Movies: Franco Falls and Cher Rises (…Again)

If there's anything to say against the film it's that Boyle is such a busy filmmaker that he is awfully afraid of confronting the terror of immobility that the story is actually supposed to be confronting. In his desperation not to bore us –he doesn't– he sacrifices some of the existential terror that might have made this an all time classic, rather than just a gripping adventure. But few will complain. Especially not James Franco who is on his way to an Oscar nomination with the kind of casual grinning confidence that Aron Ralston bikes and hikes through Utah… at least until he meets that boulder.

Also Opening: Writer director Tyler Perry collects eight of our best black actresses for the movie version of the acclaimed play For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf (shortened for the screen to FOR COLORED GIRLS); Naomi Watts stars as outed CIA operative Valerie Plame in the biographical political drama FAIR GAME; Robert Downey Jr. and Zack Galifianikis take a 'Plains, Trains and Automobiles' style road trip in DUE DATE; the animated film MEGAMIND features the voices of Will Ferrell as a supervillain becoming heroic (think Despicable Me) and Brad Pitt as a retiring superhero; the terrorism satire FOUR LIONS, which won awards attention in the UK last week hits US theaters; and the Algerian Oscar hopeful called OUTSIDE THE LAW arrives in select cities.


Ooh, look. Cher is taking over Soho.


That's actually painted right on the brick at the corner of Crosby and Prince Street right here in New York City. If you rode a bike, wouldn't you park it right there just so Cher could loom over you as you chained it up?

Cher is now 64 years old and probably wouldn't be plastered all over buildings again if she weren't Cher (quick name a celebrity with as many "acts" in their career!) or if BURLESQUE weren't on the way for Thanksgiving.

Cher_filmcollect If you want to party like it's 1999 1988, when Cher was on top of the world with a major comeback that brought her the Oscar and new hit singles, you can pick up the dvd set CHER: The Film Collection that's just been released. The gems of the collection are her deservedly Oscar nominated roles in Silkwood (1983) and Moonstruck (1987) "snap out of it!". But there's also the delightful Mermaids (1990) which captured that super brief moment in time when we didn't know Cher was about to leave the movies, Christina Ricci was a brand new face (so adorable) and Winona Ryder was all the rage. The collection also includes Cher's last major film role Tea With Mussollini (1999) and her first two late 60s features (Good Times and Chastity). In the first of those, she played… herself. Hey, it is her best role.

Sadly the collection does not include The Witches of Eastwick or Mask but you can't have everything. It's still 10.5 Hours of Cher if you aren't able to spend 127 with James Franco this weekend.


  1. ClubBoi says

    I would rather watch the fatolds at the gay club jiggle to Donna Summer songs than endure the new Cher/Christina film.

  2. Jim says

    I thought this was a lovely spot on Cher, one of my all time favorite performers. I hate to hear the “bitchy” comments by so many bitter queens about Cher! Just enjoy her!

  3. Montana says

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  4. Paul R says

    Wow, I never expected to read, “weirdly hilarious” in a description of a scene that leads someone to amputate his own arm!

    @Montana, I think you may have gotten confused about the section where you were posting. And while I agree with your points and am not some PC zealot, the editor in me feels compelled to point out that “men” and “man” should (except in occasional historical contexts) be replaced by “people” or “person.” It may sound petty, but it’s an easy fix for someone who clearly wants to be as inclusive as possible. It’s also easy to avoid awkward constructions like “he/she” by simply making them plural. But again, this discussion has no point on a movie comments section! Best to you, and continue to avoid the hellhole that is Arizona.