1. BobN says

    The best thing about this article is the “You might also like:” set of “related” articles.

    Apparently, a sub running aground is like Justice Stevens retiring…

  2. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    You mean ‘sight’, unless you mean Scotland is a bizarre ‘site’.

    Q: What’s long, dark, and full of Seamen (
    A: A submarine.

  3. JNJ says

    I love how they are trying to quite the dog as if it’s going to give them away. Dude, they see you too!

  4. Steve says

    That’s a career ending move. He probably won’t be fired, but if he doesn’t lose his command immediately, he’ll never be in command of another ship again.

  5. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    “It has since been towed free”

    How does the Royal Navy get free towing? I have to pay an extra premium to get that on my insurance.

  6. Bob Conti says

    “I thought YOU turned on the depth sounder, wanker!” “NO,YOU said YOU would turn on the depth sounder, you git!”

  7. Chris says

    Just wanted to clarify that this happened off the Isle of Skye, which is part of Scotland. It might just be me, but the write-up makes it sound like the whole of Scotland is it’s own island – slightly confusing.

  8. Steve says

    Do you even know how many US skippers ran their ships aground? Or caused collisions? This stuff happens all the time.

  9. says

    The really bad thing is that now the Chinese and Russians can study the technical look of this “most secret and advanced sub,” as they took no effort to keep people and satilites at bay.