1. Wayne says

    I agree with the term “thug”, but he’s correct, and this is a point I simply don’t understand. The military doesn’t want gays and lesbians. They never have. Why would anyone willingly join an organization, no matter how prestigious, that doesn’t want you? There are ample opportunities to serve your country openly outside of the military. Perhaps if all gays and lesbians quit serving and stopped enlisting they would get the point. I’m not saying it’s not discrimination, I’m simply asking “why?”

  2. Tigerama says

    I’ll try to be fair in my response.

    Yes, they get to make the rules – but does that mean that the regulation barring black soldiers from duty, or women from most jobs, should have stood as well?

    More philisophically, expansion is good for the military in general – adding minorities of color and women to the Armed Services has strengthened them with a perspective and culture it wouldn’t otherwise have had. The military’s mission parameters have expanded beyond point and shoot, and in modern times requires a finesse an all-male military would not have had.

    Drawing to a conclusion – the same can only be true of the inclusion of homosexual soldiers as well. By allowing them to serve openly, you ADD to the military, not detract.

    And coming at it from another angle – all right, so that means that there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, or “rule breakers” in existence in the military right now. Following your logic, should they ALL exit, en masse? How does that help military readiness, especially in a time of war?

    Thanks for listening.

  3. Wayne says

    Thanks for the response, but that’s exactly my point. What would they do if the thousands of existing gays/lesbians exited together? They would crumble. Makes quite a point. Why should I be concerned with military readiness when they won’t accept me to be part of that? I totally understand the need to repeal, I just don’t understand why anyone would want any part of such a discrimintory institution. You don’t see gay men/women running to join the Boy Scouts. In fact, I see articles all of the time on this site and others slamming the Scouts and urging gays/lesbians to leave them alone. Why doesn’t the same hold true here? Just looking at all sides and trying to understand. I’m a gay man but would never desire to be part of something that doesn’t want me.

  4. Shawn says

    To be honest I don’t understand why anyone gay or otherwise would want to join the army but thank goodness they do.

    Wayne I can understand why you wouldn’t want to join where you are unwanted. But again thank goodness for people who are willing to be pushy and let others know that gays are here and it doesn’t matter if we are wanted or not.

    I’m thankful that I can live in the neighbourhood of my choosing, work the profession I choose and it doesn’t matter a lick whether or not anyone wants gays.

    I think it’s tremendously important for gays and lesbians to be allowed to serve openly in the US military. It’s a government organization. To institutionalize hetero supremacy in government organizations is dangerous. Far more dangerous in my opinion than the offensive positions of the Scouts. Though maybe that’s a battle worth revisiting ‘tomorrow’.

  5. Steve says

    The token counterpoints in there are really ridiculous and drag the whole piece down several notches.

    The most silly argument is “Her case has nothing to do with DADT. She chose to leave. She didn’t have to.” Duh! She chose to leave because of the emotional and psychological harm inflicted because of DADT. Harm that those people don’t even comprehend or acknowledge as existing. To them it’s just “Just don’t tell anyone you’re gay. How hard can it be?”

    Btw, not everyone realizes that they are gay when they join. Some only realize or acknowledge it in their early 20s or even later.