1. adam says

    I’m not sure how I feel about all these coming out/closeted gay story lines. I feel like they might be giving the wrong idea to youth that all their bullies are secretly gay when, in actuality, a lot of them are just dicks.

    And while I can’t speak for USNA…well…the HOTTER gays were always at USMA 😉 ha! Beat Navy kids!

  2. justiceontherocks says

    Lame? Gross/ What did you want, the belAmi boys going at it?

    That’s the way first kisses often are, halting and unsure.

    Nice to see this on a show for teens.

  3. RONTEX says

    Wow, that felt honest and HOT, I’m abusing the replay button.
    Now let’s hope they don’t kill one of them off, give one a brain tumor, etc. as with most t.v. drama’s do. It would be awesome if they would let them just develop a mature and honest relationship with some sex thrown in.

  4. latebrosus says

    @ Matt26: yes. I mean, I haven’t been following the wingnut media outlets, but I’m kind of surprised and heartened by the fact that this kiss, and Kurt’s a few weeks ago on Glee, has not resulted in the usual lame and bigoted diatribes hardcore conservatives like to unleash in response.

  5. scar2 says

    Too old & too much of a realist for the show but I love the Joshua Radin song playing in the background. Great fantasy material though. I prefer Modern Family & even the camp value of Glee. However, I’m happy there are more variations of gays on network TV. If only the same can be said about lesbians. I know – baby steps.

  6. SKOC211 says

    That was both hot and adorable.

    Perhaps it’s because I recently began to re-watch the first season of Queer as Folk but all these coming out stories have seemed so tame and so after school special. I know this and Glee are are on network television, so baby steps, but still….

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