1. Paul R says

    I wonder if he really could have gone to sleep after that. I don’t care; good on him for coming out. Every out celebrity or public figure helps, especially in Latino culture.

  2. Matt says

    Ricky Martin’s boyfriend has been identified as 33 year old Carlos Gonzalez. Monday, Martin came out of el closet, announcing to the world that he was gay. Since then there’s been a lot of speculation as to the identity of the tall, dark, and handsome man that is often seen with him. Carlos and Ricky have reportedly been secretly together for a year and a half. Gonzalez works as a financial broker and comes from a wealthy family in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

  3. Maxx E. Padd says

    I hope that we can just wish him well and leave it at that. I would hope that the haters would just let him have his time. As the title indicates, it’s all about ME. It is not about how certain members of the Gay community would like him to be. Good for Ricky.

  4. E. says

    Hope the Oprah interview is positive and productive. She can be touchy and awkward around gay subjects (and gay men in particular), even though she’s definitely done some very supportive shows in the past. The way she says “homosexual man” in the interview sort of makes my skin crawl. Does anyone get the same feeling??

  5. Sean says

    “We met at a radio station and from the moment we saw each other it was like a great encounter between souls, at least for me. I was traveling out of Los Angeles and went to the station for an interview. The moment I opened the door to the studio, I found myself face to face with the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen.”

    Um, Ryan Seacrest? LMAO.

  6. tonyc says

    I love my Ricky, his voice is amazing, as his music AND dancing!..I went to his last concert in NYC…..I am SORRY ,he’s NOT old enough to be “not slim” where he should be, working on that stage and it bothered me that we , the fans, pay allot of money, take out time…we want to see you in top form or stay the hell home…otherwise the concert before that, he was great…..I have a problem with artists showing up on stage and not being at their “best” ala’ Patti Labelle, when she did that gig with Labelle at The Beacon. She had the nerve, to take her hand and motion to the spot light man, to take it off her and she turned her BACK to the audience…to ME.. that’s bad manners…walk OFF THE FUCKING STAGE Patti!..I adore you but after that incident, you went DOWN in my books…an artist must stay at certain levels when appearing to a PAID audience and I was VERY close to Patti & was about to SAY SOMETHING to her..YOU all know, she would have told MY ASS off..but just plain rudeness ,while the other two girls sang on!….and Ricky..get in shape before my eyes SEE your body or I can stay home and listen to all your great music..I must say, I went all the way to NJ, when he was taping that THanksgiving Special with Santana AND THAT was an event not to be missed in person, as the sun set over the skyline of NYC and Ricky comes on stage, LOOKING FABULOUS…and in good form….I love music, the people who perform but there are certain things when in the public eye , that you do not do..and that’s NOT to be in shape…even Janet Jackson was out of breath dancing…what is it?…get the money and RUN out of NYC!!……in person I saw these people I paid good money but not ONLY that, you know how hard it is to get seats sometimes..ETHEL MERMAN, Patti Lupone..that’s EIEGT performances a week!!..god bless them..they would NEVER do this to an audience..MY OWN HONEST OPINION

  7. Darlinkula says

    Ricky performing at George W. Bush’s inaugural ball was a slap in the face to all gays. While he & Sean Hayes (from the show “Will & Grace”) stayed safely in the closet for over a decade, we gays had to endure discrimination that they avoided. Using your coming out as gay to sell CD’s & a book is just shameful.

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