1. Drew says

    As a citizen of California, I don’t consider Arnold Schwarzenegger all that bad- so I’m missing the negative connotation here? What, because he’s Republican? People don’t like him because he stood up to a selfish state legislature and overpaid, bloated state workforce?

    He’s been a better friend to the gay community than most Democrats. I’m tired of politicians who make promises to get out our community’s vote, and than don’t do anything to help earn us the right to marry. He may not be perfect, but at least he’s a Republican who stood up for gay and lesbian rights, and was against Prop 8.

    In the long run neither Jerry Brown nor Meg Whitman will champion equality or gay rights. That is the sad reality.

  2. says

    Brown may not “champion” gay rights, but he’d sign laws supporting gay rights and work for them.

    Meg Whitman on the other hand…

    I think your point fails, though I *will* agree that Arnold wasn’t all that bad on GLBT issues, and good for a Republican, it’s just that (despite what the ad says) Whitman isn’t Arnold, at least on gay issues, as I understand it.

  3. John says

    His popularity with gays and lesbians notwithstanding, the governator is one heavily damaged cyborg.

    Arnold is the friend nobody wants in this election.

    Brown, Whitman, Fiorina, and Boxer have not asked for – nor do any of them want – his endorsement. His approval rating is in the low 20s. Meg Whitman herself has been running against the governor’s stated positions on carbon emissions, Prop. 8, taxes, and immigration reform. Her people even told the Sacramento Bee that Scharzenegger has been colluding with unnamed Democrats (i.e. Jerry Brown) on policy matters. Moonbeam has decided to turn that argument around by accusing her of plagiarizing the very person who she supposedly disagrees with.

  4. princely54 says

    @Drew, the point is California is in a financial tailspin. Is that all the Gov’s fault? Of course not. But just like Bill Clinton, GW Bush and Obama learned, when you are the leader you get the credit when times are good and the blame when times are bad.

    This ad isn’t about how one party or the other views the gay community, its about the same hoary (NOT ‘whorey”!) promises that the GOP gives over and over again regardless of reality and the times we live in.

    We may disagree on details, but tell me HOW Whitman can use that line that Arnold did in this day and age by saying “we don’t have a revenue problem…”?! OF COURSE WE DO! High unemployment like the state of California is suffering from leads to less tax revenues. The state government cannot just continue to cut, cut, cut because at some point all you have left is bone. (Similar to the Federal situation — all those right wingers who say ‘cut cap gains, cut Education, more tort reform, etc.” are full of shit. All their issues on cutting add up to very little when it comes to balancing budgets. It’s all about agenda and political philosophy with them. We can’t feed kids and ourselves on philosophy.)

    I don’t know if it’s reality that neither will champion equality. It’s hard to ignore that Brown, as Atty Gen of the state, has refused to appeal Prop 8, and really, didn’t defend it in the trial. Whitman, on the other hand, said as Gov she would FIND A WAY to defend it! She is openly opposed to gay marriage. I say, you have to accept this as a pretty good road map of what to expect from each candidate.

  5. Luke says

    To Drew:

    Would it be fair to point out here that Meg Whitman has made it a campaign issue that she would reverse Schwarzenegger’s decision against appealing the federal marriage equality case and announced her intention as governor to submit an appeal? Jerry Brown, as California’s Attorney General, helped moved Schwarzenegger on this by leading the way in refusing to appeal the case.

    While Schwarzenegger has been a decent ally to the LGBT community of late, it’s also worth noting that he not only vetoed both marriage equality bills that came across his desk, he announced his intentions to do so within 24 hours of their legislative approval each time, which was a thumb in the proverbial eye. Had he signed *either* of those bills, California could have had marriage equality months or years before the state supreme court made it happen only a few months before Prop 8 passed. He could have changed history, and Schwarzenegger will forever have this on his resume, not the Democratic legislature which passed those bills both times.

  6. says

    Drew – Schwarzenegger vetoed bills passed by both houses of the Legislature that would have legalized gay marriage – TWICE. He has a 29 percent approval rating, according to a new Public Policy Institute of California poll out yesterday.

    What Californians have learned from electing Schwarzenegger is that having “business experience” does not necessarily make you an effective elected official. We need experienced pols to get us out of this mess. There’s no guarantee that Brown can do it but it is a dead certain Whitman cannot.

    Besides, she’s spent $140 million but no one I know in California can answer this fundamental question: WHY? Why does she want to be governor? Scuttlebutt is, her plan was to get elected gov in 2010 so she could be Romney’s running mate in 2012. I have no idea whether it’s true but it’s the most plausible rationale I’ve heard yet.

  7. says

    I think the commercial shows the recycling of the same old rhetoric. Also, Meg Whitman is touting that the state needs a business leader, not a politician. Arnold was a businessman/actor, not a politician (never ran for or held office before), same as Whitman, so, her argument is moot.

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