Dr. Laura Signs Deal for Satellite Radio Show with Sirius XM


Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who said she was giving up radio back in August after her much-publicized N-word rant, has signed a deal with Sirius XM (which has previously broadcast a syndicated version of her terrestrial radio show), according to an AP report, published prematurely.

The HuffPost reports:

"Schlessinger will begin on Sirius XM on January 3, just three days after signing off from terrestrial radio."

Said Schlessinger in August: "Well, I'm here to say that my contract is up for my radio show at the end of the year and I have made the decision not to do radio anymore. The reason is: I want to regain my First Amendment rights. I want to be able to say what's on my mind, and in my heart, what I think is helpful and useful without somebody getting angry, some special interest group deciding this is a time to silence a voice of dissent, and attack affiliates and attack sponsors…I'm sort of done with that. I'm not retiring. I'm not quitting. I feel energized actually, stronger and freer to say the things that I believe need to be said for people in this country…I write books. I have blogs. I have my Web site…This is the area — this is the era of the Internet."

According to the report, Schlessinger's new show will be three hours long, broadcast daily.


  1. ratbastard says

    This bitch and her whole clan are freaks. Can’t believe she didn’t just drop out completely after the scandal involving her son in the army. Who the frig listens to this whore? Who would seriously take advice from her?

  2. Paul Bashline says

    Dear Sirius/XM Radio,

    As a long time listener of Sirius and now a subscriber to Sirius-XM radio via my partner, I am extremely dismayed that you have signed Dr. Laura Schlesinger to a new, 3-hour show premiering January 3rd. For someone who talks a great deal about taking personal responsibility and having consequences, Schlesinger avoids both for spewing racial slurs and propagating hate on her radio show. You are now giving her another platform in which to continue to spew her traditional brand of hate. I must review, along with my partner, our continued subscription to Sirius/XM radio. We cannot in good conscience support a platform that allows for continuous hate speech.

    In a time where GLBT youth are committing suicide because of bullying, Sirius/XM is now allowing one of this country’s biggest bullies to continue to traumatize and insight violence. I am all for protecting free speech however her views and speech are tantamount to yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. Can Sirius/XM afford the scrutiny and controversy that will come from signing this deal with her? Probably, but for me, I will be listening less and less and may in time, cancel our subscription. Dr. Laura Schlesinger equals hate speech at its worst.

  3. Jerome says

    Fuck me, I thought she was gonna hop on her broom and ride into the sunset. Is Sirius serious? There goes my subscription renewal.

  4. princely54 says

    @Paul, though I agree with your sentiments about this shrew, I also should point out that she’s been on there all along. I also have Sirius and have for about 4 years now and she’s been on there that long, at least.

    I know its a little bit different since she’ll now be actually on JUST Sirius, but like a lot of people on there (mostly Sirius Patriot — the right wing nutjob station) I simply NEVER listen to it. With all of the choices on there, its easy to avoid her. I have come to enjoy so many things on that system (not the least of which is OutQ) that I refuse to let that hydra keep me from enjoying myself. Fuck her.

    But, I also totally support you sending the message to Sirius. Good on you and your partner.

  5. Brandon h says

    I’m so glad I let my free trial of xm expire on my new chevy.
    Sorry signorile, my money ain’t going to her paycheck.

  6. galore says

    LOL! Satellite Radio.

    I cancelled my subscriptions a few years ago when cell service became reliable enough to listen to Wunder Radio via my cell phone, which works wonderfully and which lets me tune into radio stations that do not play the same 10 songs (terrestrial USA radio) or the same 30 songs (satellite radio genre channels) all the freaking time.
    “Dr.” Laura can broadcast her bile to some truckers who are stuck in the past all right !!!

  7. Stop Dr. Laura, Again says

    This “biological error” (her description of a gay person) now won’t be giving a dime to or for Sirius.

  8. alexInBoston says

    The problem here is that On Sirius she can really say whatever she wants to with no repercussions from station owners, listeners or advertisers.. But the question is, “What will the owners of SIRIUS say or do”, when she does rant and rave about gays which you know she will be doing….I own 3,000 shares of Sirius and now i have to consider selling them because i cannot in good conscience keep them while she is on…… I feel very deceived by SIRIUS…..

  9. Mac McNeill says

    That’s ok, Sirius/XM is so far in debt, if they make it to the end of the year it will be a miriacle. Who cares about Dr Laura, she signed onto a sinking ship any way along with the other losers who has signed with the same company.

  10. Ratbastard says


    Stop yer whining bud…it’s a FREE country. She can say what she wants if her employers and/or contract allow it. Dump your Sirius contract as a matter of principle and just don’t listen. If others want to, it’s their choice. Are you one of those dudes who wants stuff you don’t like to be banned and censored? Explains Boston’s rampant NIMBY syndrome,why folks here have to go to a liquor store for even just a six pack of beer [liquor,beer,wine in MA can 99% of the time only be brought in liquor stores] and various loud in your face groups here try to ban and censor anything un-PC, but brag about stuff like Brookline voting to allow illegal aliens the right to vote in town elections and giving in-state tuition to illegal aliens.

    Ratbastard in Boston

  11. Sugah says

    @ Ratbastard:

    Cunty much?
    Maybe if you lost an extra 100 or 200lbs, you could get some dick … once in a while.

    Toodles, sugah!

  12. arch says

    Part of me admires the american desire for free speech but another part of me is quite happy with common sense in the european mode.

  13. rich says

    When will these media whores understand the First Amendment protects you from having the GOVERNMENT infringe on your freedom of speech. It does NOT protect you from the CONSEQUENCES of that free speech from the public. It does not promise you a JOB if you say something that your employer does not like. It does not protect you from the general public who get upset by what you say and call your sponsors to pull their product. If this HAG had any integrity (which she does not) she would accept that and take her lumps without her incessant whining. The Government of the US has NEVER infringed on this silly woman’s freedom of speech. There is NO First Amendment infringement here.

  14. ratbastard says


    …I’m 6′-1″, 175lbs, 44″ chest, 32″ waist, size 11 US shoe, and my penis is around 8″…seriously, but I don’t go measuring it every day. I’m not a size queen.


    Hey, ratbastard: I feel so sorry for you, poor baby. The big, bad mean “illegal aliens” are swarming into your neighborhood… how awful for you! But just remember this… no matter how much hatred and venom you spew at those “illegal aliens”, to the straight majority, you are still just one more dirty cocksucker that they don’t want anywhere near their kids. Thankfully most gay people are smart enough to realize that most racists, xenophobes, religious fascists, and the like hate us, just like they hate anyone else who is not like them.

  16. ratbastard says


    …If those ILLEGAL ‘immigrants’ didn’t collect tens of BILLIONS in sweet government benefits, cause a HUGE problem with violent street and prison gangs, and if they actually legally entered and stayed in the U.S. and gain citizenship like all the other schmucks who made America, I wouldn’t have a problem. Unfortunately, this ain’t the case.

    …BTW, the illegal immigrant problem in the U.S. DWARFS the problem in any other advanced western nation, in including the E.U. The Euros complain bitterly [including ironically the Spanish and Portuguese] about their illegal problem, but it’s miniscule compared to what Americans must deal with.

    A wise Indian once said:

    First they ignore you

    Then they laugh at you

    Then they fight you

    Then you win

    …Is this the laugh and mock stage with you 2ND EVIL COUSIN FRANK?

  17. Luminum says

    I love it when people invoke the First Amendment without knowing what it actually talks about. Freedom of Speech is NOT the right to say whatever you want without suffering the consequences for it. Freedom of Speech only refers to your freedom from censorship from the government. So sorry, Dr. Laura–you go on another RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, or whatever rant and sling around a string of offensive slurs, your advertisers may STILL decide to pull from you. People are still FREE to call you a racist, homophobic, bitch. “Activists” may still call you out for being completely racist and offensive. The only thing you’re protected from is the government.

  18. Ray says

    I always figured she’d get another gig. There’s always a huge outcry when one of these hate-mongers make a bigoted statement but generally they always come back – same thing happened with Imus, so I certainly don’t want to hear anything about how they’re so “persecuted”. They always get away with whatever evil shit they spew out.

  19. BartB says

    Ask Howard Stern about the influence he has in the culture today being on Sirius as compared to when he was on regular radio.

    Don’t go away mad Laura, just go away. I think your First Amendment right which you laughably say has been taken away from you, in under the rock you crawled out from.

  20. Chris says

    Ahh the shock jock of “Ask Sue”…
    Sirius keeps tabs on what you guys listen to. Just don’t listen to her ass.
    You got a great dedicated gay channel on Sirius, I guess the other side needs their fix as well.

    I’d imagine the menacing stares a few who work there would exchange on a daily basis.

    Now if they could get Dr. Ruth…..

  21. Gavin says

    I don’t have a problem with her having a show on Sirius. I agree with the Free Speech argument — let her have her say on a forum.

    And then, we reserve the right to monitor the hell out of every utterance she makes, and then when she uses the N-word or the F-word or whatever disgusting thing which she will eventually say, we put pressure on her to be fired from that.

    That’s the American way. Deal with it, Dr. L.

    Of course, the hypocritical, cynical part of this is that she SAID she was giving up radio forever, and that didn’t last. But when haven’t the social conservative right not been hypocritical and cynical in any of their actions?

  22. Tim says

    If I ever need to be reminded what mean, cunty, uneducated trolls gay guys are, I can always come here and read through the comments section…

  23. HA!! says

    Here is how you solve the challenge…. dont listen. Pure and simple. We have a president who is anti GAY marriage. Where is the out rage. DADT????? hello anyone??? Much like and bad house guest, she will go away.

  24. rayy says

    Thinking seriously about canceling. Has not been much on there that I listen to anyway, and they started tacking on a $4 a month “music rights” surcharge last year. I think things have gone downhill since the merger.