Gene Robinson: Anglican Archbishop is Alien to Me


Gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson criticised Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams (above) for failing to take a stronger position on the rift over women and gays that is driving the Anglican church apart.

"I pray for him every day. I have clergy friends who literally studied at  Archbishop Williams'  feet and who have said to me it is almost as if aliens have come and taken Rowan away from us. They have left something that looks like him but we don't recognise him any more. I'm not at all sure that his attempts to hold us together as a communion at all costs is the kind of leadership that this time calls for."


  1. ratbastard says

    The Anglican Church is the creation of a king who was denied the right to divorce [multiple times, including executing his ex-wives] by a pope. This also had the effect of fostering a sense of nationalism among the English, which to a degree filters down to this very day. Anglicans really aren’t about the reformation in the way some other protestants are. In fact, Anglicans are really little more than Catholic-lite, and are identical to Catholics in more ways than they’re different. Even though Anglicans [U.S.: Episcopalian] are tiny in numbers in America [less than 3 million] the ordination of Robinson has created a huge schism. This is mirrored world-wide also.

  2. Contrarian says

    The pot calling the kettle black. If V.Gene Robinson had actually done what he promised when he needed the episcopal bishops to approve him, namely NOT to become a camera ready gay activist, then the church might not be in schism. Of course he was, is, and always intends to be an activist. His self-serving cry that activism was “forced upon him” is a crock of something less fragrant than incense. For him, being a quiet shepherd to his tiny New Hampshire flock was never in the cards.

  3. tacotaco says

    i agree with contrarian. i’m not going to question why somebody decides they need to be vocal in their beliefs, but i do think in the context of his position within his church it was probably inappropriate for him to become such a celebrity activist when his job was to minister to his congregation.

    (this is not a shot at obama, please don’t take it that way!)
    I remember in 2008 seeing robinson release a video in favor of obama and wondering–what is he doing? where did he get the idea that this is appropriate for him?

    in the end, i’m not in his congregation, nor am i episcopalian (though i kind of wish i were!), so it’s not really my fight. but i would think there are plenty of very active, vocal and tenacious episcopalian stakeholders who could have done the same work in the church in general that robinson decided that he should take upon himself to do

  4. william says

    I am not episcopalian either but I am a gay christian and bishop Robinson has and is doing what he believes is right. That is what is wrong with Christians and Christianity today. You either stand up for what you know and believe to be right or you roll over, be silent and let others tell you what to believe and how to live. The majority of right wing christians that i have met and know are some of the most hateful and hate filled individuals I have ever encountered. Christians make a mockery of what Christianity should be about. What Jesus intended from the beginning.