, but rather that the newspaper had not registered with the government. After it completes the paperwork, Rolling Stone will be free to publish again, said Paul Mukasa, secretary of the Media Council.

That decision has angered the gay community further. Onziema said a lawsuit against Rolling Stone is in the works, and that she believes the publication has submitted its registration and plans to publish again.

According to the AP, the tabloid is relatively new and only publishes about 2,000 copies, but that hasn't stopped it form causing havoc since the article's publication:

The paper's managing editor, Giles Muhame, said the article was "in the public interest."

"We felt there was need for society to know that such characters exist amongst them. Some of them recruit young children into homosexuality, which is bad and need to be exposed," he said. "They take advantage of poverty to recruit Ugandans. In brief we did so because homosexuality is illegal, unacceptable and insults our traditional lifestyle.'

Members of the gay community named in the article faced harassment from friends and neighbors. Onziema said the proposed bill already has led to evictions from apartments, intimidation on the street, unlawful arrests and physical assault.

The "kill the gays" bill introduced by MP David Bahati is said to have been "quietly shelved" but the animus toward gays, it appears, is still very active.


  1. candideinnc says

    I am not one for violence, but if anyone deserves to be hung, it is the publishers of that Rolling Stone paper, the people who lead that government, and the Christian Taliban who fomented this hate. Primitive, ignorant, bigoted, backward, superstitios–all of them!

  2. mcNnyc says


    Jesus Christ bless our American missionaries and politicians especially the C Street coven who through tax free donations and offerings have brought us closer to your mission.

  3. Bob says

    This is not intended as a racist question — simply an honest one. Why does anti-gay hatred so often have a black face?

  4. says

    And, as Jeff Sharlet has uncovered in his excellent Uganda reporting for Harper’s and in his C Street book, the crazy anti-gay forces in Uganda got plenty of encouragement from the anti-gay “Christian” forces in the US, many of them in our Congress. The American cheerleaders only backed away from the anti-gay movement that led to the “kill the gays” bill when the results of their bigotry started getting attention in the States. There are many people–in Africa and in the US–with blood on their hands.

  5. Ty says

    @BOB, I’m black and I see this frequently, I have no idea. I was actually robbed by a black boy “for sucking cock”.

    Honestly, poverty and ignorance go hand in hand and at the risk of sounding self-racist, a lot of black people are in poverty [and Africa as it happens to be].

  6. Stephen B says

    @Bob It doesn’t. African culture and religion are staunchly homophobic. So is the American South. Many parts of Asia. The middle east. It’s not a race issue.

  7. Bob2 says

    Not to make light of this — because its disgusting on so many levels — but what exactly was the criteria for being a Top Homo. And I think the double entendre was missed by the paper!

  8. Bob says

    @Crispy — obviously a serious question is beyond you….

    @Ty — thanks for the honest answer. My husband and I live in Harlem and, including a stay in Burma, we’ve never been in a more homophobic place in our lives.

  9. Roman Bolliger says

    @Bob: It’s not a matter of face colour! If you want to apply the colour black to a body part, then – metaphorically- you have to apply it to the hearts of those people who, in the name of Christianity, have decided, that it is OK to destroy the life and lives of other people.

    Christian (and other) fundamentalists in the USA and elsewhere are ruthlessly intoxicating the social tissue in a lot of nations which eventually are changing to become gangrenations.

  10. crispy says

    I was completely serious, Bob. I know several Bobs who aren’t redneck hicks. And there are puh-lenty of redneck hicks named Fred, Cleetus, and Jebediah… just as I know several blacks who aren’t anti-gay, and there are puh-lenty of anti-gay people who aren’t black.

    But I wouldn’t expect someone posting obvious race-baiting to understand a clear metaphor.

  11. says

    I see some Towleroaders haven’t evolved since Jim Crow!

    @ tyn, like you need an excuse for the crap you spew about Africans…

    @ Bob… So the hundreds of articles on this site and others about South Asia, East Europe, latin America and yes Africa and the west Indies, this is a representation of “homophobia in black face”?

    @ Stephen B

    Religion has a lot to do with it. Africa is a continent in case you were wondering(sarcasm), therefore their cultures vary in all senses of the term…

    Hey Andy, I haven’t seen one report about how Rwanda is doing in terms of gay rights. Do some digging you may surprise yourself and some of your readers too…

  12. JTlvr says

    Why is it when Serbian nationalist hooligans rioted at that Italy-Serbia soccer match, no one screamed how homophobic ALL White people, or Europeans are…? In fact, someone commented how “hot” the tattooed Serb leader was…

    No one screamed how homophobic ALL White people are when Ben Carver was attacked in the Stonewall Inn. Or when those two Marines attacked a gay man in Savannah. Or when our rights are violated by the police in Atlanta or Dallas or Palm Springs?

    Nope, but when it’s about a Black or African nation, suddenly ALL Blacks and ALL of Africa are called homophobic too easily by White gays. Do you not see (or care) how racist this insult is?

    The racism falls so quickly out of some mouths, without even remembering that A.) White Christian conservatives (Catholics and evangelicals) are responsible for pushing homophobic and sexist agendas on developing nations, and B.) you further alienate your minority LGBT allies.

    How can you expect people of color to identify and align with your struggle for equality, when you don’t bother to address your own racist attitudes in the first place?

    Some of you sound just like the White hetero male establishment — ignorant and arrogant — that treats minorities like second-class citizens. That’s a big reason why a lot of Black people don’t identify with gays… To them, you’re White men, in your own ignorant White bubble, not giving a fuck about anyone else unless they’re hot or hung. As an out Black gay man, I see it all the time: The racism within the gay community astounds me.

  13. BenB says

    I think we can rise above petty racism. There *are* LGBT rights groups in Africa, and in South Africa (unlike in much of the US) same sex marriage is legal. It’s important to remember that the entire continent has been royally screwed by corrupt imperialist regimes (many anti-gay laws were instituted by colonist governments) over decades. Uganda, if you look into its’ history like I did briefly whilst writing this post, has really been subject to an awful lot of crap. It doesn’t help that missionaries were amongst the first European people there. The attitude of this organisation and the Ugandans who support it is inexcusable, but it didn’t come from no-where, and it certainly didn’t come from race. Ever heard of the Lord’s resistance Army? You try being a paragon of ethical integrity when they’re mutilating people and sexually enslaving women children on your doorstep. You can’t fight bigotry with bigotry, and even the cleanest things get dirty when they’re being crapped on. Education is the key, and the only thing that will change the situation in countries rife with bigotry.

    By the way, Uganda is 84% Christian.

  14. Bob says

    Crispy — Do you actually read this site? (It doesn’t matter if you move your lips when you do.) Look at the recent depravity in the Bronx. Look at the homophobia of in black American churches. Look a Jamaica and Uganda. Or maybe you should just take the cucumber out of your ass and stick your head back there.

  15. ratbastard says

    There are very few places in the world that show reasonable tolerance for homosexuals:

    1) Western Europe, North America for the most part gay tolerant. South America somewhat,depends. Australia, New Zealand for the most part.

    2) Eastern Europe, Asia,Middle East [minus Israel which for the most part is gay tolerant and respects human rights], and of course Africa [S.A. has gay civil rights legislation, but the society [specifically non-white demographic) is very homophobic.

    In a nutshell, if you’re gay, the best places for you to live are:

    North America [U.S. / Canada]
    Western Europe
    Australia / New Zealand
    Honorable mention: Israel

  16. sugarrhill says

    Bob, seriously, your racism is showing. yet again Towleroad’s comments doesn’t disappoint with its racist bullshit. I sent in a heartwarming story about a Princess Boy who’s family is combating bullying in their own special way and of course that gets nary a comment. Fucking typical.

  17. FMB says


    Please don’t flat out put Asia in your list of very homophobic regions as i.e. Japan, Thailand, even China, are rather tolerant.

  18. GregB says

    Contact your congresspeople now – it should be an easy matter to offer these 100 men political asylum and get them out of that hell hole.

  19. says

    “The US better not be spending one dime in that country.”

    Unfortunately, evangelical American Christians (white, btw), including some of our “friends” in Congress, have spent many many dimes in that country, helping to stoke the flames of anti-gay hatred. There’s a solid money and propaganda trail directly from the US haters to the African haters. The Ugandans calling for the deaths of gay people have been cozy in bed with and gathering ideas from American homophobes for years. The difference is they have more freedom to carry out those ideas than their American counterparts.

  20. Paul R says

    @Bob: perhaps you should move out of Harlem if it’s so awful.

    As for Uganda, it’s a backward country, as are most on the planet. There are 6 PCs for every 1,000 people. Internet access is close to nonexistent. The education system sucks. These aren’t excuses, they simply explain why it was so ripe for the U.S.-based C Street Group (look it up) to come in and tell all sorts of horrific lies about gays to the people’s main source of information: their churches.

    The evil here was brought to a boil by Americans exploiting Africans. This is an upsetting issue for me, as I do a lot of work involving Africa and cannot stand Uganda at this point…but I also have to remind myself of the source of the hatred and misinformation.

  21. hmmm says

    you dirty racists here who are scapegoating ugandans for this homophobia but ignore the history: do not forget that many african societies actually celebrated diverse sexualities (including homosexual and transexual sexualities) BEFORE the white man came and forced his poisonous christian, homophobic beliefs upon the population. white man’s burden indeed.

  22. Daniel says

    i understand what bob is saying. i also see it alot too. maybe he means why are black people so close minded towards gays when they out of anyone should know what its like to want to have that freedom and those equal rights!! when the whole prop 8 thing was happening i would get so upset seeing families of black people on the street holding signs saying yes on 8 it made me think dont they remember what they went threw didnt they hate not being able to have the some rights? so why are they not helping us out?? its really sad to see that but we will one day have are day just like they had there day too!!!

  23. Paul R says

    @Ratbastard: and where exactly was I expressing guilt? I guess when I said I cannot stand Uganda? Or when I expressed my loathing of religion and conservative manipulators? I feel no guilt for the efforts of religious conservatives to screw over another country. I had nothing to do with it, and I still despise Uganda for buying into it.

    You really live up to your screen name, as cute as you think it might be.

  24. Dan says

    AGAIN religion is mostly responsible for the universal hatred towards homosexuals.
    I have said it before and I’m saying again that religion is a dangerous man-made ideal. The bible and scriptures from other religions are very cleverly elaborated fantasies, we are blinded so much by such “teachings” that we don’t realize that religion itself is the real evil.

  25. says

    Globalizing the Culture Wars:
    US Conservatives, African Churches, and Homophobia

    A groundbreaking investigation by Political Research Associates (PRA) discovered that sexual minorities in Africa have become collateral damage to our domestic conflicts and culture wars. U.S. conservative evangelicals and those opposing gay pastors and bishops within mainline Protestant denominations woo Africans in their American fight.

  26. Luka says

    Hi. Being a black gay Ugandan leaving in Kampala, Uganda its good to know people out there care. Please continue the support.

    Ignorance about sexual-orientation overwhelms this country to the core. This is partly due to absence of literature on sex(considered a taboo to talk or write about) in general and also due to the control culture and religion has on the nationals. Remember that your quoted figures of Christians is only estimates and norminal,not practicing. It is just a label if not a mask they wear to be know by here. In fact its easier to just have sex than talk about it.

    Gay people existed before the white man in Uganda but escapism and religion does not want us Ugandans to accept it even when it is well known in different tribes here.However that information is supposed to be strictly confidential but passed on over the years by the older generation.

    So bigotry in itself is a disease to be cured in Uganda if we are to take the first step in the right direction.

  27. Jerry6 says

    Hey, Folks!!! The BIBLE is the source of ALL BIGOTRY. That Bigotry is preached weekly by Priests, Ministers, and Rabbis. The only reason any religion exists is because their stupid followers believe the inhuman garbage that spews from the mouths of their “Leaders” every week; and the stupid followers pay with their weekly collection plate contributions to support these preachers so they do not have to work for a living like they, the followers, have to do.

  28. BikerPup says

    I have been a fan of Towler Road for more than a few years now. I have even bought 2 of the black shirts with the orange “Towler Road” letters on the chest. But now I read more of my news via Facebook feeds versus Towler Road emails because of the social media Ions that appear to the left of the page which cover several leftmost columns of text. At the speed I read it is far too difficult to scroll the article up and down to get it into the narrow bands above and below the social media icon links.
    So sad that the web people would do this as it is otherwise a VERY good news source. So no I read the news later via other channels.

    Sad in Dallas, TX