Colorado School Objects to Student’s ‘Marriage is So Gay’ T-Shirt


A student supporter of marriage equality was forced to change her "marriage is so gay" t-shirt after officials at Falcon High School, outside of Colorado Springs, objected, KKTV reports:

"I have a lot of family members and friends that are gay and they don't have the same rights as us," Kate said.

The Falcon High School senior took the "Marriage is so Gay" message to school this week to show support, she said, for making same-sex marriage legal. Her principal didn't approve.

"It became a big deal and I refused to take it off," she said.

"Our district does have a dress code policy, all the students are aware of it,” said District 49 spokesperson Stephanie Merideth. According to Meridith, the school's principal acted within the parameters of the school dress code, which gives an administrator room to decide when a line has been crossed.

"If it's obscene, lewd, or anything that might be disruptive to the educational environment,” Meridith said, “Those are things where a judgment call might come into play."