1. Daveny says

    The problem with WWYD is that the town usually knows ahead of time they are doing it. They came and did a segment in my town of Westfield NJ on Oct 7th and the whole town knew about. So “Real” reactions don’t really happen.

  2. Joe says

    Sad to hear this, but I think reflective of our culture. It’s still too controversial for a lot of people to get involved in anti-gay bullying.

    I remember when they did it in a town in the SW with immigration issues. They had a guy at a doughnut shop refuse to serve a latino man. I was actually shocked by how many people aggressivley told the guy that he was WRONG to do that.

    However, with bashings occuring everyday and so many people in our country believing being gay is wrong, this isn’t surprising.

  3. B-rod says

    If the victim was a black kid and they were using racial taunts and calling him the N word, you better believe people would step in and stop it. It’s a sad reflection on our society that if the victim is gay, the usual cop-out is used “I didn’t want to get involved.”

  4. DR says


    On one hand, this show already had a very positive resolution with a waiter refusing to serve a gay couple with children. The other diners were VERY vocal. So this might be a decent ep.

    On the other hand, it’s awful opportunistic right now. Definitely a grab at ratings. “GAY SUICIDE, WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO STOP IT!”

    Plus, if that clip is any indication, the acting was so bad…

  5. mad1026 says

    @Andrew: I’m with you; I think I’m angry enough about bullying, I would kick some ass. I might get injured but I don’t want to see people ridiculed because they are gay, or disabled, or a woman NO ONE! I’ve been there,; I understand how it harms people.

  6. Fred says

    I think the show is great!
    It makes me stop and think…
    What WOULD I do?

    Me, I would have jumped in just like that guy did. Though I’m not sure I would be as nice as he was. Kudos to him!

  7. MrRoboto says

    It’s sad how people ignore situations in which they should get involved, but it’s indicative of society all across the board. Two weeks ago, a neighbor in my apartment building fell in her kitchen while doing dishes and could not get up. Her sink ran over for so long that a virtual waterfall was pouring out of her second floor apartment into our rear carport and cascading down the driveway. She fell at approximately 8pm. Two people who park in the carport even pulled their cars back so that the water would not pour down on their vehicles. Did anyone in our 16 unit building call our landlord, 911 or even try to determine if help was needed? No. Not a one. I came home at about 12:30am after going to a concert and out for drinks with friends, and immediately got things moving on the situation. Turns out she broken her wrist, hit her head on the counter and had a concussion, and by 12:30am, her kitchen and nearby living room were flooded by about 2 inches of water.

    Our landlord just sent out a letter explaining the whole situation and encouraging tenants that if they experience a similar situation again, do something about it. But it’s sad that you have to chastise or shame people into reacting to a potential crisis. One of the tenants who pulled her car out to avoid the water told me she didn’t know the woman who’d fallen well enough to feel like she should intervene. I told her she was an idiot. The woman could have drowned and she’s lucky she didn’t have that on her conscience.

  8. Joey Y says

    Hats off to the guy in the clip for not only taking complete control, but also explaining everything from a “I was like you, but now I’m smarter and grown up” perspective.

  9. Jano Rubio says

    Those “bullies” seemed pretty gay. Oh, why is it always true that mock-homophobes are actually acting out their own mock-closeted sexuality?! When will they address their own mock-issues and come out of the mock-closet?!

  10. Bryan says

    This is an important issue, but crap like this exploits rather than explores. This isn’t discourse – it’s advertising – it’s bread and circuses. Theres nothing the media can’t or won’t exploit to get the idiocracy’s attention. If they could get away with broadcasting anti-gay murders, they would.

    We have to ask ourselves what does it mean when our cultural institutions profit from what they deplore. Everything we see on television is first and foremost entertainment, and there’s no depth to which Americans won’t stoop to be entertained. When you make entertainment out of terrible social issues, what exactly are you doing? The media have become forums in which to mention anything at all is to promote it.

  11. Bobo says

    It’s not just bystanders that don’t do anything. I had a two situations this summer down at the beach in Brooklyn near my home. First a young girl was sitting on the beach with two young men, a group of 3 men and 4 woman showed up. The men roughed up the boys and scared them off, and then the group tried to drag the girl off who was resisting them. I flagged down a Parks Dept. police vehicle, and told them of the situation. They drove onto the beach two of the men spoke with the parks police, while the group surrounded the girl. After less then a minute the police left, NO POLICE OFFICER SPOKE TO THE GIRL! I went home, and made a complaint with the parks dept, four weeks later someone from the parks dept called me back and said they would look into!
    Another incident involved a group of about 20 teens, who surrounded a group of about eight. Two people from the larger group started to beat up a girl from the smaller group. I called 911. About 5 minutes passed and one officer showed up who seemed to be intimidated by the teens, and told them they needed to move on, and then LEFT! After they left the larger group came back knocked the girl down and ran off with her knapsack. I had the girl come sit on my blanket, and let her use my cell phone to call her home. I then for 3 days tried to reach the community affairs dept at the precinct, no one ever answered the phone. When I spoke with the person on the desk at the police dept, he told me I had to just keep calling and eventually someone would pick up. I then made a complaint with the City of New York. SIX WEEKS later someone from the precinct called me back to tell me that if I wanted to make a complaint with the community affairs dept I would have to come down to the precinct in person, and make an appointment! AH New York’s Finest!! So it’s not just bystanders it’s also the police who do not wish to get involved!!

  12. craig says

    “innocent” bystanders? Ha! HA! You must be jocking. We are certainly not innocent in our action or judgment, may they occur in a stagged or genuine situation. I love how this show attempts to illustrate our bias, even when not aware of it. People think they are totally reasonable and thoughtful, but actually we just try to be.

  13. Scott Alan says

    This show is quite illuminating and psychologically fascinating. It depicts humans as they are, with a truthful camera. It’s existence should only threaten those who lack morals and live in fear.

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