1. says

    I love the song. Really, I do. Fine.
    But, isn’t this a little out of hand and starting to step away from the meaning of this?

    It screams “Hey guys, look at me, I’m still relevant.”

    Not just this guy, but almost everyone! I mean Jewel just did one. Jewel.

    How many 13 year old closeted queens in Iowa are thinking…”I wish Jewel was here right now to get me thru this Queer Crisis!”


  2. says

    I have to agree with Mamarice. I thought the whole point of this when Dan Savage started it was that celebrities can only do so much. A kid may think that the only way to escape is to be a big star, and that if they can’t, then suicide is the only answer. The project was to show that ordinary people just like them can also have better lives. The celebrity thing is nice, but it’s the garnish, not the meat and potatoes of this project.

  3. Sargon Bighorn says

    This is sort of like “Christian Rock”. I think that’s sort of silly too. But what the hell to each his own. If this guy wants to sing, let him sing. If the Sisters of Perp Indulg want to face paint and talk let them face paint and talk. One guy juggled! Everyone should add their tarnished two cents worth to this effort. Since most adults are not allowed into the teaching camps we call schools, we must reach the bullied youth in anyway we know how.

  4. artlover says

    ick. if there was a seed of altruism in there it was completely overgrown by self-agrandisement and fabulosity. and ‘me’ does not sound like ‘maaay’. who started that crap – alanis morrisette?.

  5. atlnative says

    I think this is a sincere contribution to the effort. But when you look like Chris Salvatore, star in movies, appear naked on film and date your equally hot co-star, was it really all that bad to begin with? How much better can it actually get? It’s nice to know some beautiful people care, but I find the videos contributed by “normal people” to be much more meaningful.

  6. Adrian G. says

    You know when Chris came out with his PSA video on it gets better it was way before all of these stars were doing anything. I find that what he’s doing is very touching. He touched me and I’ve already went through my hell and back. But it would have been nice growing up to know that at one point in time we will end up in a better place. I never thought about being a celebrity all I thought about was leaving behind those who hurt me and made me at one point think of taking my life.

    To any of you who seem to think that he is simply being a famewhore please rethink it. Also check out youtube for more of the It Gets Better videos because there are other people besides celebs putting up videos. Enjoy the song, take from it something positive. And share the love that is out there.

  7. Sheeple says

    Why the tank top? If this song is about the “message” why does he need to sexualize the video?

    Oh right, ’cause his biceps add power to the anti-bullying message. The HRC taught me that.

  8. Caleb says

    He was before all these stars? Um, are you comparing him to any stars? He’s been in one tragically terrible movie where the highlight was seeing his dick.

    He’s a mediocre singer who no one would appreciate without the help of an auto-tuner. Why not just sing this live at a piano rather than this over the top poorly acted video?

    Gag me.

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