1. crispy says

    I really hate to belittle someone’s wedding ceremony, but they video-conferenced in there officiant… and that’s like Wizard of Oz? This couple is doomed if they find out about Chat Roulette.

    Anyways, congrats!

  2. wtf says

    Marriage is not a state’s issue. It’s a federal issue. The IRS made it that way. Get ready for the next wave lawsuits because we’re gonna make it happen. Since my fierce advocate isn’t making ANY headway with DOMA, we’re gonna have to take it to the courts.

  3. BobN says

    Thanks, guys, for fulfilling the dreams of the religious right.

    This poke in their eye gains us nothing and just fans the flames of bigotry.

  4. SFNATIVE says

    Based on your comment, BOBN, I wonder if you understand what it means to reside in the land of the free and the home of the brave, for if you’re not brave enough to be free, then you have no business calling yourself an American, and you might as well apologize to your country for being gay and welcome yourself back in the closet (just don’t forget to close the door on your way in).

  5. Paul says

    BOBN, great men make great enemies. My marriage to my husband is primarily about us as a couple, but it’s also a contract with the community. And if it pisses off social conservatives, so much the better!
    A win-win!

  6. Gig says

    This is awesome. If ever there were a clearer argument for the 14th amendment protection of marriage, this is it! Kudos, guys, and congratulations on your ceremony!

  7. Ranger G says

    Whoa, I like this…I can live in D.C., and get an Arizona concealed weapons permit by Skype! Why mess with these silly things like jurisdiction, and restricting the reach of local laws when they can go viral, go national, and let us all be free! Log on today, pack heat tomorrow. I’m lovin it….