1. MrRoboto says

    “Yes” and “No” seem to be utterly impossible words for this bullshit artist to say. The reporter asked if Obama had seen the report, and Gibbs proves again that he can’t provide a simple answer to a simple question.

  2. Randy says

    Let’s keep in mind that DADT would not be in force today, except for Obama’s decision to appeal the ruling that found it unconstitutional, even though he was under no obligation to appeal it (or even defend it in the first place).

    Clinton’s DADT today is now Obama’s DADT, and he will wear it.

  3. Paul R says

    I don’t consider 58% an “overwhelming majority,” but I thought other polls had found higher support, like around 70%. Whatever the case, the views of citizens—including soldiers—are pretty irrelevant when it comes to civil rights.

    Soldiers were strongly opposed to integrating blacks (even if they were housed and ate separately from whites), considered Jews suspect (a 1948 survey found that most soldiers thought Jews had benefited greatly from WW II and didn’t suffer much from Hitler), and opposed the admission of women (who remain blocked from many combat roles).

    What’s needed here is leadership and commitment. The next few weeks are pretty much the last chance for repeal for at least two years and possibly many more; if it doesn’t happen before the GOP takes over the House, it won’t happen. If Obama loses the next election and signs an executive order before leaving office (a big if), the next (Republican) president will likely overturn it.

    Wish the Dems luck on being effective on a gay rights issue.

  4. JJ says

    if America does not uphold what is right, it is lost. Gay Americans who are unwelcome in their own country for no good reason ought to support other countries instead. Let’s hope America will fight for liberty and justice for all rather than just for some.