Watch: John McCain Wants Another ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Study, Says This One Took the Wrong Approach

HRC released a statement reacting to McCain's remarks:

“Obviously the senator doesn’t like the preliminary findings of the Pentagon’s DADT survey, which found a clear majority of U.S. service members are okay serving with their gay and lesbian comrades. The senator has known all along the study developed by the Pentagon Working Group was looking at how to repeal DADT—not whether to do so.

“McCain has said he wanted to hear from the senior military leadership. He heard loud and clear from Secretary Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, last February when both were firmly in support of repeal.

“McCain has said he wanted to hear from rank-and-file troops. He has just heard loud and clear from them through the survey. But he doesn’t like their answer– and is stonewalling, trying to run out the clock on repeal by calling for congressional hearings.

“The truth is McCain is increasingly alone in his irrational opposition to open service. Sixty-four percent of Republicans disagree with McCain and favor lifting the ban. No matter the evidence, McCain will use whatever tactics at his disposal to not only stop repeal from moving forward, but will hold hostage the most critical military defense bill to do so.”


  1. Joe says

    The only way to do a study of the effects of a policy shift is… to study it after the policy has already been changed. You can’t have the thorough study he wants with DADT there – the only way to know how it will effect troops is to get rid of it and see.

    This man is an idiot bigot. And has anyone seen Cindy over the past few days? I wouldn’t be surprised if she had bruises.

  2. Steve says

    And how the frak would he go about studying the effects of a change without any change? It can’t be done in the way he wants.

    Of course they can easily look at nearly two dozen other countries who have no problems whatsoever. But that isn’t compatible with American exceptionalism.

  3. George says

    I can’t believe I used to consider this man one of the “decent” Republicans. He disgusts me. He is NOT an American hero. He is a sellout and an opportunist.

  4. says

    LOL, THIS from a “small government” kind of guy? Hypocrite.
    “All four service chiefs are saying we need a thorough and complete study of the effects, not how to implement the repeal, but the effects on morale and battle effectiveness. That’s what I want, and once we get this study, we need to have hearings and we need to examine it and look at whether it’s the kind of study that we wanted. It isn’t in my view.”

  5. Tollendyr says

    I just hope his daughter isn’t as two-faced as his wife. That’s the only glimmer of hope left for the McCain clan, and I honestly hope that somewhere deep inside for Cindy, and maybe even John, they understand that.

  6. says

    Gee, it’s a pity he lost the 2008 election, isn’t it? The only thing he’s good for at this point is continuing to ruin whatever legacy he might have had.

  7. Bobo says

    I fear the democrats are going to take the repeal out of the millitary defense bill. They come back tomorrow, and they have about a month to get everyting done…I think the gays will once again be put on the back burner.

  8. says

    typical of a politician, if you don’t get the answer you want, call for another study that someone else is paying for (the taxpayers) and hope the result is different than the original. f**k him.

  9. Jerome says

    No, no new study. If he’s so hellbent on having it, he can pay for it too, the son-of-a-bitch! I like Meghan but, the rest of her family sucks purple pelican peckers!

  10. Rich says

    I really can’t stand Senator McCain. Look at him and wonder how a LGBT voter can event think of voting for a GOP/TeaBagger…I don’t get it.
    These people hate us. They try to hide their hate just to get our $ and votes. They use tax polices (red herrings) to buy our votes. All the while they just hate us and have no intention of securing real equality for us. Voting for them is like a German Jew voting for Hitler. Wake up people.
    Some of people they hang with want us dead. Face the facts. In today’s climate if I were to buy what they ‘re selling and vote for them it would be like asking to have the ovens lit.

  11. JimSur212 says


    You may be right that the Democrats may take the repeal of DADT out of the Defense Authorization Bill. What would you expect them to do, hold the entire military budget hostage to the repeal of DADT? BOBO, it’s not all about us.

  12. patrick nyc says

    I’d like to smack that stupid shit eat grin off his face but clearly the lights are on and no one is home. Thank God he did not win in 2008.

  13. Rob says

    Sorry to disagree with you, jimsur212, but this time it IS about us. Don’t you think after 200 plus years of our country’s military existence it should be about us? Damn, man, when is the discrimination going to end??? I’m fucking tired of being a political football between the Dems and the Repugs. It time for it all to end — now — in our favor. I don’t care if it’s ended by the Congress, the President or the Courts but, damn it, it’s time to repeal DADT as a start for granting our full civil rights along with all straight citizens. We don’t need flip-flopping assholes like McCain holding our rights hostage anymore.

  14. Bobo says opposed to the rights of gays and lesbians being held hostage? It’s a pity that you have bought into the idea that you deserve your second class status.

  15. Alpha says

    Seems like he knows what he wants, and he doesn’t like the survey results… I guess it’s rough when you are used to people obeying when you tell them what to tell you, and then all the sudden they don’t tell you what you expected to hear. When is McCain up for reelection again?

  16. DavidW says

    This man is old and an unrepentant homophobe. He won’t change his tune till he dies so just like your doddering Grandpa you just have to humour him and say yes yes grandpa it’ll all be alright……then give him his hot chocky and send him to bed.

  17. Rob G. says

    See? It *doesn’t* matter whether the Republicans or the Democrats are in power…they’re all the same.



  18. walter says

    the man is a walking corpse just know enough to climb into the grave. this man is not hero just old and pathetic. cindy probably has bruises but not they would show.john is abusive.

  19. Chuck Mielke says

    McCain: “I will listen to our military leaders, and not a study that is leaked.”

    But, of course, he’s already made it clear that he’s not going to listen to anything that doesn’t agree with his prejudice.

  20. JimSur212 says

    @ BOBO

    I have not bought into second class status, but I am a realist. Sure the Republicans would hold gays and lesbians hostage to play to their base. So why don’t the Democrats play to their base? Simple numbers. Our base is significantly smaller. 20% of the nation self identify as Liberal, whereas 40% self identify as Conservatives. We need a lot more moderates to win elections than they do. As a result the GOP can getaway with this crap.

  21. Jason Bell says

    A good example why elected officials shouldn’t be able to hold office once they reach 50 years old.

  22. Bobo says

    @jimsur212…all political leaders need to be held accountable. The fact is whether or not someone identifies as a liberal or conservative the MAJORITY of americans support the repeal of DADT, and the democrats have had the power to do something about it. This isn’t about party affiliation.

  23. JimSur212 says


    If you don’t think this is about party affiliation you are kidding yourself. We need 60 votes in the Senate. We have 54 to 56 of 58 Democrats to repeal DADT in the lame duck session. How many Republicans do we have right now? ZERO. So how can you say this isn’t about party affiliation? It’s about NOTHING BUT party affiliation! The Gay community has one problem and it’s a Republican problem.

  24. Caro says

    @JIMSUR212, Man you hit the nail on the head.The gay community still refuses to acknowledge our Republican problem. I guess It’s easier to make Obama our major problem. It’s starting to get obvious, especially to the non-gay communities that support us.I get asked all the time. Why are the Dems the bad guys when they are in fact trying to repeal, while the likes of McCain cant wait to fillbuster again.

  25. Bobo says

    jimsur212 you keep changing your argument. First you said the reason DADT would be taken out of the defense bill was because it’s not all about the gays, that there are more important issues at hand then gay issues. Now it’s that the Republicans are to blame, even though the senate was able to get through many bills over the past 22 months without republican support. I’m a democrat, and I voted for democrats, but holding those we elect responsible is our job as citizens, not supporting their every excuse because you voted for them.

  26. JimSur212 says


    The Democrats can’t get DADT repealed without some Republican votes because there are a handful of Democratic Senators from Conservative states who were never with us on DADT. Are you going to blame the whole Democratic party for those few? As for your other point, I was merely pointing out that if it becomes clear that DADT repeal will not pass, the Democrats will remove it from the defense appropriation bill in the interests of national security. It’s what responsible adults do.

  27. Bobo says

    jimsur212 my orginal comment, which you felt the overwhelming need to respond to, was that I feared the repeal would be taken out of the defense bill and gays once again would be put on the back burner. You responded to say you thought that that would probably happen, and that was because it’s not all about the gays.
    Then you switch to the democrats have no other choice because it’s the republicans fault, and I am somehow unfairly blaming democrats. I have already stated that I am a democrat, and voted for democrats, so can’t see how that makes me anti-democrat. It is also a fact that the democrats have been able to pass other legislation that they felt was important without the support of republicans. The difference between us seems to be that I am not willing to just stand by and make excuses for the democrats merely because I voted for them.

  28. Rich says

    It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks or says, rank and file soldiers, the top brass, or the American public. This pathetic, bitter, angry bigoted dinosaur doesn’t want it to happen and will use his power as a Senator to block it.

    With conservative R’s and D’s like this prick, there isn’t much chance of getting the 60 votes needed JUST to be able to debate, much less vote yay or nay.

  29. nicholasg says

    “I respect the first amendment rights of every member of my family.” …forget that crap you bozo, how about you just say I respect my wife’s view. SImple.

    “All four service chiefs are saying we need a thorough and complete study of the effects, not how to implement the repeal, but the effects on morale and battle effectiveness. That’s what I want, and once we get this study, we need to have hearings and we need to examine it and look at whether it’s the kind of study that we wanted. It isn’t in my view.”

    Then will there we a study on if that study was suitable or if the effects of that study are good or bad. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  30. Alpha says

    Someone should tell him that we have civilian control of the military, and the military should listen to him, not the other way around.

  31. says

    McCain is a perfect example of how closed minded people will not allow themselves to be confused by the facts. They’ve already made up their mind.

  32. Alpha says

    It’s unfortunate that he isn’t honorable enough to just say that he’s against gay people serving in the military.

  33. Eddie says

    I wonder if his angry stance on DADT stems from personal experience. You know what they say about he who protests too much. Senator McCain, whatever happened in that POW camp, doesn’t mean you’re gay. Nobody asked, you don’t have to tell.

  34. Craig says

    Why rush in now? Couldn’t we wait until the public accepts this more? Say from the current 70% to, oh, I don’t know, 1120%? Maybe we should wait until another country adopts this – Uganda would be a good choice.

    Still can’t get over getting off with Fred back in high school, can you McCain. Freaking homophobe embarrassment to your state!

  35. Craig says

    @Alpha. Unfortunately, six more years. He was just re-elected. He was up against a Tucson city councilman that had less than a single term as his only political experience. Pray for a heart attack.

  36. Halely says

    I wonder how many gay groups will protest McCain’s office and events or will they just protest President Obama because he can’t get McCain to change his mind.

  37. KennyL says

    I pity Meghan and Cindy McCain for being related to this craven hypocrite. What a disgrace to the uniform he is. Kick his bitter old ass to the curb, Cindy!

  38. Ceazer says

    @ HALELY.It is always so much easier to hate Obama. Don’t you know that?. Even after McCain hate speech on our airwaves, He will still be viewed more favourably than Obama by many in our lovely community. Amazing, just amazing.

  39. Paul R says

    @Craig: I would share that sentiment about few other people, but in this case it’s exactly how I feel. He’s not the same person he was 10 years ago unless 10 years ago he was an extraordinary liar. I too once thought he was capable of independent thought and reason.

    @Ceazer: It is amazing. Gays here and elsewhere repeat the “fierce advocate” phrase ad nauseum, claim it doesn’t make a difference what party they vote for, and say Repubs and Dems are the same, yet ignore that zero Repubs vote for our rights. They seem to be ignorant masochists. Not every Repub is as bad as McCain, though—some are a lot worse.

    As for Cindy, I’m sure she’s been tucking into her “anxiety” prescription pills and avoiding her husband since her obligatory appearance on election night. I honestly don’t understand why she stays married to him. Without her money, he’d be lost. And being a political wife sucks. I just don’t see the upside for her—she’d still have plenty of influential friends and fabulous events to attend even without a Senator husband. And most political gatherings are dull as dirt and get extremely repetitive.

  40. MoJo says

    Oh ya? Well I want a mental fitness exam for geriatrics who run for office.
    Little worm is out of touch with reality!

  41. JT says

    First he inflicted Sarah Palin, the greatest disease this country has ever known, upon us. Then in a desperate attempt to appease the very worst of our populace, he swung so far to the right, he makes Strom Thurman look like he shat rainbows. He flipflopped on almost every single thing he said and did from 1995-present, now we get him doing everything in his decrepit old power to stop something HE originally supported, just to make himself look just a little bit MORE wingnutty.
    Im sure Cindy got “a talkin to” by him after that ad came out and was talked about in the media. Someone aske her to roll up her Chanel sleeve, and we’ll see how persuasive he probably was.
    This man rode the cottails of his military service through all of this, but that well has run painfully dry.
    Mr McCain, kindly shut up, find one of your wife’s houses, and retire. Your relevance has come to an end. My sympathy goes to Meghan, whom will be saddled with questions about your idiocy well after you’ve been planted at Arlington.
    To the GayCons that love to defend their “we are more than a single issue voters”…enjoy your feelings of supiriority and belonging, cuz you will be the first cast overboard when they need to “thin the herd” up there in the Republican Party. Obama is no saint, but to any gay…and I MEAN any gay that voted Republican this year, or any in the last 30 years, Greed is the ONLY motive for your actions, and probably some classism and racism as well. I know you sociopaths dont care about ethics, but you’ll get yours.
    Good day.

  42. MJ says

    Ummmm… apparently talking out one’s ass isn’t good for your oral hygiene wither. Can someone please send this tool some Crest White-strips?

  43. X says

    Senator McCain must stop pushing an anti-American agenda on this country, this military, and on gay soldiers. His agenda is so dangerous and shameful.

  44. Chris says

    Asshats keep voting for this dino why?
    I’m glad I don’t live in Ayran-zone-a. Such an embarrassment to the country.

    Nothing that Mc. Cain does embodies the professionalism, honor, or any of the core values of our military.

    As a veteran, this man embarrasses me.

  45. mcNnyc says

    This delusional elected bigot, a one time “hero”, continues to cement his place in history as a buffoon.
    His views are as ever-changing as his adult diapers.
    John McCain is a sad and pathetic shell of a Republican Senator.

  46. romeo says

    You know, it amazes me that Cindy still puts up with this palooka. SHE’S the one with all the money.

    Known a million blowhards like McCain, had a couple of them as stepfathers. Suck up all the oxygen in the room. But he’s on the downside now anyway, along with all the old guard military leadership. In fact, the day is just about done for a lot of the old pricks that are used to thinking this country and all of us are their personal property. The next several years should be very interesting.

  47. Andalusian Dog says

    Republicans like McCain may or may not actually hate us, as suggested in the above comments. But that’s missing the point. These people would do anything that is politically expedient. The truth is they believe, probably rightly, that many “red-blooded” Americans do hate gays, or at least prefer to keep us as second-class citizens. The entire gay rights question in politics is purely a red herring to deter the right-wing base from the true horrors that republicans perpetrate. WIth shouting down gay rights, the republicans keep their base voting for them, and all the while manage to continue to pass legislation that favors the rich getting richer and big corporations from being above the law normally reserved for all other American entities, citizens and small businesses included.

    Democrats, incidentally, are really good at this too.

    Like the tea party, gays and their supporters really should consider forming a fake “party” too, one that becomes seen as indispensable to keeping Democrats and liberal-leaning independents in power, as long as they fight for our civil rights, and keeping our civil rights as a core value of the larger liberal party.

  48. Bill Cooney says

    Is there any way we can e-mail Senator Homo-no? I hate it when their e-mail address says that we have to be from their state. You are an American Senator not Arizona’s Senator! Plus, I hope that NoH8 deletes Cindy’s initial statement. She’s a Stepford wife if there ever was one!

  49. Jacob says

    I know it is old news but it still infuriates me that my subscription money from Manhunt went to this man. Perhaps someone should ask the owner of Manhunt what he thinks now of his dear friend McCain.

  50. Harry says

    The only wrong approach that was taken was by those of his supportors who voted this corpse back in.

  51. TruthSeeker_Too says

    Nice that Sen. McCain “respects the 1st amendment rights of every member of his family”, but he’s more than happy to let our gay and lesbian soldier’s 1st amendment rights be trampled by his bigoted homophobic BS and DADT. Plus he’s now so afraid of a vote?!?
    WTF, Republicans always want to put our rights to a vote, so why not do it now? Let the Senate vote. Call McCain’s office and tell him to let the Senate vote.

    241 Russell Senate Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510
    Main: (202) 224-2235

    We also need BO to pick up the phone and call those 5 Republicans senators he needs to make a deal. Plus, there are a couple of more Dems who are out of a job (Blanche Lincoln) that could change their mind and vote for the bill, too. Just put in the calls, Mr. President and be our fierce advocate. That goes double for Harry Reid. He took Lt. Choi’s ring and made a promise. So Senator, figure out what it takes to get the votes needed for cloture and just do it.

  52. ophu says

    I’m thinking that when they do away with DADT, the little red fireplug’s fellow republicans will tell him to dry up.

  53. TANK says

    As has been obvious from the very beginning, McCain is an empty vessel. That alone doesn’t distinguish most politicians of any persuasion, to channel a worn populist sentiment. It doesn’t matter what he believes behind closed doors, or what he doesn’t: he says and does whatever his constituency and broader republican base wants to hear. He only plays the game, and narrative is more important than reality. Of course he’s homophobic, even if you were to catch him in an unguarded moment at a gathering espousing tolerance for gays and lesbians; it simply doesn’t matter: without the pressure of his constituency and party to repeat the narrative, he doesn’t care one way or the other about anything other than himself. What matters are results, and actions. And that applies equally to democrats who “champion” gay rights in rhetoric, but fail to deliver results.

    A lot of people are talking how different he is from what he was saying a decade ago, a huge about face to somehow reveal hypocrisy…especially about the bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%, which he opposed in 2004 (singing Obama’s tune on them). How he championed sanity within his own party, even, and was willing to “listen to the joint chiefs” about DADT repeal. Well, this is clearly evidence that he was playing a game, then, too…and if you didn’t know that after the s&l scandal, and thought, “wow, that john mccain is willing to forego personal gain for principle–he’s an individual, not a politician!,” you’re politically illiterate.

    To this…he might as well have said,”we need to wait for the gremlin opinion, as they determine how well our fighter pilots can perform. Marshmellows.” He will always oppose gay civil equality and DADT, and is a lost cause unworthy of spending any time assessing his motivations or internal dialogue. There is no dearth of justification that spin can generate, no matter what the issue or what’s at stake (democrat and republican). He’s locked in the bubble of antireality and antireason, and the only way that he can be deposed in an election is if he were outdouched by a more bigoted asshole in a place like AZ. The only thing that matters is undermining credibility, however that’s achieved.

    This guy and everything he represents is nothing but bad for this country.

  54. Jerry6 says

    John McCain is no “Hero”. He was shot down because the enemy’s pilot was better at what he was doing than McCain. The only reason he survived was because of our enemy;s respect for his Father and Grandfather; who were both outstanding military leaders.

    Now, McCain is nothing but a bigoted senile old man. Shut up; already!

  55. Randy says

    John McCain is human scum. And his wife should be removed from the NOH8 campaign, because her words mean nothing, when they barely last a day.

  56. Mark says

    Great stonewalling there, John. At least you are keeping the theme (and your politically legacy) consistent. I guess keeping this ball in the air also keeps you relevant, doesn’t it, you old turd.