1. ratbastard says

    Admiral Mike Mullen?

    ‘In the navy / Yes, you can sail the seven seas / In the navy / Yes, you can put your mind at ease / In the navy / Come on now, people, make a stand …’

    … 😉

  2. Alpha says

    ” goes counter to who we are as an institution.”

    Interesting phraseology. Today, that’s exactly what the military is as an institution. It asks people to come in every day and lie.

  3. Roscoe says

    We wouldn’t want the military to belie itself as an institution, would we? All that torture and killing they get up to requires so much integrity, after all.

  4. ratbastard says


    Point taken. That said, you have a viable alternative? What do you think would happen if the military, civilian law enforcement disbanded? Seriously, do you think everything would be cool?

  5. rick says

    “about what they are”?

    how about “who they are”?

    christiane, you’ve covered the world, you should be a bit more worldly

  6. says

    Ratb, I didn’t say anything about wanting the military etc. disbanded. Clearly they’re a necessary evil. I’m just pointing out the disparity between the phony ideals they espouse about honor and service and morality while they torture, maim, and kill around the world and at home.

  7. wimsy says

    You can tell the Marines are going to implement it better than anybody else. Just look at the two Marine muscleheads who beat the living shit out of a slightly-built teenager for giving them a look.