1. ratbastard says

    Girls grammar school? Public? With cute uniforms? Do any still exist in the U.S.? A fantasy lesbian couple if ever there was one. The whole thing is like a cheesy porn plot.

  2. JP says

    Shame on Ivanhoe Girls Grammar! What a disgrace. As a proud Melbournian living in the US i never thought this would happen in my home town.

    The young lady seems quite articulate for a 16 year old. You can bet that she has the support of most folks in Melbourne, including her peers.

  3. Ian says

    What you fail to mention here, even though it was present in the SMH article, is that NO student at the school was permitted to bring a partner from junior school. Savannah is only in year 10 & all students were allowed to bring partners from years 11 & 12. Not everything is an anti-gay conspiracy.

  4. says

    Ian, the girl has stated that other people brought people from other year levels. She attended a girls only school and were told to bring male guests from other schools, but they clearly wouldn’t have checked if every male guest from from year 11.

    Crispy, Australian schools still have uniforms. Thankfully.

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