1. says

    Dan Savage deserves every bit of congratulations for how this project has raised the national consciousness on these issues. The cumulative effect of these videos adds a much-needed counterpoint to the public discourse that has become so despairingly mean-spirited, jaded, and contentious. And, further congratulations for schooling the mainstream media here on how they should be approaching coverage on these issues. An excellent interview in every respect. A perfect way to end the week feeling definitely much more encouraged.

  2. Zlick says

    I thought he was very diplomatic and tactful in relaying how this was all well and good of Obama … now DO something to make it better. It didn’t come off as complaining, but the point was made – all the while properly expressing gratitude for what was done. Classy.

  3. Kelehe says

    Reading the comments on CNN’s website stories related to LGBT issues, one would find it hard to believe there is a 2/3 majority opposed to anti-gay rhetoric. We have a long way to go and it’s good for Dan and the Prez to speak out against it, but it’s event better for everyone to stand up and say something when we see it or hear it in our daily lives.

  4. Kyle Sullivan says

    I can’t get it to play. After all the ads and video streams and links come up, it does absolutely nothing.

  5. jjasonham says

    THAT is how you hold our leaders accountable without weakening their position to change something.

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    I agree with several of the other comments. This is how adults respond to the President’s message, calmly and clearly. The importance of President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton speaking out against gay bullying needs to be noted. It matters. Creating a tone of tolerance starts at the most high-profile “bully pulpit” in the land. Imagine the tone under a right-wing government.

    Dan then rightly notes how the President needs to put action, as we all know, behind those important words of tolerance. There are various ways to pressure politicians, and rational discourse is one of them. And I’m glad that Dan and others are continuing to speak out against the irrational and hateful bullying from the majority of church pulpits. Teenagers shouldn’t have to wait for it to get better or for the bullying to stop.

  7. says

    Actually you ned BOTH. You need the level headed to be diplomats BUT YOU ALSO NEED the soldiers and the angry for them to be diplomats for. Without Community anger and response behind it there’s ju7st no reason for the Obama sdminstration to do anything quickly or anything at all. Case in point HRC and the Obama Administration and there being no movement at all on DADTY until people got pissed off.

  8. freestuffffff says

    Just like Clinton, Obama plays the gay community like a violin. Self-appointed “leaders of the gay community” always get bedazzled by power and then co-opted. Any liberal politician who went to an Ivy League school who doesn’t come out full force for complete gay equality is a cynical political whore, willing to throw the gay community under the bus for another generation.

  9. GregV says

    @Kelehe: I don’t know what “2/3 majority opposed to anti-gay rhetoric” you are referring to. But if it is the survey of 1,017 Americans that just came out, that one didn’t say any number “opposed” the rhetoric, but just that two-thirds believe that anti-gay rhetoric from church leaders contributes to suicides.

  10. GregV says

    … an edit to what I just posted: Actually, I’ll have to concede that in that survey, only 16% gave religious leaders in general an A or a B on their handling of homosexual issues, indicating that a lot of people think most churches are doing a bad job.
    But 45% gave their OWN place of worship an A or a B.

  11. Bobby says

    great job Dan Savage, just an outstanding job with It’s get better program. In my opinion he’s the top gay leader in the country today

  12. BobN says

    It would have been a lot more accurate and lot more credible if Dan had acknowledged the actions that the administration has taken. I know they’re not big, but by not mentioning them at all, he makes his comments less on point.

  13. Gridlock says

    Less carrot, more stick. The man is isn’t simply moving slowly on LGBT rights.. he’s fighting AGAINST them in court. That’s the opposite of progress.

    The time to be nice is long over. Political and financial threats are all that are understood. They will not GIVE us our rights unless we make it absolutely clear we will exact a deep and bloody cost for them otherwise.

    Words are meaningless when balanced against actions that are contrary to what has been said.

  14. r says

    kids of color can turn to a parent who knows what it’s like to be hated for the same reason that they are, and who can help their kids cope with prejudice. gay kids typically don’t have that, in fact, some of the greatest hopelessness comes from feared rejection by their parents.

  15. nic says

    there is something sublime about a measured, decent, off the cuff response. you are breathing rare air, mr. savage.

    good on you, buddy.

  16. BOBZ says

    We need to teach other teenagers to stick up to bullies badgering others. We need to make standing up to bullies a cool thing.
    thanks Dan.

  17. justiceontherocks says

    Dan was great. A+ for him!!!

    He highlighted a very important mistake in Obama’s message: the assumption that suicidal kids know where they can turn. They rarely do. Just more proof that Mr. Change and his minions just don’t get it.

  18. Trev says

    What’s amazing about this is that Dan Savage and Dan Choi have Barack Obama on the defensive. I can’t think of a time when gay activists have wielded so much power over an American president.

    Obama’s “It Gets Better” video was purely reactive. He never would have done it without the pressure. And the spinning he’s been doing over DADT is just plain desperate.

    The maturity and strength both Dans have been demonstrating lately is truly impressive. Our fierce advocate could learn a lot by watching them.

  19. DougChgo says

    Thank goodness Dan is so on message — so that he can correct the anchor when he says something as boneheaded as “Do you think these high-profile suicides have helped [the It Gets Better] campaign?” Remember that this is the same anchor who asked Will Phillips (BTW: a truly fierce advocate), “What’s a gaywad?” This is the best that CNN can do? Again, thank goodness Dan was able to get back to the point.

  20. ty says

    Excellent, so glad to hear that our issues are being addressed in a way that isn’t simply arguing for more aids funding. Now we are advocating for respect instead, and it’s helping.

  21. Todd says

    OK, starting ‘It Gets Better’ is one thing…but holding the president/media/us accountable to the point…THAT’S impressive. Bravo, Dan — and thank you!

  22. RCS says

    I’m so proud that Dan spoke to the concerns so eloquently, so calmly, and with so much class. Thank you for your hard work on this, Dan!

  23. Mathew says

    Isn’t defending DOMA and DSDT acts of bullying? I don’t see a difference between abuse in high schools and abuse written into our laws.

  24. Kyle Michel Sullivan says

    The video finally played for me (Verizon Fios is NOT all that great, at times) and I think everything Dan said was honest and to the point, especially his reminder that GLBT kids do NOT always have an adult they can talk to. Only a deliberate fool would think that.

    As for Obama, once again he’s shown himself to be nothing but an opportunistic feather blowing in the wind. When the breeze goes right, he goes right; when the breeze goes left, he goes left; same for up, down sideways, backwards, forwards, you name it.

    I’m not voting for the SOB in 2012. I’ll vote Green, instead. And I sincerely hope it’s Dan Savage who runs.

  25. wimsy says

    It’s refreshing to see that complete idiots who have nothing constructive to offer, nevertheless insist on annoying others with their blather. Instead of bitch-bitch-bitching, Dan Savage starts a program to reassure and encourage vulnerable young gay, and even convinces celebrities and major public figures to join “It Gets Better.” In contrast we have “Stuffed Animal,” an ignoramus who is a complete waste of oxygen and bandwidth.

  26. says

    Dan’s response was excellent, but I also agree we need to more actively hold Obama’s feet to the fire. Clinton, however, has done everything she can to come through for GLBT Americans: just look at her policies in the State Department.

  27. William says

    Sidebar – Can I just say that Dan was most likely in Bloomington, IN – home of Indiana University. CNN moving to fast again.