Boy Scouts and Philadelphia Settle Real Estate Feud Inspired by BSA’s Anti-Gay Policies

The City of Philadelphia has settled its case with the Boy Scouts of America over trying to evict the group from the building they were renting from the city, basically for free, because the Scouts' anti-gay policies violated the city's anti-discrimination ordinances.

The AP reports: Scouts

"…a federal jury this year said the eviction would infringe on the private group's right to free association. Rather than appeal, the city will instead sell the building to the Cradle of Liberty Council for $500,000, less than half its $1.1 million value, council lawyer Jason Gosselin said Wednesday. In exchange, the Scouts will forgive the nearly $1 million in legal fees the city was ordered to pay the Scouts after losing the case. 'At the end of the day, the Boy Scouts will be writing a check to the city, rather than the other way around,' Gosselin told The Associated Press. "This is a better solution than having to go through an appeals process.'' City Council will vote on the deal Thursday, although it's not clear that approval is needed to settle the case, he said."