Movies: Harry Potter, Joan Rivers, Made in Dagenham, Green Lantern

I don't mean to be such a curmudgeon. Some of my best friends love Potter. But the stamina the faithful have for this religion amazes the agnostic. Potter disciples never waiver. And, think about it: People don't even watch TV series for this long… and isn't that an apt comparison? The Potter films are really movies in name only since they're much closer to a TV series in form, what with the recurring guest stars, repetitive structure and longform narrative. 

Also Opening: Russell Crowe tries to rescue his allegedly murderous wife (Elizabeth Banks) in THE NEXT THREE DAYS; Oscar hopeful MADE IN DAGENHAM, starring Happy-Go-Lucky's lively Sally Hawkins, tells the true (but surprisingly entertaining) story of a women's strike at a Ford plant in late 60s England; FAIR GAME with Naomi Watts as Valerie Plame and the survival-drama 127 HOURS with James Franco (previously reviewed) both expand into more cities today.


Lincoln_ddl Road You've just heard that Daniel Day-Lewis has been cast as Steven Spielberg's Lincoln. Is it crazy to hope that Gwyneth Paltrow plays Mary Todd Lincoln since she was so hilarious doing that gag on Glee earlier this week? Oh right. This isn't a musical. That didn't go so well for DDL last time. Is it crazy to hope that Spielberg doesn't ignore the gay rumors? DDL hasn't swung that way since My Beautiful Laundrette.

Road They claim this is "every shirtless pic of Jake Gyllenhaal" to hit the net. But there's only 84. This post cries wolf! Or woof.

Road More Harry? For Potter Fans: Here's an informed list of differences between the new movie and the book it's based on. For the two of you out there who are waffling about whether or not to see it (most people made up their minds about this series long ago) here's a negative review and a positive one.

Picture 17 Road The Academy recently released the finalist list for Best Documentary Feature. They shunned Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work. Coincidentally, I ended up screening the film again just hours after the announcement and those sad flashes of insecurity that the semi-legend keeps showing when confronted with bad reviews or inside showbiz snubs stung a bit harder than they did the first time through. If you haven't seen the movie yet, make sure to rent it when it arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray in mid December.

Road Have you seen the trailer to The Green Lantern? A question that haunts: Why would anyone feel the need to animate a super heroic body over Ryan Reynold's real superheroic body? If you've got the real million why waste time on the counterfeit? Body paint is cheaper than CGI.



  1. DMS says

    AHHH! I am going insane. Every time i visit this site, ads start playing automatically. THis time i got some stinky candle ad–all three played at one second intervals.

    PLEASE STOP THIS! Anyone else bugged by this?

  2. Rooney says

    That Green Lantern movie looks awful i’m hoping it’s just the trailer and not the whole movie.

  3. Gus says

    “Why would anyone feel the need to animate a super heroic body over Ryan Reynold’s real superheroic body? If you’ve got the real million why waste time on the counterfeit?”

    So they can control his crotch, it’s the same size and shape of a Ken doll.

  4. Acronym Jim says

    “Some of my best friends love Potter. But the stamina the faithful have for this religion amazes the agnostic.”

    Hey, at least we’re not Twihards, Nate. Give us SOME credit.

  5. Brian D says

    Just had to point out that Miranda Richardson is in that photo and is, in fact, in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  6. says

    Completely agree on Ryan Reynolds body, great point! It’s just unfortunate that the trailer gives the impression that this movie is going to suck. We shall see…

  7. Moy says

    You are awful. From the terrible adds you’ve let populate your webpage, to the truly annoying formatting and worst of all your completely insensitive and ignorant opinions, you’ve succeeded in making this long-time reader pick up his commenting hat and (more importantly) mouse and go elsewhere. Maybe you never got on the Hogwarts Express of Harry Potter fan-dom, but that is no reason to lessen this moment for others with your chide! You should be ashamed of yourself.

  8. Derek Pearce says

    I vote thumbs up for the white text on black backgroud– it uses less electricity and makes one’s laptop battery last longer. Also, for me at least, it’s actually easier on the eyes to read than black text on white background. And for god’s sake whiners, if you don’t like seeing ads, don’t visit this site. Stick to TIVO.