1. pharmerandy says

    I always thought he was so adorable even without a six-pack. Everything else is just icing on the cake! ba-da-bum!

  2. YJ says


    I’m sorry but a six-pack does not make-up for his personality. He is a vacuous arrogant douche.

    In a battle of the douchebags between him and Morgan, Yigit may be the more subtle one but he comes out the bigger douchebag.

  3. jobriath says

    Dan Savage has always been hot as hell, and his attitude and politics make him even hotter.

    Yigit is a gorgeous boy.
    Love watching him on TCJD, but he tends to be a bit cocky, and I know, I know: editing.

    He still has a sweetness about him I really like – and I HATE the whole 6pack shit, so it’s him I’d like, not his body.

  4. DC says

    This is Cabo – he was on our Atlantis cruise last week from LA to Mexico. Only saw him with clothes on, during Charo (cuchi cuchi!).

  5. Kyle Sullivan says

    I don’t know him…but I’d like to, based just on his “It gets better” video. Nothing douche-like, sanctimonious or stupid there, just an honest response to a too-real issue.

  6. patrick nyc says

    Don’t watch the show, only seen him in ads for it, he’s hot, but the clip above was very sweet. I’ll get in line for dessert.

  7. Craig says

    He goes to my gym. Those pictures are not from last week’s cruise (which I was on too). They are from his gaydar profile and have been posted there for over a year. I think they are from Hawaii.

  8. Joe H says

    Great six-pack and overall body, sure. But that isn’t so hard to find in the gay community, guys. Looks-wise, I think he has a Ray Bolger/Ronald Reagan Jr. quality about him and isn’t particularly attractive. Might be a nice guy, though. Hard to tell on the show. But “gorgeous” and “adorable”? Hardly. All subjective I guess…

  9. Drew says

    I love that 2 other people were on the Atlantis cruise: LA to Mexico.

    I don’t remember seeing him at all.

  10. SSCHIEFRSHA says

    ……And of course he opens his mouth and Garland’s hot pink purse falls out. And then you are turned off.

  11. says

    “……And of course he opens his mouth and Garland’s hot pink purse falls out. And then you are turned off.”

    Only if we’re filled with internalized homophobia. And if Judy’s hot pink purse fell out of his mouth, it would probably be candy-coated, filled with pastry cream, and utterly delicious.

    I love that “poor” a-hole Morgan has to cope with the talented gay boys week after week (since the only other straight guy flipped his lid early on). It’s almost as gay as the Real Housewives.

  12. Kitty Litter says

    I don’t think he comes across bitchy at all. He stands up for himself. Does that make most gay men bitchy too if they don’t let themselves be taken advantage of? Too much hate in the gay community.

    As to the real question, who has seen him naked?


  13. Pastry Tart? Yes, please. says

    I’d be more interested in knowing if he can make breakfast.

    And if he keeps his tongue busy doing other things besides talking then what’s to complain about?

  14. steven says

    nope. gym bunnies are not my thing. This blog could be taken way more seriously without all the playgirl pics. Half the guys you show us are straight. or look straight. or are unnaturally developed.
    ill take a sissy anyday

    : )

  15. Yes Please says

    I know Yigit. He’s ADORABLE.

    Honestly, this guy is really great. he’s a sweetheart, he’s gorgeous, he’s got the whole package (pun intended). I’d let him fill my eclair AND fill his, any day of the week.
    (and to answer the question: i have, and would again)

  16. Lexxvs says

    Such a good looking guy. I would certainly pick him up out from a multitude, even not knowing he was gay, even not knowing nothing at all.
    It so easy to spot old resentful self loathing gay bitches out there too. Out of a multitude. Old, resentful and self loathing.