1. Lucrece says

    More political crap. It’s getting to the point of proselytizing. Yes, Republicans are bad and shouldn’t be voted for. How many times do you need to politically poke gay people to get that message through?

  2. George says

    Thanks for that. I didn’t think it was at all about proselytizing. Meg just didn’t think through what she was saying—of course, bothering to vote might have helped her memory!

  3. B-rod says

    I don’t live in california, but I wouldn’t vote for her just because of that awful hairdo she has….it’s straight out of 1973 or something. God lady, get a make-over. You got the money.

  4. Drew says

    This posts lately have been boring. Let CNN handle the political stuff. You don’t even live in California. What’s it to you?

  5. Ken says

    What is it with these comments today?
    Love the political coverage on this site and this was a great ad for Brown.
    @B-Rod: Fiorina said almost the exact same thing about Boxer’s hair, enough with the focus on female candidates looks.
    @Drew: The next Governor of California will make some decisions that could impact the whole nation, including the defense of Prop 8, that’s why we should care.

  6. E.Eagle says

    Woah, some nasty going around here. I was happy to see it, it’s funny… and we’re a week away from a massive election, I think it’s completely appropriate to post this stuff.

  7. JC says

    Very happy to see this political coverage. The ad was funny, and this race is DIRECTLY relevant to LGBT issues, considering the fact that Whitman is anti-gay and wants to enact anti-gay policies.

  8. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    The Brown ad is clever and I’d never have seen it if not here.

    Maybe this is an opportunity for a line extension: Towleroad Lite for Twinks, devoid of serious news but lots of pretty pictures. Perhaps the high-bandwidth ad links could move there too, since those of us old enough to remember when Jerry Brown was kinda nerdy/hot (even if he was schtupping that Ronstadt girl) might still be using dial-up.

  9. says

    Considering that Whitman has promised that she would work to appeal Prop 8 if elected and that’s rather major gay news, I think coverage of this race IS rather important.

  10. David Rossi says

    Please, oh please don’t leave political news to CNN! CNN? Really?
    Please continue to post political news here, if only for the possibility of waking up some of the apathetic. If you don’t like what is on offer here, there is always TMZ, or Perez Hilton.

  11. patrick nyc says

    ANDY ignore the trolls, they bitch because that is all they know how to do. As I’ve said too often, you don’t like it go else where, or even better, start your own blog and see how easy it is to do.

  12. wslandry says

    Who gives a rats ass about her hair? I’m not impressed with either one of these morons! She wants to tax the crap out of us, break up what little unions we have left and take away being or extend the time being vested with a company 10 years instead of five. This whole think of her not voting for years is really strange as well. We all know that Pro 8 won’t even enter her mind if shes elected period!

  13. Kyle Michel Sullivan says

    Classic case of not knowing WTF you’re doing, as usual. Meg’s really a piece of work. If she’s voted in, after 7 years of Arnie — that state is doomed. And I can talk about it; I lived there until 2 years ago, when I had to leave so I could find a job. Thanks, Arnie. Thanks GOP. You’ve screwed everyone over.

  14. Becareful What You Shop For says

    I don’t know what it would do for CA, but the worst possible thing for Meg Whitman would be to win.

    Being governor is not like being CEO of a fast growing internet company where you can spend 7 billion for skype. High cash flow covers lots of mistakes.

    Besides Jerry Brown is so retro. Bring him back just for old times sakes. Meg harshes my mellow.

  15. CarolO says

    Thank you, Meg, for your fine endorsement for Brown. He doesn’t need to run negative ads about you because you do it so well yourself. LOL