1. patrick nyc says

    ANDY, I know you need ads to run the site, but the new ones with sound are so fucking annoying. I have to hit the mute on my computer, because there is a delay with the ads mute option. I also can not listen to any videos now because several ads pop-up at once as well.

    I will still hit your site every day, not as often and not as fondly.

  2. SPIguy says

    +1 on the ad issues – Andy, I really do love your site and understand the need for the advertisements, but your site is becoming cluttered with them. How many more do you plan on squeezing in?

    I feel sorry for those stuck on dial up!

  3. Boomer says

    I know that bloggers need to eat and pay rent and you do an incredible job but you need to do something about the sound ads. Provide a warning or something. It’s a problem at work and I’d hate to go back to, ya know. working.

  4. nic says

    what browser are you guys using? i use firefox and have no problems. i just came on with internet explorer just to check it out and had no problem. no one barks at me from pop-up ads. i am not, by any measure, a computer geek. but, there must be some kind of flash blocker to negate this situation.

  5. Terrance says

    “SOLD….!!!!!!!” (says the 38-yo derivatives trader…

    (or maybe I’m just horny)…0_o

    Ads? What is this “ads” thing you are all writing about? I guess you guys need to add Flashblock and AdBlock to your browser – All I get for “ads” are these soothing, calming, misty-grey translucent boxes that I know not to click on…

  6. patrick nyc says

    I have been on this site for years and this ad crap did start until yesterday. I use Safari, which I always have, and Firefox as well. If I go to Firefox now the pop up ads cover the comments location.

    I have a MacBook Pro, tried to disable my Flash and no luck. Any suggestions?


  7. JAMES in Toronto says

    What ads with sound? (Mind you, some of the popups are irritating enough.)

    As for “the item on sale”?

    Yes please… but do I get a shipping discount if I show up and carry him away in my own hot, sweaty little hands? (insert hopeful grin here!) :-)

  8. Bryanbryan says

    good idea: coming across this picture.

    bad idea: Coming across that picture while wearing glasses, having not yet showered, and eating chips for breakfast at 9 in the morning.

  9. Christopher says

    I use Firefox on a mac and have no problem whatsoever with ads automatically playing.

    Currently there is a very misleading nearly shirtless man resembling a young Kevin Costner in a video box situated in the upper right hand corner of my screen. I clicked on it and it’s an ad for “Morning Glory”. Shudder.

  10. ratbastard says

    Has anyone else noticed that male and female butterfaces are the new hawt…and they’re getting blonder too??….Hitler would be proud…

    POSTED BY: ALAN BRICKMAN | NOV 21, 2010 9:57:38 AM


    …Problem with non-Jewish people with ethnic German names, Mr. Brickman? You have an issue with people who have brown, light brown, blond, red hair, and of northern European descent, Mr. Brickman? Let me guess, blue eyes too? Why would this be, Mr. Brickman?

  11. mike says

    Ads? Pop-ups? Problems? I use Firefox so maybe that’s why I never have any problems here. I say, keep up the good work, Towleroad. I never miss a day.

    As for Kellan, the boy is fiercely hot and sexy. He works it! He’s probably out of my budget range though.

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