1. amknycam says

    Why are there “SarahPAC” ad banners all of the front page of this site? I mean, i know it’s a political site in nature, but…SARAH PALIN ADVERTISEMENTS? There must be a computer glitch some place.

  2. Tim NC says

    AMKNYCAM, The ads are generated automatically. The blog doesn’t get to pick and choose which ads get displayed. You just have to think of it as Palin wasting her money here. Well, except for the caller from Buffalo.

  3. gregv says

    Wow, some were actually dumb enough to fall for the excuse that “it wasn’t my fault; when I said those were my personal opinions, I was just reading a script.” Even if that were true, it exposes Paladino as a complete idiot unfit to run for office.

    @Amknycam: The ads show up because there is a headline on the same page about Sarah Palin, and the ads are seeking out key words in blogs. Personally, I’d rather see Palin’s ads on a site that exposes her idiocy rather than the alternative, which is that the same ad ends up on blogs read by people who are actually persuaded by her.
    Some such ads are paid for by the number of impressions and others by the number of clicks (the advertiser has the choice). I like to click on them so Palin’s got one less nickel to help her finance her flock’s insanity.

  4. TampaZeke says

    I see that Paladino’s gay supporters are every bit as intelligent and articulate as he is. Coupled with the caller’s fingernails on a blackboard Buffalo accent, it was all I could do to make it through the whole clip.

  5. says

    The mind boggles. Not only excusing Paladino’s obvious homophobia (he was just reading someone else’s homophobic statements!) but–like so many idiot voters–seeing ignorance, incompetence, and lack of experience as virtues in public office. Fortunately, Paladino doesn’t have a prayer of winning, so this self-loather’s vote won’t make a difference.

  6. Chris says

    He brings the HUD nonsense that the right loves so much. As if it hadn’t been shown that the subprime mortgages that blew up were mostly the ones of not necessarily poor people.

    You can translate Greg’s opinion in “Oh no! Non-discrimination for non-whites!”

  7. Tim NC says

    agreed that Paladino has no chance to win. Same with “Witchy Woman” O’Donnell. So, I wish the media would stop focusing on the two of them and spend more time dealing with the baggers who may actually win their races.

  8. R --U --1 -- 2 ? says

    Hah! If Paladino were speaking to a gay group he would probably warn them not to do business with a Jew!

    I think he has a kind of casual bigotry which can be aimed in any direction. You know, sort of a defensive mechanism because he’s a wop.

    (Now don’t get upset, plenty of my friends are gay Jewish or wops.)

  9. Bryan says

    Andy, How do the independent PAC’s with unlimited funds and few reporting requirements secure advertising on this site??!! I find it offensive to be solicited to contribute to the “Witch of Delaware.” I like Mike Castle. We need moderate Republicans supporters in Congress. More importantly, I’m working hard to elect progressive Democrats at every level in Connecticut.

  10. Brian says

    Signorile didn’t engage his caller, or challenge him intelligently. American politics has become nothing but a carnival, and the LGBT community is complicit in that. Nobody engages anymore in a debate on an intelligent level without snark or dismissal. We can win this argument on their terms (constitutional debate), but we prefer to go the bigot route, because it’s the easiest to fight for the unthinking and so the least likely to win.

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