1. Mikey says

    Wow, AG. What was stupid about it? I believe it was all true. Can you dispute it? I guess scaring old people with lies about “death panels” for your own personal gain makes you immune from critisism. You, AG, are3 what is wrong with this country.

  2. Brian says

    So the lame bits about over-sized overall shorts and wanting to kill Lorne Michaels were deemed broadcast worthy? But a reference to an imminently funny bit that is now part of our cultural history is not?

    Own up, PBS. Censor at the wheel.

  3. nickbilz says

    i think you’re all wrong, PBS was brilliant enough to know that by censoring something on TV which will pop up on the internet, you give it 10 times more media coverage than it would have received had they just shown it unedited in the first place.

    that, or they really were just editing for time since the live show ran over by a good 19 minutes and Tina wasn’t the only speaker to have her material cut short.

  4. Derek Pearce says

    In the long run, it may have been wiser of PBS to draw attention to what was censored, b/c that’s what always gets attention. The focus should be on Palin as the stupid (not business, but basic-knowledge wise) buffoon she is.*

    *not like she’ll take the time to learn the basics after she’s stupidly-gotten-rich

  5. badger68 says

    I’m shocked that the bastion of liberalism that is PBS even acknowledged this. It is about time that someone said to a “comedienne” that enough is enough.

  6. Phaedrusnyc says

    AG, what is “stupid” about it? Palin is on record as being against funding rape kits, against gay marriage, and against evolution. This is not disputed by anyone, including Palin herself. So, if you think it’s “stupid,” take it up with the Grizzly.

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