Julianne Moore Calls PM Silvio Berlusconi’s Anti-Gay Remark ‘Unfortunate, Archaic, and Idiotic’ at Rome Film Fest

Variety reports that Julianne Moore, at the Rome Film Festival for a screening of The Kids Are All Right, slammed Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's recent remarks about gays:

Moore At a presser following a screening of Lisa Cholodenko's "The Kids Are Allright," in which she plays a lesbian parent, Moore was asked what she thought about a statement by Berlusconi who on Tuesday dismissed calls to resign over a scandal centered around a 17-year-old girl saying it was "better to like beautiful girls than be gay."

"I think it's unfortunate, archaic and idiotic," Moore commented.

"To hint or to say that there is something wrong with homosexuality… it's embarrassing when people continue to perpetrate these untruths," she went on, drawing plenty of cheers.

Berlusconi was condemned by gay rights groups for the homophobic remark.


  1. patrick nyc says

    Moore is one of the finest actresses we have today, and always on the right side of our fight.

  2. AmicusHumanus says

    Once again, Julianne Moore demonstrates in the simplest and most profound way that I am justified in my admiration of her talent, class and character. I’m so proud of you! Brava Ms. Moore!

  3. Joe says

    While I love her acting, and I like that she is a supporter of marriage equality, I found her comments about 2 parent households being the best for kids to be archaic.

  4. gregv says

    Joe: It’s just a practical fact that it is always more feasible for two responsible people to manage the time, energy and financing to raise a healthy child (with nutritious food and comfortable shelter financed from within the family as well as plenty of active and loving interaction with the parent/s) than it is for one person alone.

    To dispute that is like disputing that it works better to have two people on moving day to lift and move large furniture such as beds and heavy dining tables.

    What doesn’t affect success in the case of parenting is the sex of the parent(s).

  5. TANK says

    It’s a subjective fact to you, gregv. Your comparison doesn’t match; parenting isn’t like moving heavy furniture. END.

    She shall be forever marked as the person who, with thomas harris, destroyed the lecter series in hannibal. I don’t like her acting, but it’s good to condemn bigotry.

  6. gregv says

    Tank, since moving furniture can be over in 5 minutes, it’s not an equivalent analogy I made, I’ll give you that. I thought my post would be less readable with a very lengthy and detailed account of the responsibilities of parenting.

    But really, it’s virtually impossible for one person to do it all alone. Often those who are thought of as “single” parents are in reality being financially subsidized by a second working parent from a former relationship, and/or could barely survive without receiving various types of concessions from other taxpayers to keep out of poverty.

    And, putting those financial considerations aside (i.e. assuming that the parent/s is/are financially wealthy), it is virtually impossible for a baby or toddler to get the 24-hour-a-day attention s/he needs from ONE parent, whereas it is entirely possible to get that all day from either/both of two people.

  7. Rob says

    “She shall be forever marked as the person who, with thomas harris, destroyed the lecter series in hannibal.”

    Only by people who’ve never heard of Todd Haynes, Robert Altman, or Louis Malle.

  8. TANK says

    Riiight, I’ve never heard of robert altman…LOL!

    “But really, it’s virtually impossible for one person to do it all alone.”

    No, it’s really not. And there are legions of kids raised by single parents who turned out just as well–if not better– as those raised in a two parent home.

  9. Cory says

    Oh Tank, you’re such a miserable, hateful and irrational person. For years you’ve been posting on this site and you argue with EVERYONE and you insult EVERYONE. You don’t add to the solution, you add to the problem. Just end your misery already and spare us your endless tripe.

  10. TANK says

    Oh, now you’re just projecting. Life not workin’ out for ya, champ? Awwwwwwwwwww, momentary inconvenience splashed about a comment’s section. You are another voice in the endless white noise.

  11. meg says

    I love her, but I have to say when I saw the interview where she said that about the “2 parents” goal, it was the first time I ever felt myself disagreeing with her…on anything. I don’t think the number matters anymore than the gender. I mean, even in the movie she is promoting in that interview, those kids have 3 parents that truly love them and will continue to put in the time needed to help those kids grow.

    Plus, as someone whose dad died as I was growing up and my Mom never remarried, I tried not to take offense to it.

    I always like hearing her opinions though,and I don’t think she meant to put down single parents. I do see how she would think 2 was the magic number. Her parents and her husband’s parents were together all their lives, and she seems content in her marriage to Bart (lucky guy).