1. James E. Pietrangelo, II says

    Hillary knows all about bullying Gay people. Indeed, she condoned and continues to condone the bullying of one of her own employees, a Foreign Service Officer named Karl Olson, who is Gay. When Karl was stationed in the U.S. Consulate in Brazil, the Consular Chief there, Edwin Beffel, humiliated him by giving him a “three-dollar bill” with the words “Queer Reserve Note” and a suggestive picture of Bill Clinton on it. The Consul General there, David Zweifel, also sent an official cable to the State Department in effect asking for a witch hunt against Karl and another FSO whom Zweifel thought was Gay. Despite excellent service from Karl, and excellent reviews of Karl from raters both before and after these anti-Gay incidents, Beffel and Zweifel gave Karl less than favorable evaluations. Karl sued, and Hillary still argues in court to this day that Karl was fairly evaluated. Hillary is like Barack–just another anti-Gay bigot trying to act like they’re a fierce advocate. Got news for you Hillary–one of the reasons LGBT kids do kill themselves is because they know that their entire life will be filled with discrimination from people like you. The discrimination needs to end, period. That is the problem.

  2. Omar says

    I love her as well and am not over her losing to “that one”. As Secretary of State she did not have to do this and she did.

  3. dennis says

    where the hell is our president? he should have been the one taking a leadership role on this issue. what does the state department have to do with bullying of children in our schools?
    once again obama’s homophobic related failures have been exposed! he is homophobic and we as gays and lesbians helped elect him into office. does he really believe we are equal to straight people? he constantly, indirectly tells us we are not.
    and yes, i voted for him and will in the 2012 election, unless hillary runs.

  4. says

    Those Clintons can write probably better than anyone today. And this was beautiful, so much better than off the cuff stutterings of celebreties, bragging about how great their lives are.
    I love my sweet Hillary.

  5. Bob says

    yeah.. she is concerned about the bullying but doesnt think you have the right to get married.

    amazed that so many of you love the triangulating incremtalist.

    maybe she could speak out about Uganda being SoS and all.

  6. steve says

    What a heartless and emotionless speech. F’ing do something to repeal DOMA and DADT if you give a shit. As long as those laws are still on the books, young LGBT kids are still going to feel like second-class citizens.
    Nothing but a nice gesture.

  7. Martin says

    This video brought tears to my eyes for 2 reasons.

    (1) It is a very thoughtful gesture by an administration official who wouldn’t normally do these kinds of things. I would think that if not the President, maybe the First Lady. If not, the Sec. of Education. HRC did a wonderful job conveying a message that everyone in this country should. She delivered the message with compassion and grace.

    (2) After the bruising campaign of 2008, where mere mortals like myself probably would have slunk away to tend to my wounds and never want to be anywhere near a camera, HRC rose up and answered the call of duty, and she has served admirably and amazingly as S.O.S. There’s no way in hell (sadly) that she will challenge the current president in 2012, and she probably might retire from politics once she feels she’s done her job in her current capacity. She surely would make one helluva POTUS! *sigh*

  8. Wilberforce says

    Thanks Martin. You’re so right. She didn’t have to do this. It might carry a political risk, something a lot of these guys don’t understand. She did it anyway.
    And thanks Brian. Hot heads usually don’t bother with the facts. But you put them out there calmly and clearly. Sweet.

  9. Clifw says

    @Steve- what does the State Dept have to do with DOMA or DADT?

    One of the first things Hillary did as SoS was enlarge the rights and protections for GLBT FSOs and their families, including increasing the opportunities for same sex partners to accompany (where the receiving state allows it) on overseas postings.

    It may just be a ‘nice gesture’ but its a nice gesture she didn’t have to make, and one which has been backed up by her actions at State.

  10. StillmarriedinCA says

    @Brian In Texas– Obama responded to a QUESTION at the town hall. In other words, he was FORCED to address the issue. There is no video of his statements, only a transcript. And his answer does nothing to address young people directly to let them know they have a friend and to give them advice on how to survive, like Hillary did. Only a handful of people even know that he has “spoken out on gay bullying” as you put it. But I guess in your apologist world, he has dealt with the subject and we should be ever so grateful that he is our fierce advocate in chief.

  11. JeffNYC says

    “…amazed that so many of you love the triangulating incremtalist [SIC]…”

    Amazed that you could call still her that (not to mention spell it incorrectly) when Obama has been exactly that: a triangulating incrementalist

  12. TANK says

    This video brought tears to my eyes as well…because I sat on my balls. Obama doesn’t know gay people, and doesn’t associate with them. We are purely an abstraction to him and those who he surrounds himself with. Hillary does know gay people, and we are not just an abstraction to her. Would she have been a better choice with regard to gay rights? I don’t know…but she would have been a better choice…because she wouldn’t have allowed the health insurance reform bill to be basically stripped of just about everything…not after her go about with the american hating right back in ’94. Obama simply doesn’t understand how politics works outside of a campaign. But, it’s too late…we’re stuck with him.

  13. Hank says

    I don’t know what a triangulating incrementalist is but…it’s cool she did this. Yes she’s publicly opposed gay marriage but at least this is a start. It’s a shame kids had to die for this issue to get attention but I’m glad it’s finally getting the attention it’s needed for a long time. I hope now school administrators, teachers, parents and students will change the culture where gay bullying and harrassment is tolerated and even encouraged.

  14. says

    This is gross. This is scripted and probably not even written by Clinton. Her monotony alludes to the possibility that she has not even read this script before the recording.

    This is a cheap political stunt. I’d rather see Clinton speak from the heart.

    While I complain, I’m still elated that she is reaching out, how ever slightly.

  15. missanthrope says

    Remember that time her husband signed a law…..I think it was called the Defense of Marriage….and made that DADT thing, pretty cool right?

    I’ll never understand why people will fawn over fair-weathered liberals who will put in to place homophobic policies if they’re popular just because they’ve made a five minute video. These people may not be as bad as Bush Jr. or Pat Roberson, but they are not our friends.

  16. Brian in Texas says

    @ Roger

    Send his ass clown cabinet back to Chicago…you mean the one Hilary is a part of?



  17. says

    The Love Hillary/Hate Obama tone to some of these comments is curious given that she’s not ad libbing here or speaking as candidate Hillary; she is reading a carefully prepared statement (probably one prepared by someone else whose boss is the “community gardener”) that may represent her views but also clearly represent the views of the administration she is representing. She’s not a free agent running for office–and anyone who thinks she’ll run in 2012 is fantasizing. I’m glad she was a voice for Obama’s administration on this issue, since she commands respect, as she should. I salute her speaking out and hope she urges the President himself to speak out further. But it’s illogical to see her as a counterpoint to Obama’s views and policies while she is acting as his Secretary of State. If she’s as fabulous as some here seem to think she is, we should be grateful that she is part of the (actual) President’s cabinet.

  18. ratbastard says

    OMG….She has publicly opposed gay marriage and her husband [who doesn’t believe she had no influence in the oval office?] did little for gays aside from DADT. When it became apparent this wasn’t working out well, he could have easily quietly issued an executive order integrating gays into the armed forces, just like Truman did with black folks long ago. Truman caught hell, but he didn’t care and simply did it. And it ultimately didn’t hurt him politically. The Clinton Crew, Obama Crew….bullshitters, stringing the dumb ‘fags’ along while accepting gay votes, campaign time, and cash. This is the reality, not the marketing / P.R. bullshit.

  19. Wil says

    Don’t give up, you’re future is bright…unless you want to do something crazy like get married.

    How is this brave? How is it not totally hypocritical? She is the nth person to make one of these videos, but probably the only one who has done it who doesn’t support equal rights for everyone.

    It’s true, she didn’t “have to.” No one “had to” support the causes (all of them) of many minorities in history. They did it because it was right, not because it was politically expedient or fashionable.

  20. says

    Hillary would have been better because she and Bill are better policy wonks. They would have used fiscally responsible Clinotnomics, with better strategic spending to stimulate the economy, and reconciliation to get a stronger healthcare bill without waiting for months on the republicans. Obama threw away a ton of political capital and now he may loose the congress.
    But the far left and the powers that be forced him on us.
    And you’re right. We’re stuck with him.

  21. Sebastian says

    No Wilberforce,

    You’re not stuck with him. Just vote him out in 2012 and he and his family can move on and do other things and make tons on $$$ And won’t have to give a fuck what the gays think about them.
    You’ll finally have your Hillary in office hoepfully and you’ll just feel better with a white woman smiling in your face while NOTHING gets passed for this community then Barack.

    But Oh he’ll be gone and I for one will be glad he doean’t have to hear hypocrites who DIDN’T vote for him or felt they were forced to vote for him complain!

  22. Brains says

    Most of you in here are as stupid, ignorant, misinformed, and bigoted, as any Tea Party member I know, and that includes Sarah Palin.

    Where was Hillary Clinton when her dick-sucked husband, useless Bill, signed DOMA and DADT?

    Does time erase those drugged-filled brain cells oh clueless wonders!


  23. Brains says

    And Wilberforce…..not the one of historical significance… Raised from the dead!

    Try again!

    Your attempt at intellectualizing your nonsense falls flat on its face. Just in case you were not aware: the “Clinton Economic Team” sits in the White House, presently!

    What do you think about that Einstein!

  24. TANK says

    Clintonomics? You don’t understand economics…Clinton and Bush admins are both responsible for the rampant deregulation that enabled banks too big to fail to hold congress hostage. I still think hillary wouldn’t have caved for healthcare reform, however. Obama doesn’t have the acumen or, really, will to use the executive to his and the country’s advantage. This comment section’s ass.

  25. says

    Yeah the Clinton team sit there, but they didn’t use Clintonomics. They used outdated Keynesianism. They’re both policy platforms that I don’t have time to explain. Let’s just say that Keynesianism didn’t work, ran up the deficit, and threw away a ton of political capital. All that was predictable.
    As for doma and dadt, I also don’t have time to cover politics 1A, or talk about the generals’ role in dadt or public opinion on doma.
    I was just trying to talk with Tank. But thanks for the name calling.

  26. TANK says

    “Yeah the Clinton team sit there, but they didn’t use Clintonomics.”

    Oh MY GOD! Stop using that term. It’s ridiculous. It’s based solely on the surplus, while completely overlooking the deregulatory policies the Clinton admin implemented and that was continued (and ramped up) under Bush II, resulting in the inevitable catastrophe we’re still reeling from, and that was likely just a sampling of what’s in store.

    And Brains, I’m not a racist…I’ve seen all of the big mama’s house movies…and after that, I’m bulletproof, baby.

  27. Sebastian says

    As for doma and dadt, I also don’t have time to cover politics 1A, or talk about the generals’ role in dadt or public opinion on doma.
    I was just trying to talk with Tank. But thanks for the name calling.

    Posted by: Wilberforce | Oct 20, 2010 2:28:55 AM

    But Wilberforce you’re ready to Blame Obama for everything aren’t you? But not The Clinton’s. Who cares about the general’s if that be the case those same generals are in Obama’s way so can he get that excuse as well?

    Look sweetie. Most of us already know the gays didn’t want Obama it’s safe to say that. But stop making the Clinton’s look like Angels. Regardless of him signing D.A.D.T and D.O.M.A and her NOT supportive of Gay Marriage you all still adore them?

    That I just don’t get! Hypocritical thinking of our community. One can do it. But the other one can’t? SMDH!

  28. Paul says

    Thanks to Hillary and the State Department I am now recognised by my partner’s employer (the UN) as a spouse and receive all the benefits of heterosexual spouses.
    This came after 15 years of being told “No!” So yes – she has proved herself an ally of the LGBT community.

  29. Sebastian says

    Thanks to Hillary and the State Department I am now recognised by my partner’s employer (the UN) as a spouse and receive all the benefits of heterosexual spouses.
    This came after 15 years of being told “No!” So yes – she has proved herself an ally of the LGBT community.

    Posted by: Paul | Oct 20, 2010 4:35:26 AM

    She ain’t no fucking ally you selfish faggot! You just want to believe anything she says and forgive her!

  30. nic says

    there will always be the ditzy little sissies and the repug ‘plants’ with the, “yes but” comments. what clinton tried to do in 1993 as it pertained to the integration of gays in the military was a long shot. the conservative base in his own democratic senate lead by conservative senator sam nunn was opposed. an executive order by clinton to force the issue would have been overridden. thus, he proposed a compromise, ‘don’t ask don’t tell.” the president is not ‘king’. he cannot simply sign a directive into law. the reason truman was able to order integration of blacks into the services by executive order was that america needed the blood of black, brown, red, yellow soldiers to survive. never mind that they were all denied basic rights under the constitution. let us be honest: conservative, right-wing, religious bigots have held sway over america for too long. it is time that they were called on their bullshit.

  31. Matt26 says

    Wonderful! Excellent video. Deep, human message. Thank you.
    (I still think what if she was a president, but I guess democrates wanted to go the other way.)

  32. 11 says


    I’m not complaining at all, but i felt the same way. If i were doing this video, i would have done it with a much more personal tone. Hillary might not have that though (this was a big problem in her campaign, remember?).

  33. EJ says

    My God . . . it seems it doesn’t matter what certain people do,
    The fact is that Mrs. Clinton did it is so worth while, give the woman a break.

    Why are so many gay individuals trying to make the message wrong, we need as much support as we can get, and this is an open and important step.

    Secretary Clinton is not 5 steps away from Mother Teresa, the message was done in good faith, read it for the what it is and stop trying to make it wrong!

  34. EJ says

    My God . . . it seems it doesn’t matter what certain people do,
    The fact is that she did is so worth while, give the woman a break.
    Why are so many gay individuals trying to make the message wrong, we need as much support as we can get, and this is an important step.

    Secretary Clinton is not 5 steps from Mother Teresa is a mystery, the message was done in good faith, read it for the what it is and stop trying to make it wrong!

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