1. naughtylola says

    So is this really a viable excuse for savage murder? If so there’s going to be an awful lot of dead heterosexual men, since they make clumsy, unwanted, and frequently offensively graphic passes at women ALL THE TIME. They’ll be dismayed to know that those women will be able to pick up a tire iron and smash their heads open. That will be an interesting precedent to set, if it flies.

  2. TANK says

    Yes, it is an viable excuse to american juries…that’s why they do it. LOL! Where are the families? I know if it were my kid…I’d kill them all. Mother, father, friends, pets, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and their families, too. Nothing could stop me…but I guess most people aren’t like that.

  3. michael says

    what is with the new, obnoxious auto-playing advertisements on towleroad???? As if there weren’t enough things going on on these pages (my computer starts breathing heavy whenever I log in), now I’m forced to endure these ads? Gonna have to close this tab, I guess…

  4. says

    Hmmm… Texas. What a surprise…

    I do NOT believe the part about the murderer ‘disarming’ his victim before killing him.

    Whatever… He had a choice about how to respond to ‘unwanted sexual advances’ from this young man. He won’t be so fortunate as to have the same choice in prison…

    He’s just gonna have to bite his pillow and try to relax. He’ll get the hang of it after 30 or 40 rapes.

  5. Dave says

    Ah, yes. The old gay panic defense. That’s what Matthew Shepard’s murderers tried at the time. Didn’t work for them. Now they’re cooling their heels for two life sentences with no parole.
    As for Morales here, hope he gets a lifetime to think it over as well.

  6. ratbastard says

    I just watched the news report. 2 things:

    The 2 were friends for 5 years. Both were described as ‘normal’ calm, polite. Morales is suffering from some form of mental illness, example schizophrenia. He’s the right age for it’s onset. In a paranoid frenzy he killed his friend.

    Morales came on to Wilkinson. Wilkinson rebuffed him, possibly even physically. Either way, Morales felt he had to kill Wilkinson. This sounds more plausible than Wilkinson hitting on Morales.

  7. ratbastard says

    A guy who is described as ‘normal’, no history of violence, no criminal history, suddenly kills his friend, burns his body, is found by cops roaming around near where the crime occurred, then tries to snatch an officers weapon? This kid is either:

    High on some serious drugs

    Mentally ill, like paranoid schizophrenia, it kicks in usually between 18-19-early 20’s.

  8. ratbastard says

    Quit making excuses for the creep.

    POSTED BY: DAVID EHRENSTEIN | NOV 18, 2010 7:00:53 PM


    A serious mental illness like schizophrenia is not an ‘excuse’, sunshine. It’s a possible explanation for his out of character behavior. He should still be prosecuted and imprisoned, even executed if the court thinks it’s appropriate. Certainly, he should NEVER be released from prison. You can’t cure what he did. I know there are raging lefties who disagree with what I just said.

  9. ratbastard says

    Moralez is a SPANISH/European name. It’s just as much American as Mexican. Mexico was colonized and settled by Europeans [and others] just like the U.S. former president Vincente Fox is half Irish descent. Fox is an Irish name.

  10. Alonso says

    This article says that the victim was the one to first grab that wood thing & try to hit the murderer first, I don’t know if actually was the murderer who grabbed it first and he’s just saying that to make look the victim as the one who’s started the violent thing. Or if the victim really did grab the wood, but just to prepare if the thing was going violent. But to hit him first? Maybe the murderer told him he was going to kill him so he was going to hit him & run? Or if the victim was also mad & he did actually grabbed that thing first & tried to hit him first.

    Idk, the murderer could say that in the fight with the wood thing the victim tried first the violent things & then so he “panic”.

    Maybe the victim was defending himself? The thing is that why could he said “No” & that’s it? & if he insisted get out of the car & leave & if he insisted hard, punch him once & run. Idk. It’s also not like he tried to rape him or something harsh. -.-

    This is SO fucked up.

  11. Paul R says

    @Steve: hopefully, but so much depends on the jurisdiction, jury, and charges. The fact that they’d been friends for five years makes this case rather mysterious, given the potential issues in their history together and, as others have noted, the likely mental or drug issues involved.

    Taking an officer’s gun is not an offense taken lightly by police, but murder is clearly the issue here. And we’ll never know what really happened, since the victim is dead.

  12. franken says

    Why is it that the gay boys always fantasize about the perp taking it up the chute in prison on these comment sites? Is it like some dream cum true for them?

  13. says

    It’s not just gay people who joke about prison rape, or who seem to relish the idea of it as some sort of karmic penalty. It’s a disgustingly mainstream view.

    Anyone who wonders how someone like Moralez could dehumanize his victim so utterly — and yet fervently wishes for him to die or be raped — has a lot of thinking and growing up left to do.

  14. TANK says

    Well we know what you salivate over, JT. Mackin’ on those duke lacross players. You want what you can’t have, JT…what you can’t have ever. Is that why you want it?

  15. Paul R says

    Seriously, the endless prison rape “jokes” aren’t funny, remotely original, or something that gays or anyone else should perpetuate. Grow up.

    I’m not saying this asshole (if proven guilty) shouldn’t suffer, but reveling in his likely rape is unnecessary. He’s in Texas, so if he is released early or has relatives who he shares the news of his rapes with, who do you think they’ll go after? Gays—even though rape (inside or outside prison) often has little to do with sex and more with power. I know that’s an old adage, and in prison some guys do just want to get off. But still. Celebrating rape and a brutal prison culture is horrible.

  16. JT says

    Actually, Tank, it’s only one of the lacrosse players I thought was hot (Finnerty) who, interestingly, was the one Towle and the gays were REALLY after (Bitter Belonsky was probably more after Seligmann for DARING to be an athletic half-Jew). Both those players made millions from the lawsuits now and have places in Manhattan the Towle/Belonskys could only dream of, so…all’s well. But I really didn’t think it was an especially good-looking bunch otherwise (and I love young athletic types). But….this wish for people to be raped, especially when we don’t know everything about the case, is just tacky.

  17. New Jersey Boi says

    If the victim grabbed the post first then his fingerprints will be on it.

    Wait for forensics before guessing.

    No prints – then Moralez is lying.

    Wiped of prints – then Moralez is lying.

    Two sets of prints…then doubt arises as to what really happened.

  18. Jonathan says

    That IS his booking photo. This article also doesn;t mention that this little shit burned the body and it is unclear whether the boy, Joshua, was alive when he was set on fire. I;m glad he’s in Texas. They’ll fry him for sure. I hope they burn him to death.

  19. top2go says

    Something is really off here. Moralez not only kills the guy but tries to burn the body as well. He also goes for an officer’s gun? The guy is deranged. Is he going to say that the cop tried him too? He should fry.

  20. Suffern ACE says

    Who knows if the young man is telling the truth about what caused the fight? Its a rather shocking murder. I guess we’ll find out at the trial what may have happened, but I’m guessing that there is a bit more to the story than this and he might not be truthful. Sounds to me like he was trying to dispose of a body and probably didn’t know how hard it is to actually do that…it’s not like they teach you that in school.

    Its fun though to fantasize about dragging young men like him behind cars on gravel roads and being raped, so carry on. (Just as an aside, if it did turn out that Moralez made a pass at Wilkinson and in the ensuing scuffle still killed Wilkinson, would you still fantasize about dragging him behind a car, or call him a plantain, or do you just roll that shit out when you think someone’s a homophobe.)

  21. Markus says

    Hate to say it – but all I could think about was that fact that this killer kid is Spanish (or Mexican – whatever). The Spanish culture seems to have this hate toward homosexuals and it is evident in crimes like this. It’s sad to me that this young kid felt that an advance (true or not) warrants any type of violence rather then just saying no and getting out of that truck. Sad!

  22. Darlinkula says

    Having a mental illness like schizophrenia takes away some of the hatred that I feel for Morales because mentally ill people murder all the time. This in no way condones what he did, I’m saying that people who have mental illness do not always know what they are doing. It’s a tragedy about what happend to Joshua Wilkerson and may he rest in peace.

  23. Jerome says

    If Wilkerson did hit Moralez with the wooden rod, I hope somebody had the good sense to photograph the bruises and contusions, if any. I see big holes in Moralez’s logic and thought process. There’s more here than what meets the eye.

  24. Fenrox says

    Hey ratbastard,

    Thank you for being a clever, intelligent guy (girl?), Anyway you looked at this HORRIBLE story and had the compassion to see this from all possible sides (Yes bad actions are sides that you can identify or realize without condoning). I wish more of the comment fools on Towleroad were like you.

    Also re the story: Gross.

  25. wimsy says

    Please stop the infuriating ads that launch automatically and make it impossible to hear the audio on the clip I’m playing. I don’t give a rat’s ass about “Conan’s Return on Other Celebrity Comebacks” – but I do care about a teenage boy slaughtered by a vicious homophobe.

  26. Keith says

    When will we stop accepting the “sexual advance” excuse for killing people? How many straight men would be dead if every unwanted sexual advance on a woman resulted in a killing?

  27. CoMo'mo says

    @suffern ace: I don’t do the rape fantasy, but my comment about the dragging was shot off in a moment of anger and disgust. I was thinking of the man in some other benighted southern state who was dragged by some locals who thought that was a good way to treat someone gay. So I descended to their level, and regret that–though I admit that I’d probably have responded the same way emotionally even if the presumption of homophobia hadn’t entered into the story. I seem to have an unexpected dark corner that needs some light. Thanks for helping me see that.

  28. SeriouslySick says

    Why do gays give a pass to the typical hetero boy daterape minset by talking about prison sex? It’s just a revenge fantasy. it doesn’t get us hard like t does with heteros. Talking about people getting raped in prison and equating the behavior to homosex is just stupid. Really stupid.
    I mean when you say that are you admitting that you get a hardon when you victimize people? All you hetero boy trolls, is my argument causing you to rub one out on your keyboard right now? Reminds me of those hetero porns on the 80’s, where the guys looked like guidos and slapped the ho around while doing her. That shit is sick, and 90% of the time straight. Gays do fetishes and bondage rarely in any kind of serious mindset, to us it’s all show, and the ones who get serious with it are well known tragic cases to every other gay around, didn’t you know? Guys like that end up fucking dogs and frozen chickens and whatnot once they get old and ugly, gay or straight. Sexuality with no feeling behind it is what you heteros are taught and must overcome, apparently. Sex to us gays is fun, not a threat. I know, too difficult for you to understand, huh?

  29. Jerry6 says

    Several years ago, out of town on business in Atlanta, I was in a bar after dinner having a drink, when a 30 year old, or so, came in and sat next to another young man at the bar. The 30 year old started a conversation with the man, and after a few minutes, I heard the man say “No, I’m not queer, but thank you for the compliment.” The 30 year old left, and I commented to the man that his response seemed a little strange. Whereupon, he responded that if he looked attractive to a good looking queer, he probably will not have a problem with women when he’s in the market for a wife.

    I suspect that the killer in this case was not quite as secure in is own masculinity as that bar patron.

  30. Ash says

    I’m going to start beating up on the straight guys that hit on me, claim it is my lesbian panic defense. Seems to work for straight men who want to beat up on gay guys?

  31. tenderbar says

    Let’s ALL try to remember one thing. The young victim, Joshua Wilkerson, has a family who loves him very much and will miss him tremendously. On top of morning their loss, they are having to deal with all the media frenzy that this horrible tragedy has caused. So, let’s PLEASE try and consider them, when talking about their son. I don’t think any of us would want to be in their shoes right now!

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