Westboro Protests Met With Opposition, Hugs and Hogs


Pennsylvania's Trinity High School may have had early dismissal to thwart Westboro Baptist Church's protests yesterday, but scores of other Americans offered counter demonstrations to fight the anti-gay church's message.

A mass of students at Ohio State University gave out cookies and hugs to fight WBC with love. In Maryland, meanwhile, another large group of protesters also gathered to shout down the comparably small WBC.

The most creative objection, however, was at Arlington National Cemetery, where a group of motorcyclists revved their engines to drown out the WBC's protest of a fallen Navy SEAL.

One of the motorcyclists remarked, "I’m a vet myself, and I think what these people over here are doing is horribly wrong… If you want to protest a war, you do it with government officials, not with the soldiers who died for you; you don’t disrespect them and their families with such hatred.”

Sure, motorcycle engines may not be the most soothing method of confronting the Westboro Baptist Church, but it's reassuring to know that unknown numbers of Americans are in united in opposition to this hateful congregation.

Image via OSU's The Lantern.