1. Keith says

    You forgot to mention that Kevin Lembo, an openly gay man won the election for State Comptroller in Connecticut making him the first openly LGBT person to win statewide office in Connecticut (if not the country).

  2. AJ says

    And once again, you forgot to mention that Tom “Kill the Gays” Emmer is terrifyingly close to being Governor here in MN. So close, they have to do another effing RECOUNT. When this happened with Al Franken and Norm Coleman it was 8 months of court battles. You’ll remember Emmer, Andy, as the jerk who hung out with that anti-gay Christian music group and Target and Best Buy pumped a bunch of money to which started the boycotts. Also for the first time in more than a generation, the GOP won both our House and Senate in MN. And Michelle Bachmann is back to embarrass the hell out of us some more.

  3. Greg says

    Additionally, West Point grad, hate-crime victim, and total bear Dan Manning lost his bid for the Kansas House. I was really pulling for him because it’s significant we are running for office in middle America. This might be one of these cases where losing still sort of wins. Good job, Dan.

  4. Darlinkula says

    Ha Ha Ha! Meg Whitman spent 150 MILLION DOLLARS only to LOSE. She was against gay rights, maybe if she would have had a gay hairstylist do her hair she would have won. SUCK IT YOU DIRT BAG REPUBLICANS!

  5. princely54 says

    So far, with the exception of the Atty General, Republicans ate shit in CA. But, given the position of Prop 8, Atty Gen is a pretty important position here in the state right now. But hope springs eternal here: Harris was trailing heavily when I went to bed and now she holds a slim lead. Keep those fingers crossed for the photo finish!

  6. Greg says

    Can someone tell me how to pronounce “Cicilline”?

    Does it rhyme with “trampoline”, “Sicilian”, or “tetrazinni”? And, do you enunciate the c’s like “Cheech and Chong”?

  7. eco-freak says

    The situation in MN is dire. We were poised for marriage equality with the election of a Dem governor. Instead Dem’s unexpectedly lost BOTH state houses (the senate for the first time in 38 years) and the governor’s race is undecided.

  8. RobinCA says

    So proud to be a Californian today. It looks like a Democratic sweep. I wouldn’t get too bummed out about the election. Two years of listening to John Boehner will lead to a revolt. The Republicans have the Tea Party to deal with. In the next two years, DADT will be gone, Obama will be more open to gay marriage and the economy will be on the rebound big time. Our economy in Cali is hurting, but I am so proud to live in a state that is so progressive. Green jobs are the future here.

  9. Zach says

    I’m still puzzling out why the citizens of one of the state’s most at risk of financial insolvency rejected legalizing something that would have pumped billions of dollars into the local economy.

  10. CoMo'mo says

    The tide washes in a pack of Republicans as it washes rubbish on the beach. We’ll live with the unsightliness and smell longer than we want, but another tide will take them away again. Political pollution injures and sometimes kills. We can keep working to clean it.

  11. niles says

    It’s the 80’s again! Gawd how I hated the 80’s. I do hope the Dems have learned a lesson from this. Do not elect a rookie with no experience as president just because the Kennedys like him. His insistence on pushing healthcare reform during a time of economic devastation pushed the electorate over the edge and ruined a once in a lifetime opportunity. It will take at least a generation for any progressive legislation to even get a hearing now on capitol hill. The gays will be damn lucky to survive without suffering some major negative setbacks.

  12. Timothy Kincaid says

    Correction: Lincoln Chaffee is an independent, not a Democrat. He was until recently a Republican and left the party over its social conservatism, especially its anti-gay positions.

  13. says

    Exit polling confirmed that voters remain deeply anxious about the state of the country, with the economy far and away the most pressing issue on their minds. Two-fifths of voters said their financial situation is worse than it was two years ago, according to the Associated Press. A similar proportion of the electorate said they support the tea party movement.

    Even before the night’s losses began to unfold, Democrats had begun speculating about how the party should respond to a grievous loss. The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday morning that some Democratic Party leaders are already hoping for a shakeup on the president’s team. The Journal quoted a House strategist describing emerging divisions between congressional Democrats and the White House: “On the Hill, there’s this sense that there are three [political] parties — the president, Democrats in Congress and Republicans in Congress.”

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