1. Adam says

    Andy, go to Matthew Mitcham’s (gay Olympian) Twitter. He was at that concert and Adam tried to make him the guy he kissed, but Matthew turned him down. Now Adam fans are attacking Matthew for not kissing Adam.

  2. Terrance says

    I *must* be getting ‘old'; the only thing I think of when I read this it “Boy, I just hope there’s some pre-screening for STDs and other diseases like strep (for all parties involved)…”

  3. Joseph L says

    I’m with you Terrance…. I watch that and my first reaction is ewwwwwww. Then again I turn 33 next week, which is what, eight to ten years over the hill in gay years? 😉

    And screw Adam fans for attacking Matt Mitcham. Matt didn’t want to kiss Adam because he has been in a 4 year relationship and would have felt weird. I thought it was totally cute.

  4. Angel says

    Matthew had a great time and thinks Adam is great. He tweeted that he loved the concert and appreciated Adam’s respect. Don’t try to start drama where there is none.

  5. Fenrox says

    Neat. I always wanted stuff like this to happen at concerts I go to. Just replace him with Partman Parthorse and we are good to go.

    Seriously, I feel bad that I HATE HATE HATE everything Adam Lambert does, because if I liked his music I would LOVE the guy.

  6. IAN F says

    @Fenrox, I know what you mean. I Am a fan of his who thought his album was way over-produced and was disappointed but still liked him and his attitude.

    I ended up going to his show in Las Vegas and was not expecting much but was blown away. He turned a crappy pop album into a rock concert and his voice live is unreal. He had the crowd, which was all over the map from young drunk twinks making out and falling in the pool, goth girls, middle aged couples, scary Glamberts, and older gay couples, all eating out of is hand. It felt really sweet to be in this cross section of America and have everyone cheer when he kissed his cute little bass player.

    I’m glad curiosity got the best of me, because until you see him live it’s hard to get what all the fuss is about. I really hope his next album is better.

  7. crispy says

    Uh, you can get the Herp fairly easily from a kiss. I believe syphilis can be transmitted via kissing too, but hopefully he’s smart enough not to kiss someone with an open wound on their lips.

  8. EM says

    Wow the old farts in here sure are getting old aren’t they. Painful. Have you forgotten what fun and young meant?

    Jeez he’s an entertainer living his dream and bringing pleasure to people. Maybe we should do away with him and fill the world with austere fundies.

  9. Beverly says

    This will surely bring the HATERS out in flocks!! I love everything about Adam, but must admit – I really wish he wouldn’t do this!! Health reasons. Js

  10. Uncle Nazi says

    It didn’t take him long to fall down into the subbasement of hell, and then ooze right through the floor into the cesspool underneath. If he ever surfaces again he’ll probably look like Mick Jagger, or Godzilla.

  11. Tony says

    I’m not fan of his music but I’m a BIG fan of any guy who has the courage to come out publicly and express affection to his male audience members. I’m flabberghasted that there are people here who act like old chuch ladies at the sight of him macking a stud. I’m 48 and I think it’s hot!

  12. joebloe says

    Adam’s just doing it his way. When your world tour gets off the ground, you can do it your way. Until then, all you green-eyed, bitch-ass-tricks can fuck-off. Jesus, it was just a kiss!

  13. Paul R says

    @Crispy, you most certainly cannot get syphilis from kissing, and oral herpes is not an STD unless you consider kissing to be sex. I do not.

    I wouldn’t go kissing strangers in my audience—mainly for fear of a cold or the flu, which could wreak havoc on his voice and screw up his tour—but there’s a fair chance it was staged.

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