1. Wayne says

    The shine was quickly fading from Glee but the bullying storyline, and especially Colfer and Criss, have put them back on top. Bravo to the writers for bringing the story back and leaving the insane celebrity worship behind. Last night’s episode, which was focused on the bully aspect (as well as Sue marrying herself with mom Carol Burnett in attendance), was the season’s best.

  2. crispy says

    Yeh, that’s how last night’s episode ended… with Kurt announcing that he was going to Dalton.

    I’m surprised last night’s episode isn’t on T’road this morning. A straight dude dancing with an out gay dude on primetime TV… it was pretty remarkable.

  3. says

    Last night’s episode was dreadful – heavy handed, bad songs, silly story lines… Ryan Murphy is just a really bad writer

    Heart is in the right place but sometimes the execution on Glee is really poor

  4. Yanz says

    Has anyone noticed the guy that posted this video on YouTube states, “The CRAPPY boy’s group sings a crappy version Hey Soul Sister.”

    And if you share it on Facebook, the title and description reads as follows:

    Glee Sneak Peek- Special Education The Garblers

    The gay boy’s group sings a crappy version Hey Soul Sister.

    I don’t think he’s a fan of the gays.

  5. mymy says

    yes, last night was an awsome this song is an okay song but the warbelers spin was nice.

    school uniforms? really

  6. pete says

    Puck looked jealous… perhaps he’s also thinking of matriculating to the “all boys school”

    I wish!

  7. Rhea says

    “From the looks of it, Kurt Hummel has defected to The Warblers in this new preview from next week’s Glee.”

    Anyone who watched ‘Glee’ last night already knows this. Disappointing that Towleroad isn’t talking about last night’s episode, IMO.

  8. slippy says

    WOW -Darren Criss is just exploding into this incandescent star right before our eyes ( TRULY a Starkid….) the awesome joy he brings to this makes your heart skip a beat.

  9. naughtylola says

    Damn! Got my prediction the bullying story arc totally wrong! I’m annoyed, I liked my version better.

  10. Jason2 says

    Well, I guess I am not as critical or curmudgeonly as some here. I love this show and many times I find dust or something in my eye. Some episodes are better than others but last night made a great statement. I wish I was 16 now vs. the 80s. Don’t know if I would have come out even now at 16 but certainly would have seen a more positive future.

    I love the show; its fun, highly entertaining and the new boy is adorable.

  11. Marc says

    If Glee had only been on television when I was a child in the 1960’s . . . I might have even felt good about myself for a little while.

    I am so glad that the environment for GLBT youth has changed so much, so fast.

  12. patrick nyc says

    To all the haters, there was no Glee 20 or 30 years ago. So fuck you. Happy Thanksgiving douche bags.

  13. pharmerandy says

    I agree that Glee is definitely not as good this season compared to last season but I really do think the last 2 episodes really hit the mark and slowly putting it back on track. I am definitely over the celebrity worship too. “Marry You” was so cute last night!!

  14. Michele says

    The Show’s issue is it has no idea what it wants to be. A strong wind blows their story lines all over the place. At some point since Popular Ryan has forgotten how to plan out arcs. The bully storyline was wonderfully topical but once again the rest of the show (and actions by some of the characters) were random.

  15. JAMES in Toronto says

    Darren Criss is amazing, and yes… adorable. Loved this song.

    What no one has commented on, is the little flickers of expression, phrasing and comedic timing that make even his vocal performances endearing.

  16. says

    The past three episodes of GLEE have been among their best and their thoughtful and intelligent handling of the bullying storyline is to be applauded.

    I hate to take issue with a show I love this much, but I find the introduction of this private school gay utopia to be an extremely fanciful and unrealistic addition. I’m a product a fancy private highschool, and the idea that private schools, especially an all boys school in Ohio, being more inclusive is sadly laughable to me. I think it sets up an unrealistic fantasy for bullied gay youth that they can escape to the sanctuary of expensive schools like this, when the reality in these private, all male institutions is more often than not a more concentrated and severe form of hazing/bullying and a complete intolerance of any perceived difference.

    Had to say that, but I am genuinely loving GLEE and last night’s episode was especially moving.

  17. Frozen North says

    Kurt will be back. Something will happen that will drive him back to the fold. I’m guessing his interest in Darren isn’t reciprocated.

    Or that the his parents just can’t swing the costs, and he has to come back. (My hope is that he grows some balls, or a sense of guilt, and doen’t use up his parent’s hard saved honeymoon money.)

  18. BartB says

    GLEE succeeds when it doesn’t build a show around a “star” and feels obligated to put in musical numbers that do not advance the story or character. What GLEE does best is tells a story through music, and Ryan Murphy is brilliant at it when he stays away from “The Britney” episode, etc. Last night was a great example of what they do best that and the wedding was joyous. (It’s interesting…the ONLY character that has a story this year is Kurt. No other character has a story at all, Mr. Shue barely does.)

    Darren Criss is a phenom, and they were smart to put him under contract quickly and make him a regular. It’s one thing to be that good looking, it’s another all together to be that good looking and that talented. I wish I could buy stock in that kid. I’ve heard him speak, and he’s even more adorable being himself. He and Coach Beiste are great additions to that show.

    And Patrick NYC, yes there was GLEE 20 years ago, it was called FAME.

  19. Rob says

    Jeez, as observed by this professed “Gleek”, from some of the above comments, you’d think some posters actually hate “Glee” — this season or in total! It’s only a TV show, after all, but one with heart, interesting and unexpected story lines (usually not seen on free TV), a cute mix of ensemble actors, and usually interesting song-and-dance interpretations of many types of songs. I love everything from the show tunes to the contemporary hits to those from the great American songbook. “Glee” is one of the rare shows on over-the-air TV I both watch and tape regularly. It brings a lot of joy to my Tuesday evenings (and during later replays). Thank you, Ryan Murphy and associates, for bringing America such an enjoyable yet daring TV show. I actually enjoy posters guessing where the storylines will go next week, next month and next year.

  20. Drew says

    Loved it. I’m so happy I started watching this show from the beginning because I would be missing out on good stuff if I hadn’t.

  21. TOM says

    James in Toronto:

    Totally agree with you on Darren Criss….his subtle gestures, his quick but expressive facial expressions in the midst of awesome voice, dance and acting skills really make him stand out. Its not wonder GLEE is back on top in the last two episodes since he’s been involved.

    He was a year ahead of my eldest son at St. Ignatius prep in SF and I recall seeing him in a few of their productions…he showed the same talent for expression and subtle movement a few years ago, and it’s exploding now…great to seee it happen to a great kid.

  22. Jimmy says

    UGH. Somebody please find Ryan Murphy another job. He is one of the most over-rated, untalented people working in the business today. And he’s pretty odious in person as well.

  23. Bobby says

    I love that show and think it just keeps getting better. Yeah, there were some pacing problems in last nights episode, but overall it was still a moving experience.

    I do wish you GLEE haters would just avoid these discussions. If you really don’t like it, why do you know so much about it?

  24. Q says

    Until they stop pushing Mercedes into one-liner oblivion and actually give her character the respect it deserves as an EQUAL member of an ENSEMBLE cast, this show can kiss my ass.

  25. Rolph says

    The great thing about the kids in Glee is the individuality and the range of each of them. In this scene, Kurt appears to be having an issue with the polished choreography and the uniforms. I suspect he’ll come to miss the freedom of his old Glee club and his friends there. He’ll return, and bring Darren Criss with him (since Darren just signed a 2 year deal.)

  26. Kevin Thor says

    Glee has morphed into the most insipid trash on tv. the storylines are pathetic and the gay crap is just insulting. How can any intelligent individual enjoy this banal crap?

  27. stevetalbert says

    Kevin Thor, ones needs a little twisted sense of innocence to enjoy Glee, like a ‘nice’ version of Strangers With Candy. A lot of people aren’t into it, or else it would having even higher rating. To alot of people it is either pushes too many buttons or not enough. Don’t watch it if you don’t like it, but sometimes learning to appreciate differences makes your own that much better.

    Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure.. maybe that could be the theme of an episode!!?!??

  28. GleeGuy says

    Darren Criss is one of my favorite actors, and I hope we continue to see him on Glee ๐Ÿ˜‰ He has that special something that makes him interesting and fun. I’m so glad they chose him for this storyline. And I like his EP (Human) on i-tunes too.

  29. says

    I agree that the first few episodes of this season of Glee wasn’t up to last season’s standards… but to suggest the rest haven’t been is really just very silly.

    Here’s just a few ways in which it’s better:

    1. They’ve focused on more characters this season — not just Rachel and Finn (thankfully).

    2. They took the Kurt story to new heights and I didn’t think that would be possible.

    3. They actually gave all their characters on the show at least some kind of part this season, unlike last (ie the two dancers).

    4. It would be really easy to completely ruin the Sue character by just making her a complete meanie, but they continue to give her redeeming qualities that keep her interesting.

    5. The “guest stars” this season have all been pretty good, IMO, including (but not limited to) Gwyneth Paltrow, John Stamos, Carol Burnett, etc. While I haven’t enjoyed all the “themed” episodes (ie the Madonna episodes), I’ve really enjoyed a lot of the episodes with these guests… and their often very eccentric characters (Kristen Chenowith being the best).

  30. Anonymous says

    Brilliant. Darren Criss is an amazing talent. I wonder if the background vocals were again that singing group from Tufts as they were in the “Teenage Dream” rendition.

  31. tonyc says

    Chris ain’t going anywhere!…no Glee club without him….TERI HATCHER leaving HW…who cares…but we care if Chris leaves Glee….not leaving AND I MISSED IT>>OMG!!!..get me to the ER!!!

    and it is the ONLY TV show I look at..I’ll get it…don’t no one worry about Tony!!


  32. tonyc says

    JUST watched it!…and the show did NOT CARE “whose toes they stepped on” when these issues(bullying….”gonna KILL YOU”) came up, especially SUE stepping in…that was VERY unusual but I am SURE she wanted to do that part…I did LOVE the wedding, very cool but also taken from a wedding I saw 2-3 years ago on YouTube..that’s the ONLY place I see weddings! GREAT EPISODE!


  33. New Jersey Boi says

    Darren Chris reminds me of a young gay Gene Kelly. And that, friends is simply sublime!

    I get the feeling that the arc might go: “Kurt becomes unhappy because as the leader of the warblers, Darren’s character gets all the spot light.”

    He might be a gay character, but there’s no reason that he can’t be a Male version of Rachel. And from Kurt;s seemingly blasse attitude during the song, plus Rachel telling him to Smile AND Mohawk’s anger, might be a clue!

    Now what a deliciously wonderful Plot surprise that would be!

    Signed, a 50 year old gleek.

    Happy thanksgiving all

  34. GregV says

    I couldn’t help but think that NaughtyLola’s prediction was going to come true when I saw the boys in the principal’s office with their dads. But we never know where the story will go next, and lately I’ve been falling off my couch at the unexpected twiists.
    I thought Sue marrying herself was an unneeded and too unreal tangent last night, but loved seeing Carol Burnett.
    Actually not seeing Darren Criss last night was kind of good, because it builds the anticipation for when he reappears. I know next week it will be exciting to see him again.
    And I have to agree with Ryan above: Kristin Chenoweth left me speechless playing April Rhodes. I pressed pause and rewind over and over when she was on the “Home” episode.

  35. tonyc says

    Sue’s charachter is “one in a million”…that wedding dress she had on , had me roaring lauging…she’s never out of that coach outfit!


  36. says

    The bullying storyline is, indeed, interesting. I’m curious to see where they go with it considering the not-so-subtle commentary on the public education system’s inability to manage or even protect students without specific legal and actionable cause to show bullying.

    I wonder how many times each year students specifically leave their school because of bullying – even if it’s perceived.

  37. Pedigru says

    I have to say that the last episode really scared me. Having the Bully kicked out of school and Kurt showing such genuine fear of reprisal gave me a bad vibe. Especially with 99% of the episode being all heart warming and happy…I thought for sure it would end with the Bully hurting Kurt. Even though it didn’t happen, I do still fear it. And I think that if the writers go there, I’m going to be very disappointed.

    It would suck to turn the Bully into a psychopath. While it’s true, self loathing can totally fuck with your head, it won’t be pretty to see it happen. And all this hatred toward the Bully is so wrong. No one realizes the kid is just hating himself and lashing out. He needs help…not physical abuse like he’s getting.

  38. Glenn says

    The heart’s probably in the right place but it’s very heavy-handed. No subtlety whatsoever. And they wasted a guesting of Carol Burnett.

  39. HadenoughBS says

    Hey, Glee haters, get over it already. It’s only a 60 minute TV show (well, maybe 42 minutes plus commercials) that airs once a week. There are like, what, a couple of hundred other channels who can watch on cable or satellite TV at the same time Glee airs. Or, perhaps you can go bash something or someone else on your computer. There are many of us who DO like this show and appreciate the storylines it brings to television. If you don’t appreciate it, fine, just STFU. The rest of us don’t give a damn what nasty bullshit comments you have to offer about the storylines and associated songs, the characters, the show creators, producers, writers and/or actors. It’s only a TV production for God’s sake — not the second coming of your presence in the GLBT universe!