Marlon Wayans : ‘I Ain’t Gay’


Actor/comedian Marlon Wayans unleashed a string of tweets last night denying he's gay in response to a post on gossip site

Tweeted Wayans: "Sorry folks, I aint gay and niether are my bros. All straight hetero sexual women lovers w/ beautiful kids & families. Look under a new rock."



  1. Terry says

    “Look under a different rock”.

    I’m glad he’s not gay. I’m glad none of the Wayans family are gay. The heteros can have those obviously homophobic jerks.

  2. TampaZeke says

    I don’t have a problem with him clearing the air but “Look under a new rock” is very offensive. Is that where we find gays? There with the other undesirable things that one finds “under rocks”?

  3. crispy says

    I think “Look under the rock” means to look for more dirt/gossip. Or it could be where you’d find a copy of White Chicks.

  4. Joe says

    “Look under a different rock” really isn’t that offensive. Gossip sites are scowering for anything to report.

    Further, if he were a closted gay man, than he would be “hiding under a rock” hence forth the looking. He’s simply telling them to dig through other celebs lives and get out of his.

    While I am quite bothered by the alien/elvis thing, his words aren’t directly hateful for the most part. But, a simple – I’m not Gay would have sufficed. He also could have ignored it since it’s just a rag going after him. But I guess minor celebs need to be as loud as possible to get attention on them.

  5. Jim says

    What is with the illiteracy of rappers and comedians? Please use the money from your gangster rap albums and homophobic comedy rants to buy an education vs gold capped teeth and wire rims for the purple Buick

  6. Q says

    Let the kneejerk reactions begin.

    Come on people, really? You are going to try to twist his words to mean that he meant GAYS when he said “look under a new rock,” when anyone who has ever visited MediaTakeOut for two seconds will see it is directed at their reputation for trolling for bullshit gossip? And then you gonna trot out the racist/stereotypical remarks? Ugh.

    This site has gotten so predictable and lazy it’s not even worth commenting anymore.

  7. Allen says

    Love the racist comments. Not surprised.

    Great to know that racism in the gay community is alive and well.

  8. John says

    The denial is way too direct. This probably would have gone better if he gave one of those BS non answers white celebrities always give. You know, the ones where they try to sound thoughtful and sensitive without actually saying anything:

    “Labels are so confining, don’t you think?”

    “I am a very spiritual person”

    “I am a firm believer in privacy and boundaries”

    “I feel the relationship between an actor and the character is a sacred one that should not be compromised by introducing personal elements into the mix”

    “Everybody knows I have always been a huge supporter of charitable causes. This might be misconstrued as being of a particular orientation that I am not”

    “I don’t view sexuality as a rigid social structure”

    “I love my gay fans and am flattered they think I might be. They are very creative, smart people”

  9. yeahisaidit says

    gee….sorry Marlon, but if if you’d just go on “Glee” and like Max Adler, kiss Kurt…teh Gays would no longer judge you. Then, at least in this comments section, you would seen as a gay friendly….replusive ape! Ahhh, progress isn’t it lovely?

  10. Johny says

    So M.T.O. tries to slander the guy and he gets defensive about it. How is that a crime?!

    He isn’t gay and is stating that he isn’t. Is he saying BEING GAY is bad or evil? No.

    If anyone makes a false comment about you and you get defensive about that someone speaking lies, how on Earth does that make you a “hateful racist ape” ?

    I wonder if the tables were turn how the LGBT would react?

    If I accused TIM GUNN of being “straight” and that he was pretending to be gay to fit in the fashion world and further his career by gaining a gay fan base.

    Would his comments of “I’m not straight. I love dick. Me and my partner are happy and I have no interest in women.” make him a misogonist?!

  11. Mana says

    So what, gay people can’t have beautiful kids and families?

    That said, the racist comments here make him look like the model of tolerance.

  12. Q says

    Mana, where does he say or even IMPLY that “gay people can’t have beautiful kids and families?”

    I’ll wait.

  13. ... says

    I, personally, would love to have the Wayans brothers as gay. Most of them are gorgeous and talented.

  14. mike says

    Who cares if Marlon Wayans is gay. Who cares if Marlon Wayans is Marlon Wayans?

    I don’t like it, though, when out from under the rocks crawl all the gay racists here at Towleroad.

    @BOB You’re repulsive. Period.

  15. Jai says

    MTO has got some serious homophobic comments. Just nasty.

    Posted by: Natira | Nov 16, 2010 11:10:33 AM

    I noticed that too. MTO is just plain gross.

  16. Garst says

    Are we also suppose to believe he never did anything with his more attractive brothers growing up?

  17. donna says

    yall need 2 stop this stupid fuid marlon wayans is the sexiest man on earth wut if someone said you were gay or lesbien would you gat definsive (yes you would so shut up!!!!)