Editor Promises Response to Hate Piece in C. of DuPage Newspaper


Yesterday I posted an item about this hateful opinion piece in the College of DuPage's student newspaper, Courier, written by Wayne Lela of anti-gay hate group Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment.

I received an email from the paper's editor, Vikaas Shanker, today, which I'll share:

"The Courier will print an editorial in this Friday’s issue (Nov. 5) which will address the decision to print Mr. Lela’s letter in the Oct. 29 issue. Due to space issues, we will not be able to print all letters to the editor, but we will print the petition sent to us and some letters from the college community. Most other letters will go on the web in a viewable PDF format. All letters are subject to editing for grammar, style, language, length and libel as stated in our Courier policy."

Wait and see.


  1. TANK says

    K…the decision to print the letter isn’t addressing either the damage that printing it did or the content of the letter (the falsities propounded and invalid arguments made). The decision was made on the belief that it would evoke this kind of response–get lotsa attention…which won’t be mentioned in the followup to maintain credibility…it will be some meme along the lines of, “legitimate disagreements exist about human rights for lgbt’ers…jury’s not out…and we need to give equal time to those who dispute the humanity and dignity of certain people due to their baseless prejudices and hate.” The purpose will be to give themselves as much distance from the piece they chose to run with as possible (cover) while maintaining that disagreement on these matters is morally okay in the name of some kind of contrived objective standard that best defends their choice. Sooo, I expect an opinion piece by the KKK about the inherent inferiority of races not white from them soon (of which mr. shanker would probably deem not so fair and balanced, yeah), with a followup explaining why they chose to run it.

  2. Michael says

    Decadent? We live in a county obsessed with material goods and worshipful of Snooki and Paris Hilton. Please. As for rooting the fall of the Roman Empire in its sexual mores, let us not forget the Roman Empire survived until the fall Constantinople. It has proved to be the most enduring Empire of all time. And those Romans were Hellenized, adopting the culture of the Greeks–a culture that gave us the greatest gifts of Western hertiage: profound schools of philosophy, a love of learning, respect for the arts, the theater, democracy, and yes, a healthy awareness of male beauty (but also female beauty). I don’t mean to idealize their world. It was, without a doubt, flawed–the Hellens loved war about as much as any culture could–but I don’t think anyone could say they weren’t human, that they weren’t in love with humanity. I’d rather love humanity than the abstractions in which these editorialists are enthralled.

    This editorial is as much a slander on the Greeks as it on homosexuals.

  3. Jesus says

    My letter to the editor:

    I don’t know what is more regrettable: the fact that you chose to run such an obviously bigoted and misinformed piece of journalistic garbage, or the editorial cartoon that accompanied it. Not only was it in poor taste, but it is an insult to the untold number of gay and lesbian servicemembers that lost their lives serving in silence under a policy that has done nothing to honor the brave sacrifices made by those who died in combat. Whether or not one agrees with the military action taken by our government, the fact remains that it is fellow Americans, fellow human beings, whose lives are being affected by the DADT policy, by the atmosphere of hostility towards LGBT individuals here and around the world, and by the continued ignorance of stubborn individuals who have the privilege to remain as such.

    As the partner of a servicemember who served in Iraq for a year, I’m personally offended that you would stoop to such a low level. Not a single day passes where I don’t think about how lucky he is to be alive and how lucky I am to still have him in my life. Serving this country was one of the greatest achievements in his life and he would gladly make a lifetime career of it, but what purpose do policies like DADT and this anti-LGBT hostility that continues to infect this country serve besides the interests of tight-assed, homophobic and probably latently homosexual individuals? Get over it. This is truly a disgrace to all servicemembers lost in combat.

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