GetEQUAL, Discharged Gay Vets Pay Visit to Senator Harry Reid, Demand Answers on ‘DADT’


Dan Choi, Jim Pietrangelo, Autumn Sandeen, and 10 others i9 including GetEQUAL activists have entered Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid's office to ask for an audience with Reid.

Their intention is to pressure Reid to push for DADT repeal as the lame duck session of Congress begins this week.

GetEQUAL writes us:

"This summer, Lt. Dan Choi made headlines at Netroots Nation in Las Vegas when he approached Senator Harry Reid on-stage at a main conference event and gave his West Point cadet ring to Senator Harry Reid. At that time, Senator Reid – in front of this large crowd of progressive/liberal bloggers and activists, Senator Reid promised Dan that he would return the ring by the end of this year when the 'Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell' policy is repealed. Dan’s question to Senator Reid – 'can I expect my ring back this year or not?'"

GetEQUAL is reporting via Twitter that "the White House hasn't engaged with Senator Reid's office" yet on DADT repeal.

More Tweets:


Dan Choi reportedly asked Harry Reid's Deputy Chief of Staff David McCallum if the Senator would recommit to repealing DADT in the lame duck session.

Said McCallum: "I don't know."



  1. justiceontherocks says

    re: the ring. You’ll get it back when the Supreme Court overturns DADT. Not a minute sooner. These castrated Senators lack the will to do the heavy lifting.

  2. Jenny Q says

    What a waste of time and money. These paid activists think their childish stunts make a difference they don’t. STOP FUNDING these childish stunts.

    Reid is still pissed at the gays because of their previous stunts.

    GetEQUAL needs to GoAWAY. NOW!

  3. Scott says

    I’ve been curious about one thing. My brother could barely make his car payments as a soldier.
    How can Dan Choi afford to fly all over the country?

  4. Zach says

    One can only hope by the time it gets to the Supreme Court, Scalia and Thomas have died. They are the biggest anti gay-bigots around.

  5. MammaBear says

    I have loved this guy since the day he came out.

    He seems to be having some kind of psych melt-down. His tweets are getting completely mental.

    It’s concerning – we need a leader, not a martyr.