Photo: Flamingos Shaped Like a Flamingo


National Geographic posted this photo of "a shifting flock" of flamingos on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.

I suspect that some of their shifting had to do with Photoshop. I see a few missing shadows.


  1. ratbastard says

    If I ever owned a suburban house in a foo-foo neighborhood, I’d have pink flamingos on the front lawn. Just to piss off my foo-foo neighbors. Maybe even aluminum siding and one of those puke green plastic fences people use to put around their pools.

  2. Christopher says

    Not sure where Nat Geo posted this or in what context, but I worked for them a few years ago and they are very very strict about photoshopping nature shots. As in they never do it. They very publically fired a photographer who submitted a photo that was retouched without letting them know. So it would be interesting to know if this one is; it’s a cool picture but someone’s ass might be on the line for it.

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