1. Zo says

    I’ve worked in the public sector for almost 20 yrs and trust me there’s been more than once where I wanted to do the same thing because of obnoxious, demanding, ridiculous, customers.

  2. says

    I don’t believe a word he’s saying. I don’t believe the incident ever happened with the bag. People on the flight would have been able to ID the mystery woman with the oversized bag, or the man he’s describing could have IDed her. Then when King asks him about the widely reported quotes from a passengers saying he arrived with a cut on his head he says that’s the first he’s heard of it? If I’ve heard of it, he has—you know he and his legal team have scoured every report.

    I think he has substance issues and lost control that day. No excuse for it, not even rude passengers—which, if you listen to this version of events he’s giving now, weren’t even to blame. At first, we’d been led to believe this mystery lady was somehow behaving outrageously. Now, she’s just fussing with her bag and getting frustrated…that happens on EVERY FLIGHT.

    And the beers he stole, he’s careful to say he drank them as he walked into his door (not on the car ride home, right? RIIIIGHT).

    Why anyone would find this guy inspiring or sympathetic is beyond me. Even so, I expect his book will sell…in the tens of copies.

    (And no, I don’t know why I care so much. He is just a human pet peeve of mine. Pay no attention…[waves hands toward exit].)

  3. radiaz says

    I completely agree. The passenger who caused this incident should be named, shamed and charged with assault. My guess is, she’s probably a high-flying attorney for some big law firm somewhere.

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