1. patrick nyc says

    Congrats Corey, well done. Hard to explain to those who do not run, yet alone for 26.2 miles. My old boss often like to say unless someone was chasing him in a car, it would never happen. It takes a special kind of crazy, I know I’ve run 12, 4 in NYC.

    NYC was my first and is still my favorite, there is nothing like the feeling of being on the Verrazano and seeing nothing but runners, and the fireboats bellow showering rainbow streams from their fire hoses. That and the pounding of tens of thousand feet, causing the bridge to sway.

  2. justiceontherocks says

    Agree 1000% with Patrick. I’ve done three of them, and there’s not much to match the exhilaration of the marathon’s finish in Central Park.

    Great job Corey, both doing the marathon and the fund raising.