1. jamesintoronto says

    It only goes to prove why smart and thoughtful people don’t get into politics. It is a game that forces you to muck around in the same swill with people like this. In Toronto we are in the midst of a mayoral election and it saddens me to say that I have no idea who I’m going to vote for because none of the candidates seem to have a vision for my city. I feel sorry for the state of Kentucky as they seem to have no choice either.

  2. Wes says

    There’s a lot to attack Paul over, and perhaps this is the most effective route considering the state in question, but I can’t help but feel its unfair and more than a little repulsive.

  3. Kugel says

    Clearly, Kentuckians could care less that Paul would abolish Medicare and Social Security, or that he opposes provisions in the Civil Rights Act, so… “Aqua Buddha”.

    Repubs never play fair, and Dems roll over. I’m in the “take the teabaggers down any way you can” camp. Lord knows they won’t give a second thought to how they’ll hurt us once in power

  4. MammaBear says


    If you’re not sure who to vote for between Rob Ford and George Smitherman, please vote for the one that’s not Rob Ford.

    It’s not a great choice, but surely we can agree that Rob Ford’s platform of using office supplies from his other full time job, and priority cleaning of graffiti doesn’t really qualify as a platform.

    And yes, there’s limited room for telling it like it is in politics these days – the public can’t handle the truth.

  5. Bart says

    This was like a high school bitch fight. I say put them in a ring and let them beat the shit out of each other. Whoever has the most teeth at the end of the match becomes Senator.

    I can’t say enough bad about Rand Paul. He’s so far out there that there’s nothing redeemable about him. But let me assure Jack Conway that not a single thing he highlighted was a “fundamental question.” This asswipe is the Attorney General of the State? He’s a dope and must have nothing to run on if this is the best he can do in a debate (or in an attack ad.)

    If you rub these two dimwits together, wouldn’t their heads spark?

  6. BenB says

    Ending faith-based initiatives and funding for religious charities? Wow, I never thought as a socialist that I could support a Republican policy. I live in the UK, but your own First Amendment forbids laws respecting an establishment of religion. Tax dollars shouldn’t be spent on furthering the interests of religious organisations looking to boost their numbers as is their apparent predilection. Anything constructive a religious organisation can do can be done better by an inclusive, non-partisan one.

    Rand Paul, however, is still putrid.

  7. gr8guyca says

    I’m a Democrat and I think Conway is a fool. There are so many substantive issues that he should be talking about. That is Rand Paul’s true weakness. To focus on a narrow issue that happened in college is ridiculous. It’s like a Democrat is trying to be as sleazy as a Republican – but failing.

  8. JNJ says

    I live here and I completely agree with the comments above – the ads and debates over the past two weeks with these two baboons has been ridiculous.

    I really keep wanting Jack to have a better showing at these things, but alas. Two wrongs…

    And Crispy – ditto. I’ve seen him naked in the gym locker room – not bad!

  9. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    Perhaps “Aqua Buddha” is a drinking fountain in the form of Buddha, and Rand Paul was offering his date a cool refreshing drink (she was a little tied-up so she couldn’t get it herself). It’s all perfectly innocent and he was actually being a thoughtful, considerate gentleman.

    Do I need to explain where the water comes out?


    @TANK: Wow, way to just parrot the same tired old stereotypes about people in Appalachia. Do you actually know anyone from the state? Have you ever even set foot there? Bigotry and ignorance aren’t cool, man, no matter who the target might be.

  11. Houndentenor says

    I was at Baylor about the same time as Paul. He shouldn’t be slammed for belonging to a satirical organization that took the piss out of the hypocrisy and self-righteousness of so much at that school.

    His policy positions are fair game. But college pranks? Really? This is what we’ve come to?

    Google the Noze Brothers. It’s like hating the publishers of The Onion.

  12. says

    PS to others condeming Conway

    Conway has been hammering Rand Paul on the issues of privatize everything including social security (if bush had his way and SS had been privatized imagine everyones SS down the drain when the market crashed during this recession)

    The problem that this is Kentucky

    again; home of the creationist museum that has adam and eve riding dinosaurs

    substantive issues do not sink through the neanderthal skulls of the majority of kentucky voters (there is a scary black man in the white house AYEEEEEEE!)

    only dark ages mumbo jumbo bible thumping does, thus why it is the home of the Creationist museum

    Hello, can i repeat that enough or has it sunk through everyone’s skull yet

    kentucky is the home of the creationist museum = backasswards dark ages state filled with neanderthals (sorry neanderthals for the put down of equating to kentucky red necks)

  13. says

    post post script


    proof of point the polls are now showing Rand loosing support due his belonging to a cultish secret society thing that isn’t xtian when he was in colege

    Hello! Kentucky + issues = DUHHHHH

    kentucky + religious nuttery= and ears perk up and the bible thumpers get scared of rand paul and aqua budha

  14. says

    The gay world condemns bullying as I read the comments of lots of bullies on this wall.

    Ever been to Kentucky? Know anything about it other than repeating stereotypes? That’s what I thought.

    I was born and raised in KY and college educated at a top 50 university. I was taught to be welcoming and understanding by a family that has lived nowhere else but KY. There are brainless morons across the nation and they all need there eyes opened to different ways of living. I will state that Kentuckians may be somewhat backwards but are some of the most generous people.

    So how bout you save your stereotypes and bullying and not blanket statement an entire state?

  15. TANK says

    How about no? Hmmm? How bout that, slick? I have been to kentuckah–one of my best friends from college was born and raised in rural kentuckah. He’s a smart guy (majored in computer science and mathematics, and then when on to get his phD). I talk to him quite a bit, actually. And there are exceptions…but he’d be the first to tellya…kentuckah isn’t known for being progressive or having particularly educated, intelligent tolerant people. Its history just doesn’t bear that out.

  16. says


    Kentucky = The Creationist Museum with adam and eve riding dinosaurs

    They didnt build it due to scenery, would have been Hawaii then, but rather due to cheap land (poverty state) and northern Kentucky being the most accepting spot in the USA for such nonsense (kaching the yocal locals will spend $ to visit the Creatist Museum)

    When kentuckians chase the creationist museum out on a rail then I’ll believe that kentucky has moved into the 20th century (its actually the 21st century everywhere else already)

  17. says

    post script yet again

    Kentucky ranks dead last out of 50 states in the USA on the running of their state and 49th 1 better than mississippi on education

    Hell, the usa on whole ranks like 25-27th in the world and out of the dismall lot that is the USA Kentucky ranks 2nd to last


    yeah kentuckian stereotypes are not correct at all, LOL

    bible thumping morons that only respond to the dog whistle of bible thumping otherwise they would demand their own state gov to run their state better so they wouldn’t rank 50th

  18. Sargon Bighorn says

    I see two men that are generally good looking but lack any brains to run a state, nation, or debate. All too often Americans vote for men that look good, yet don’t have the skills to manage a nation. Is it any wonder America is in the condition it’s in.

  19. Tom says

    @JNJ Regarding your last line in your comment, more details!

    I know another blogger, Scott from Bill in Exile, and he’s from Kentucky. He’s vastly bright. He actually knows Jack Conway.

  20. Dback says

    As an aside from the substance (or not) of this debate on the issues, the state of Kentucky, etc.: Jack Conway is so effing hot, I look at him and all I see is him in a pair of wet boxer shorts melting every ice cube within 10 feet of him.

  21. Kyle says

    I won’t sit and try to defend Kentucky to those who call us neanderthals and ass-backwards. I’m a student at a university in Kentucky and I’ve lived here since I was a kid, and while I see those who are against everything I stand for, I see more and more people that are increasingly progressive. Of course, I know that none of what I say will reach to some people because there’s a creation museum which of course means we, collectively, know nothing of science or common sense. So think what you want about stereotypes but I don’t see how it helps the social and cultural landscape at all when there has been a lot of screwed up and “ass-backwards” things about every state and country on this planet in the past and in the present.

    Now to the actual story. Both these politicians are shameful spectacles. Personally, I think Rand Paul is a nutcase since he wants to do away with so many things like the Department of Education, Energy, Agriculture. Unfortunately, they both seem like a step away from actors in this debate, albeit terrible actors and this is all just a show. Then again, that’s how I view all politicians these days.

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